Will this guarantee noticeable weight loss?

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Question by maite.: Will this guarantee noticeable weight loss?
yes, i wanna lose like 40 pounds. Im not fat fat im chubby but i wanna be like 140.. im 5”6′.
im eating between 1200-1500 cals a day and working out for a minimum of 1 hr a day ( 3-5x a week.) i’ve kinda adjusted to it & im satisfied.

Wil this be noticable weight loss if i continue this until august? How many lbs am i expected to lose a week ??

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Answer by Ben Tsai
I used to be Very heavy but i lost weight in 1 month and heres how i did it and i believe you can do it too if you follow all the steps below 🙂

1) Drink weight loss shakes e.g. herbal life in replacement of 2 meals.
2) In between if you feel hungry, snack on low calorie bars or if you need hot food try poached egg whites
3) If you need proper meal, take wholemeal bread, Oatmeal, or Bran flakes.
4) Reduce actual meal portions apart from shakes by 1/5 in week 1, another 1/5 in week 2, and so on
5) Never stop munching on something healthy in more than 2 to 2.5 hours.
6) Keep your mouth moving especially at the meal times you used to have through low calories, non sweetened chewing gums or diabetes sweets or chocolate. You can occasionally have low fat whip cream on low calorie pudding for dessert.
7) DO NOT do too much cardio/running. Approximately 20 mins alternate days will do for fat burn.
8) Weight lift with heavy weights and low reps(8~10) x 3 sets rotating upper body one day and lower body the next day.
9) After 6 days of workout, Have one day to rest and not exercise. During that one day of rest, eat a meal in the afternoon your favorite dish but watch the portion. Go for a walk for 20 mins after that sinful meal.
10) Tell everyone you are dieting and that they should bugger off on the temptations for BIG restaurant meals or buffets. Family members should not cook your favorite/ unhealthy esp. deep fried food and eat it in front of you.
11) Lay off Alcohol and soft drinks.
12) Looking for a treat? Look at the diabetic section for a wide array of cookies, ice cream, teas and what not.
13) If your working schedule is busy, try to use lunch time -1hour break to walk or exercise. Snack at your desk healthy low amount of food. Do not sit all day long in front of the computer like what you are doing now. Stand while chatting on the phone, Stand while talking to your colleagues, friends, family and boss.
14) Do not lie on the sofa for more than 30 mins at a time.
15) Do not push yourself at the gym so much, until you over strain your muscles or even worse injured yourself, making you feel so depressed that you gain even more weight.
16) Most importantly, maintain all the steps above and view it as a lifestyle change. If you revert to your old bad habits your will definitely gain even more weight.
17) Drink lots of water even if you are not thirsty especially when you wake up. Portion adequately throughout the day and not too large a amount at one go or you might risk drowning yourself. CAUTION!
18) Do not weigh every SINGLE day. ONCE a week or better yet ONCE a month would be better as weight fluctuate, and if you weight everyday, you might see yourself after putting in so much effort, that your weight gain! You might feel demotivated.
19) Paste a person with a lean yet too muscular like those bodybuilders photo in front of you. Do a search on google and look for successful people in losing weight and take down their before and after pics and print it out.
20) Google for more information.
21) Lots of motivation, perseverance(important esp when your weight is still stagnant after 1~2 week(s) of full effort!) and attitude.
22) Take Before esp of your abdomen and put it on your computer as screen saver.
23) Should you be successful, Paste Before and After pix of yourself on wall and remind yourself never to go back to whats before and should strive your best to maintain it.

Theres more, but i got to go. Good luck. Feel free to drop me an email should you have further question and if you are successful in losing weight. bentsai81 (at) gmail.com

If this answer helps you, choose me as best answer please. 🙂 Thank you.

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