Your Diet and Exercise Plans: Metabolism Boosters or Killers?

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Your Diet and Exercise Plans: Metabolism Boosters or Killers?

Boosting your metabolic rate is central to permanent fat loss. But despite most overweight people knowing this fact they still find it difficult to lose fat. Why? Because their diets and exercise regimen are metabolism killers rather than metabolism boosters.

Here are the facts. The vast majority of diets eventually slow down metabolism. It is why many people report that initially they lost a lot of weight but later they couldn’t lose anymore and subsequently gained weight.

So what do these people do – they jump to other diets to see if their “luck changes.” Are you jumping from diet to diet? This yo-yo dieting is a metabolism killer, not a metabolism booster.

Here is another fact. Not all exercises are the most efficient for fat burning. You might have been told to do a certain type of exercise to lose weight and indeed you might lose a little. But after as while you realize that despite all the exercises, you are still fat. What gives?

One reason is that you are not cranking up your metabolism enough. Do more of a certain type of exercise and your body actually tries to hold on to fat!

Some exercises are more efficient metabolism boosters. These exercises are so efficient that even when you stop doing them, your body turns into a fat burning machine – burning fat up to 36 hours after you stop exercising.

Here is another metabolism booster – one that is so underrated and often ignored. What is this – “adequate sleep” Yes – a constant lack of sleep can slow down your metabolic rate and turn your body in a fat hording machine.

Lack of sleep increases the stress hormone “cortisol” in your body. Elevated cortisol levels can increase stomach fat.

So make sure your lifestyle is not slowing down your metabolism and sabotaging whatever fat loss efforts you are making.

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