Will running help me loss my belly fat and man breasts?

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Question by john john: Will running help me loss my belly fat and man breasts?
HI what going on yall i have an problem i use to real big and i loss an lot of weight by useing diet pills zantrax 3 i stop takeing them cause they bad for my heart i was down to 210 now i gained weight back now i am 5’10 235 i really need to loss this weight so i have been running for breakfast i eat 4 eggs an slice of bread then about an hour and half later i jog/walk about 2.5 miles then when i come home i drink an whey protein shake which iz about 120 cals and 24 grams of protein in one scoop i take that with skim milk then i usally eat and slice of bread with turkey and greens beans for lunch then i jog/walk 2.5 miles again when i come home i drink another whey protein shake right when i get back then usally just for some more protein before i go to bed about 4 hours later i drink another protein shake and also i take my mens muti vitimuns two i have been doing this for about an month and havent seen any big changes i think i have lose two pounds what am i doing wrong??? helpp

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Answer by mclarenfreak1110
stop taking protein shakes, stop taking the vitamins, just run and eat healthy. and if you want, lift weights.

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4 Responses to “Will running help me loss my belly fat and man breasts?”

  1. Tanisha C writes:

    Okay, ur running then eating bread then runnin again..if its white bread then its no good..try whole grain bread!!..and stop drinking protein shakes..drink water,lots of water..it keeps u hydrated and it cleans your body out. Another thing u could do is push ups..they trim away belly fat..they get rid of it!! Keep running and trying eating every 5 hours.

  2. kaonyxmoon99 writes:

    The best way to lose the fat and keep it off would be to go into a strict regimine of how you work out. walking/running is good and great, maybe try cycling as well so that you can go farther/longer. My dad lost a lot of weight by bike riding for 30-40 minutes each day. Def. stop with the protein shakes and possibly the vitamins depending on what kind of vitamins they are. More than likely, those shakes are going to help you bulk up in muscle (i.e. turn the fat into the muscle which then weighs more), however this would probably require more free weight type of working out. Nonetheless, those aren’t that helpful. Save your money from the shakes, try and increase the amount you run/walk every other day little by little, and every three days take a one day break.
    Do not eat sweets, or highly fattening foods, if you feel like you’re getting hungry, eat carrots, celery, or something that you can munch on (I normally just chew gum).
    Remember, 5 smaller meals a day are better than 2-3 really large ones.

  3. Julie writes:

    Hmm I can’t seem to pin point what is exactly wrong,plus I’ve never had to loose a substantial amount of weight so I don’t know the best solution. What I will say first is try to cut out all carbohydrates no bread and if so make it whole wheat. Make sure you add lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet…no calories and they fill you up-good as a snack. I really don’t know about that protein shake…I think replacing natural foods with an artificial shake isn’t the best way to go. Cut out all fruit juices and caffeine and only drink water…a lot of it(add lemon-lime juice to add flavor). Your workout does seem okay but it might not be enough. In the morning do a longer jog, instead of doing the same thing again try doing a different kind of cardio (swimming is good). Also if you can start lifting weights…the more muscle you gain the more likely you will loose body fat which means all of that extra skin…focus more on the appearance rather than the weight-muscle weighs more than fat!. I think what might be the problem is you’re doing the same things every day and your body is getting too use to it and is not responding. Switch up your diet…your proteins and your exercise. Have more intense days of exercise and then a recovering day where you do a little less. I hope these few suggestions will help. Good luck!

  4. Mani writes:

    Someone else asked this, so I’m going to paste some of my response here as well.

    The shakes are for putting on muscle. Instead of trying to put on muscle, first LOSE THE WEIGHT. Once you are at the weight you want, they start the protein shakes and BULK UP.

    80% of it is WHAT YOU EAT, only 20% is your workout. My trainer ingrained this into my head over and over again.

    Here’s my exercise and eating plan:

    I started 4 weeks ago on a fitness program. I lost 13 pounds, that’s 3+ pounds a week! I had a HUGE stomach, now it’s 85% gone. I was 178lbs when I started, now I’m at 165lbs, 5’10”.
    I’m an 34 year old adult male, with a very experienced nutritional expert and personal trainer.

    This is what I did:
    No fast food, no sodas (only water and LOTS OF IT, not even gatorade) no fried food, nothing creamy, nothing with sugar, no starches (no potatoes of any kind), no rice, no ketchup, and NO PIZZA, NO CHEESE, no white bread, no corn, no butter, minimal salt. No carbohydrates which means pastas.
    Avoid tomato sauces or ketchup, FULL OF SUGAR! No cookies, chips, most junk snacks. AVOID DAIRY.

    Basic restaurants I avoid: Places full of greasy food, chinese, mexican, italian.

    What I am eating:
    Lots of chicken, fish, and salads.
    Salads are ONLY with balsmic/vinegarette dressing, no croutons, nor bacon bits, and of course no cheese. FILL the salads with spinach and/or romain lettuce (not iceberg that has no nutrition) and FULL of Bell Peppers, green, red, yellow, cucumbers are good, onions are OK, tomatoes OK but not too much tomato.
    I’m drinking soy milk as well.

    For every 1 whole egg, I need to match it with 4-5 egg whites. The yolk is the bad part, but you can even it out with 5 egg whites. (Although I’ve just been avoiding eggs lately).

    If I do goto a Mexican restaurant it’s CHICKEN fajitas, with NO cheese, NO guacamole, NO sour cream, and a MAX of 3 tortillas.

    I’ll go to a restaurant and have salmon or various fish sandwiches but no tarter sauce, just lemon or get it blackened.

    I can eat lentils, and anything else that’s not fatty, greasy, or full of sugar. Wheat bread is fine. I goto sandwich shops like Quiznos or subway and can eat a healthy turkey sandwich as well. You can have as much mustard/spicey mustard as you want (no mayo or honey mustard, etc).

    Cheese is my weakness, but 1/4th cup of cheese takes 1 HOUR to burn on a treadmill, so imagine what ONE slice of pizza will do!?!!?

    Along with this diet, I’m working out 3-4 times a week.

    When I first started out it was 20 minutes on the treadmill, now it’s up to an hour (within 3-4 sessions). I keep increasing the speed and height. My 1 hour workout burns 700+ calories. I always make sure the 1hr is difficult, it can never be easy.

    My height is currently 11.0 and speed of 3.7 mph. Eventually I want to get it to 15 max height and 4-5mph.

    The treadmills at the gym ask for your height/age/weight, and you put in the time/speed/height and you’ll know exactly how many calories you are burning.

    Make sure you are pushing yourself on the treadmill where your body is soaked with sweat and it’s a killer workout. I started out at 7height/3.0speed/20 minutes and just kept moving up.

    Also remember, every minute after 20 minutes of your workout you BURN STORED FAT. So the sooner you get to 60 minutes, the better. Don’t forget to stretch a little bit beforehand and always do the cooldown(about 5 min). You don’t need more than 60min on a treadmill.

    Remember 80% is diet 20% is exercise. The combination of diet and 1 hour of treadmill 3-6 times a week will MELT POUNDS AWAY. You’ll be severely decreasing your fat intake, and then burning calories which will allow you to burn stored fat. (Seriously, just getting rid of chips/junk food/fast food/sodas/fried food/Pizza and cheese, goes a long way).

    It’s all mental. You have to be mentally prepared to change your diet, which is a big thing. People go into a depression when they lose their favorite foods. My trainer warned me sometimes people have withdrawal symptoms from certain foods like cheese. Then the treadmill is also mental, my body tells me to stop but I have to keep going even when I’m so tired or in pain from being so sore. Having an ipod and playing fast or rock music has helped A LOT.

    Water is super important I believe it’s 64oz minimum, the lactic acid causes the soreness after the running, water helps reduce that. It’s also important for hydration, and water helps keep hunger pain away. When I do get hungry between meals I’ll have a lean body protein bar or a healthy granola bar, or I have a HUGE bag of carrots and you can eat carrots all day long, that’s my snack food, no more chips.

    There you go, that’s a $ 500 lesson being relayed from a personal trainer through me to you. This trainer has 20 years of experience, is a specialist in nutrition and on his way to getting his M.D. so you couldn’t get it from a better source.

    I can confidently tell you this information because it worked for me. My 8 year pregnancy ended, I no longer have this huge belly. Now that my weight is better, I can loosen the reigns a bit, but I’ll never go back to eating pizza 3 times a week and finishing a tub of buttered popcorn or a big bag of chips.

    Good Luck. Remember 80% is YOUR DIET!!! If your running is rigorous (I don’t think running outside or a treadmill makes a difference as long as it’s a major workout), maybe this is the area you are missing! Remember you don’t start burning stored fat until you are 20 minutes into your run!! But you’ll never get ahead if you are putting the wrong food back into your body.

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