Working Out in Heat, Sweat Suits, Plastic Bags and Garbage Bags

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As essential as hydration is to the body, most people don’t have a damn clue about it and think that losing water equates to burning fat. No, it does not… And these stupids don’t help you lose fat, they help you look stupid and die.
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Drop that unwanted water weight and burn more calories with the Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit clothing line. We show you how with 15 exercises for 2 rounds, done in 1 minute intervals for each exercise.

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49 Responses to “Working Out in Heat, Sweat Suits, Plastic Bags and Garbage Bags”

  1. Diamond6852 writes:

    Hi I was just curious what type of exercise regiment did you use to lose the 60 in 2 months.. message me when you get this thanks

  2. psychobeefstick writes:

    i lost 60 pounds a few years back wearing 4 layers of clothes jogging….he dont know wtf he’s talking about. 60 pounds in 2 months

  3. Vamperor45 writes:

    This guy is right. i never used a fucking garbage at all to lose 40 lbs

    in fact the guys that used that shit are in bear/fat mode, and they learn more on the chubby fat side

  4. Josh Muonio writes:

    Hi haters V V V V

  5. gtownsurfcody writes:

    And to all drug users use this with tons of drinking water you’ll sweat out all drugs

  6. gtownsurfcody writes:

    WRONGGG!!!!!! The hotter the core faster heart, faster heart, higher metabolism, u get it but ticker it up it is dangerous and u could
    Die that’s why you work out with a partner duh dumbass people

  7. BentlyG2000 writes:

    U wear it under your shirt……

  8. Vincent Heaney writes:

    Hmm looks like not using that bag is working for you fat Ass lmao

  9. omegasapple writes:

    Who is this guy….. which gives a shit how stupid it looks … all I care about is results .. oh yeah drink plenty of water

  10. matthis842 writes:

    Problem is u look fat stop being a hater loser

  11. matthis842 writes:

    U suck balls

  12. mark200666 writes:

    No one listening to u guy.u look like you need to lose a few pounds too

  13. kawzx9r writes:

    Sorry bud but it works. I’ve done it many times and I make sure I’m hydrated. I wouldn’t recommend it long term, but short term is cool.

  14. DRUGUDMUSIC writes:

    i use to wear 360 but when i started using a trash bag i lost 94 pounds its not that bag doesn’t work its jus on how ur body work no one is made the same so no top smart guy can tell you how your body function i eat wat ever i want i jus use the trash bag wen ever im playing football or basket ball

  15. slickshoez writes:

    I work for a federal government branch where I have a maximum allowable weight of 191(based on my height 5’10”). I’m a square guy, but not fat by any means. But to make weight I usually have to drop 5 or 6 pounds. There’s nothing wrong with sauna/sauna suiting the day before. Just be safe and listen to your body. However I do not agree with the method as a long term workout regiment.

  16. slickshoez writes:

    I work for a federal government branch where I have a maximum allowable weight of 191(based on my height 5’10”). I’m a square guy, but not fat by any means. But to make weight I usually have to drop 5 or 6 pounds. There’s nothing wrong with sauna/sauna suiting the day before. Just be safe and listen to your body.

  17. romello5kuggz writes:

    actually, it was pretty simple. i live in the Bay Area & theres alot of hills so i walked an hr a day 6-7 days a week, and every other day i used the elliptical for 30/45mn’s. the elliptical actually is the highest calorie. Burning excersice you can do next to swimming. it’s Been proven. so you don’t actually have to run 5mi’s at a time per day to drop weight. athough that “IS” my long term goal.

  18. DynastyMusic11 writes:

    what was your excercise routine… i just wanna know because im tryna lose weight

  19. romello5kuggz writes:

    too many ppl including myself have done this for months at a time. on top of this i drank two gallons of water per day, and didn’t experience muscle fatigue cause i popped magnesium, potassium, and calcium taBs. all i did was lose 40(plus) pounds and increase my definition. all the water i lost, i put right Back. keeping my muscles hot made my workouts more productive wich led to yet, more calorie Burning. sorry, But i totaly disagree with this video post.

  20. yingyang09876 writes:

    loseing water weight buddy

  21. Plakosternas writes:

    I think it does work,wearing it when you work out, it helps you get more sweat

  22. SotaStreetFSociety writes:

    The sweat bags i used such as bin bags helped me trim my weight a lot easier when I was boxing…it does work, if you can handle it.

  23. urabigdumbass writes:

    Benching Free Weights can KILL U2 if your doing it wrong & alone! But This DOES work! I used this while doing football. If you take 10lbs of chicken fat and place it in dry sauna, The heat generated around the fat sucks up all the water. Also Anyone who’s ever used a dry Sauna can tell you that after about 10 -15 minutes, your belly fat is more pliable, so if you work out after, this helps your body fat to breakdown easier while you are working out. Helps me with the burn. UHuman Condom Man

  24. johnsoncody17 writes:

    It’s true what this guy is saying. Most people that use this are MMA fighters who need to lose water weight to make a certain weight class. It’s possible to lose 4-5 lbs per session by dehydrating yourself, but the only benefit will be the actual workout you do in it. Stick with diet and normal exercise, it’s a long healthier.

  25. granvid69 writes:

    Appreciate the video going to help a lot. Also I am going to show this video to some of my wrestling teammates. Thanx

  26. cede456 writes:

    what’s the point of that?

  27. Dustin Zahursky writes:

    Rinse it in the shower and let it hang to dry. You would only need soap if you waited to wash it a couple days and it smelled. Then you can throw it in the washing machine.

  28. crazyoscar03 writes:

    Sorry for all the questions, it says rinse it out in the shower, with soap? or just water?

  29. crazyoscar03 writes:

    Thanks, I just used it right now and it felt comfortable after i broke it in… how do i wash the suit? which is the best way?

  30. Dustin Zahursky writes:

    If you haven’t sweat in it yet you can return it. It should fit comfortable, like workout clothes. Some people like the clothing tight like compression clothing too. It is a personal preference though. For returns email dustin@kuttingweight

  31. crazyoscar03 writes:

    Hey, I just barely got my kutting weight sauna shirt and it feels super tight, to the point were its pretty hard to put on, not impossible, but a little difficult… should it be air tight as i have it now, or should i order a new one???

  32. guitarstud47 writes:

    Make a video without the sauna suit. I’m curious to how much of an effect it’ll have

  33. Dustin Zahursky writes:

    Of course,we have had people up to 400 pounds ordering our clothing. For the perfect size I recommend going by height and weight by the site chart on our website.

  34. asample24 writes:

    Do they make suits for big people? I’m 260lbs

  35. heyitsj12 writes:

    4:13….was not expecting that…..

  36. xItsDw writes:

    Trash Bag
    Sweat Pants

    There you go.

  37. darkSOUL445 writes:

    great workout

  38. Tiffanyplatel1999 writes:

    Umm what if you dont have one of those suits? Please inbox me

  39. TwinTurbo557Mach1 writes:

    Use the Sauna Suits and “WORKOUT”hard at any time in the workout DRINK DRINK DRINK grapefruit juice is”””important””””!!!!!!! because it acts as a catalyst that starts the burning process grapefruit juice “burn” fat as you sweat drink more working out drink more as you sweat!!!!!!!!!! it worked by programming the liver to burn up excess fat, rather than store it.The sauna suit workout and drink grapefruit juice to kick-start your liver into fat-burning mode!!!!!!

  40. 111NoOne111 writes:

    When he squized the socks…. O_O

  41. Dustin Zahursky writes:

    Email your questions to dustin@kuttingweight(dot)com

  42. crazyoscar03 writes:

    And one more thing, is there two things you have to by for the top? like an over vest and an under vest?

  43. crazyoscar03 writes:

    I was interested in getting this complete set. Does it all come together or separate? Second, what kind of material is the suite made of. I’ve had many sauna suits that were made of that plastic kind material that always ripped, so is this suite resistant? And 1 more thing, I see that the suit is a pretty tight fight, if I wear and x-large in regular and not a fan of the tight fit, how many sizes up should I get? Thank you for your responses once you get back to em. 🙂

  44. Jermane Williams writes:

    i lost 20 pounds in one day

  45. abby auburn writes:

    This is amazing o.o

  46. abby auburn writes:

    This is easier than insanity workout

  47. 123RushAnna writes:

    ugh O.O that was gross when he went to go wring out his socks

  48. Dustin Zahursky writes:


  49. 3810DIMPLES writes:

    where do i get this suit.,…..i need to get into sister started about a year ago and she looks great..

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