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A lot of people have tried to go on a diet or exercise program to lose weight. While some do actually achieve the result of burning off the body fat they no longer wanted, most people will fail to meet their goals.

There are quite a few changes that must be made right now to your current diet and weight loss program else you might not ever get the weight off. An adjustment that will have to be made to your thinking is losing the weight gradually or slowly instead burning off all your fat fast. It's hard to think about weight loss being slow since almost every ad that you see about any weight loss program has people losing 30 pounds in a month easily.

The reality is that you will have to possess a quality exercise and eating plan to lose maybe a pound a week. Changes that you make gradually will help you the most in the grand scheme of things. This would be identifying positive changes to your eating or exercise and making this type of change become a habit in your life. It might be a good idea to pick one new change before moving onto the next.

This is much healthier than FAD diets that can be dangerous and ruin your metabolism. You can have rules that are excessively strict when trying to lose weight. The problem is that some people are so strict on themselves that they don't enjoy the weight loss process and quickly revert back to the way things were never losing weight. Of course, sweets aren't best for you but you should have some if that's what you really want. Don't pig out and you should be fine with some sweets while on a diet. Dealing with hunger is a very important part of your weight loss success.

Most people will be hungry when dieting and exercising compared to how they felt before getting on a program. Due to the fact that you probably ate too many daily calories to gain the weight, your body is accustomed to having plenty of food. You won't be able to do this while you are losing weight. When you do feel hungry, you will have to make some changes to learn how you deal with it.

One of the better tactics is to use the water trick. Sometimes hunger is the body's cry for water. Drink some water and wait 15 minutes. If you still feel hungry, go ahead and get a bit more water. After all this, you are probably actually needing food. At this point eat a healthy meal or snack. 

Allow yourself to feel good about all the healthy changes you have made in your life instead of focusing on the negative. If you are going to lose significant weight and maintain a healthy weight, you are going to have to exercise. Regular exercise is one of the best metabolism boosters and it doesn't cost a dime, so use it to your advantage.

Begin by visting your doctor for his or her approval to begin your exercise regimen. He or she will let you know what types of workouts are safe for your to do. When you find out what type of workout that you can do, be sure you remain consistent.

Do what you can to avoid being injured. To lose more weight and meet your goals, these are the types of changes that you are going to need to apply. This isn't as glamorous as many of the diet and exercise plans that you might see advertised, but when applied correctly, can give you the consistent results that you desire.

Boost Your Metabolism with These 9 Simple Strategies

Has it ever seemed to you that some people can eat whatever they want and they always maintain their ideal body weight ?
And yet other folks will have one bite of a chocolate donut and immediately gain 5 pounds. This might be a bit of a stretch… but I'm sure you get the point. 


You might wonder why this is a reality.

The answer is fairly simple – people with a high metabolism burn off calories and fat much faster. Some people are just gifted with a higher metabolic rate and can eat whatever they want without having to worry about putting on excess body fat.
Having a high metabolism offers numerous advantages such as:

* Better weight management – it’s easier to ward off the excess pound.
* Increased energy levels 
* Faster recovery after exercise
* Enhanced physical performance during workout sessions
* Better digestion and nutrient absorption

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by raising your metabolic rate.
Yes, even if you’re not genetically-blessed to have a high metabolism that turns you into a fat torching furnace, there are steps you can take and strategies you can employ to boost your current metabolic rate.

1. Understanding why your metabolism slows down

When you’re young, your metabolism will usually be much higher. This is the reason why kids can’t sit still and are brimming with energy. They run around and jump about from morning to bedtime. Adults get tired just watching them play.
It’s all about your metabolism.

When you age, besides a gradually decreasing metabolic rate, you’ll start losing muscle mass too – unless you’re actively engaging in resistance training. 
Since muscle tissue is more metabolically active, as you lose it gradually, it’s inevitable to see your energy expenditure slowing down to a crawl.
As we enter adulthood and take on more family and career commitments, it’s easy to neglect exercise. Once again, metabolism takes a hit here because of a lack of physical activity.

When your metabolism slows down, you’ll be prone to weight gain. This problem affects millions of people… and guess what they do?
They diet and try to drastically cut their calories. By starving themselves, they hope to lose weight fast – but ironically, this only slows down the body’s metabolism and puts it in ‘starvation mode’ where it stubbornly clings on to its fat stores.

Now that you know what slows down your metabolism, it’s easier to understand what you’ll need to do to increase it. While we can’t halt or reverse the aging process, there are several other steps we can take to enhance our metabolism.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the fastest and most effective ways to boost your metabolism. All you need is 10-15 minutes of high intensity training twice a week. You only need two sessions because it stresses out your central nervous system.

Activities such as running, skipping, cycling (spinning), rowing, etc. are extremely effective for HIIT sessions. You’ll want an exercise that you can do at top speed without thinking too much about the movements.

You need to go all out and have nothing left in the tank. HIIT is uncomfortable and taxing. You’ll be panting and gasping… but it’s only for 10 minutes, and once you’re done, you’ll be in fat burning mode for hours after that. 

2. Stay hydrated

Your metabolism slows down when you’re dehydrated. So, ensure that you’re drinking water throughout the day. It’ll also help with recovery after workouts.

3. Include NEAT activities in your daily life

NEAT stands for ‘Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis’… a big term with a simple meaning. 
Let’s assume you’re going to the mall that is a 15-minute walk away from your house. Instead of driving there, you walk. This is NEAT – because it burns calories through physical activity.

The same applies to using the stairs instead of the elevator… or doing household chores… or even standing at your desk instead of sitting. Whenever an activity burns calories (and is used to replace an easier option), that’s NEAT.
By including as many of these activities in your day as you can, you’ll not only burn more calories, but boost your metabolism because you’re more active.

4. Move more!

There’s a common belief that if you exercise too often, you’ll feel drained. In reality, the more energy you expend, the more energy you’ll have daily. 
Nature abhors a vacuum – and since your body requires more energy, it will gradually adapt and you’ll develop more energy.

Walking for 45 minutes twice a day (morning and evening) will boost your metabolism… and you’ll have more energy too. Seems counter-intuitive and yet, it’s true. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the difference in the way you feel.

5. Resistance training is your friend

Resistance training 3X a week will boost your metabolism immensely. Your goal should be to retain whatever muscle you have and build more lean muscle. This will mean increasing the weight you lift gradually so that you achieve a state of hypertrophy.

As your muscles repair and rebuild, you’ll have more lean muscle tissue. This will translate to increased calorie building while at rest. 
Do you understand now why muscular people are often ripped?
They’re constantly burning calories because of their muscle mass. Their metabolism is on fire!

6. Get proper sleep

Most people need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Some may get by with 6 hours… but for the most part, anything less than 6 hours will leave most people feeling sleep deprived.
People who lack sleep often feel fatigued. They move slower and will probably not have the energy to exercise. This slowdown in activity will lead to a slowdown in metabolism.

In addition, sleep deprivation is insidious. It affects your hormonal balance by increasing the hormone ghrelin which makes you feel hungry more often – and it decreases production of leptin, which is the hormone that makes you feel full.
This is a double whammy. Not only is your metabolism slowing down, but you’re also consuming more calories than normal – which will lead to weight gain, and inevitably slow down your metabolism even more.
This is an extremely vicious cycle that must be avoided at all cost. Get sufficient quality sleep daily.

7. Intermittent fasting

Very often, articles on the topic of metabolism will tell you not to skip breakfast. This advice is old and outdated.
Studies now show that skipping breakfast and adopting an intermittent fasting (IF) protocol increases your metabolism. IF will increase your growth hormone secretion and increase fat oxidation. 

Besides that, it’ll stabilize your blood sugar levels and preserve your muscle mass. Since you’ll be consuming all your calories for the day during an 8-hour eating window, you’ll not be starving yourself or nutrient deficient. 
Ideally, you should start with a 16/8 IF protocol… and gradually work down to an 18/6 protocol. That means an 18-hour fasting window with a 6-hour eating window.

Skip the sugary cereal breakfast and have your first meal at 1 or 2pm. In 3 weeks, your body will adapt and you’ll discover that you have more energy and a reduced appetite. These are signs that your insulin sensitivity and metabolism has improved.

8. Eat these foods!

Some foods have been shown to boost your metabolism. While they’re not miracle foods, they can increase calorie expenditure. Including them in your daily diet will help you. 
These are the foods:

* Almonds
* Avocado
* Berries (such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries)
* Celery
* Chia seeds
* Chili peppers
* Coconut oil
* Coffee (in moderation)
* Eggs
* Green tea
* Greek yogurt
* Lean meats (such as chicken, turkey, and lean cuts of beef)
* Legumes (such as lentils, chickpeas, and black beans)
* Oats
* Quinoa
* Salmon
* Seaweed
* Spinach
* Tomatoes
* Watermelon

9. Be consistent

The 8 tips mentioned above have all been proven effective when it comes to boosting your metabolism. However, if you apply these tips sporadically and inconsistently, you’ll not see the results you desire.
You MUST be consistent. If you’re engaging in HIIT twice a week, you’ll want to do it for 8 weeks. If you’re getting 8 hours of sleep on weekends, you want to ensure that you’re getting the same amount of sleep on weekdays too.

Your metabolism will only become higher and more efficient if you are consistent with your efforts.
Like a very wise man once said, “Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven bananas on Sunday evening instead of one a day just isn’t going to get the job done.”

Put these tips into practice consistently and give yourself about 60-90 days. Generally, you’ll feel better within 3 weeks – but by day 90, you’ll be truly amazed at how much energy you have.
If you’ve got your diet and training regimen on point, your physical transformation will be so impressive that all your family, friends and co-workers will notice the change, if they want to or not.
You’ll be a picture of health and brimming with energy – not to mention have a body that turns heads (with enough training and time). 

And one last bit of advice... let go of negative attitudes which are ruining your weight loss objectives.

This includes such things as feeling guilty or perhaps depressed about eating foods that taste great. These types of things might wreck all your diet and exercise plans.

Get started and boost your metabolism each and every day, and then enjoy the results !

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