Will running help me loss belly fat and man breasts?

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Question by john john: Will running help me loss belly fat and man breasts?
HI what going on yall i have an problem i use to real big and i loss an lot of weight by useing diet pills zantrax 3 i stop takeing them cause they bad for my heart i was down to 210 now i gained weight back now i am 5’10 235 i really need to loss this weight so i have been running for breakfast i eat 4 eggs an slice of bread then about an hour and half later i jog/walk about 2.5 miles then when i come home i drink an whey protein shake which iz about 120 cals and 24 grams of protein in one scoop i take that with skim milk then i usally eat and slice of bread with turkey and greens beans for lunch then i jog/walk 2.5 miles again when i come home i drink another whey protein shake right when i get back then usally just for some more protein before i go to bed about 4 hours later i drink another protein shake and also i take my mens muti vitimuns two i have been doing this for about an month and havent seen any big changes i think i have lose two pounds what am i doing wrong??? helpp

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Answer by ♥bored?
you have moobs

(man boobs)

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9 Responses to “Will running help me loss belly fat and man breasts?”

  1. amancalledj writes:

    The man-cans will melt away.

  2. sam i am writes:

    I think swimming is the best for building muscle and losing weight… running is good too.. just keep running or try swimming

  3. tonytumasone writes:

    first off, you dont need three whey protein shakes. not even one, they are useless calories and fats and carbs. you are not trying to build muscle. second, dont eat eggs, eat egg WHITES. those are just a fraction of the calories and fat. You cant really do the jog/walk thing if you are lookin to lose weight anytime soon. You have to get to the fat burning stage. trying jogging/running. 4.5 mph +. eat egg whites, lean meats especially tuna and skinless chicken breasts. oh and drink green tea. its makes you less hungry and proven to burn fat. use instead of pills its not bad for your heart

  4. poisonthorn_x writes:

    maybe you could try eating a more balanced diet
    you consume A LOT of protiein


  5. Vladimir Putin writes:

    Be patient.

    Mix up your diet – you’re eating a lot of artificial food. Try some friggin broccoli and spinach instead of powder, huh? Your body needs real food.

    Have you measured your calorie balance?

  6. fuzzykitty writes:

    Hmm! it appears that you now have a clue as to what women go through , as to loosing them. I doubt that is gonna happen and all that jogging is gonna make you droop more unless you wear a compression shirt, which a young fellow mentioned on some other question. My younger brother used to wear them after receiving sever burns when a furnace blew it’s cookies several years ago.

  7. Kendra writes:

    You are doing a good job working out so much. 🙂
    You might want to cut back a on the protein! You can’t just drink protein shakes, there are all kinds of proteins from all kinds of foods that your body needs. It doesn’t sound like you’re getting enough fruits, vegetable, or dairy. Try substituting a protein shake or two with some of those. Not only do they give your body special proteins, but they offer a huge range of other vitamins and nutrients your body needs. What do the protein shakes offer you? Protein. That’s it. (Also spicy foods have been shown to speed up your metabolism if you’re interested.)

    As for the exercise. . .
    I recommend swimming or using an elliptical instead of jogging, it works out WAY more muscles and burns twice as many calories twice as fast as jogging.

    Please do some research before you go on these weird and crazy diets that don’t work. =

    The best of luck to you, I hope I helped. 🙂

  8. queen_kiddo writes:

    Okay.. first things first. I’m not an expert so….
    I’m not sure about all the protein shakes you drink. A lot of those things have a tendency to clog your liver with too much use. A dirty liver is less able to cleanse your system and less able to help you eliminate the fats in your blood.
    I also advise not eating the 4 eggs for breakfast to start. Try some low fat granola with skim milk and some low sugar fruits, like blueberries.
    The fastest way to lose body fat, especially in the mid-section, is less carbs. Try eating more real food, low fat, low carbs, high fiber… less shakes, especially before bed. Try to not take anything but water about 2 or 3 hrs before you go to bed.. let your body deal with what’s already in it while you sleep.
    All cardio (ie: running) are the best activities for fat burning.. if you include some resistance or weight training you will increase your lean muscle mass and burn fat more efficiently. And drink water like you’ll be in the Sahara for a month… drink alot, all the time.. water will help you clean out that liver and that fat.
    I lost 50lbs in the last year like that… the first 30lbs in about 4 months.. the last 20 were killer.. but i did it… .
    Good luck.. be healthy 🙂

  9. Chuy M writes:

    Yes but get rid of those questionable supplements. Start hitting weights too. The best range to lose weight in is 1 to 2.5 lbs a week. This will allow your body to accustom itself to the loss and the skin to regain its prestretched stage. Losing weight too quickly will cause the skin of abdomen, chest and inner thighs to sag, possibly dramatically. I don’t personally believe in any of the fad diets that keep showing up. I think that they put your body into an unhealthy famine mode which will cause you to gain the fat right back if you start to eat normally again. The best idea is to eliminate all junk food. You can do a cheat day if you need to but don’t go overboard. Eat balanced meals of reasonable size. Overeating will cause your stomach to be too large and you will still feel hungry when you’re not. Also have lots of healthy snacks during the day. Ideally you’ll want to eat 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day. Carry food with you so you aren’t tempted to eat unhealthily when you’re out of the house. And don’t buy unhealthy foods. Get foods that are low in bad fats—we do need fat to survive but not saturated fat. Minimize the processed flours and sugars, no white bread, no sugar. Choose leaner meats and protein sources. Don’t expect to eat pizza and burritos all the time and lose weight. And eat tons of vegetables. Eat salads, steamed vegetables and raw vegetables too. You can’t eat so much celery that you’ll get fat. Don’t eat too much fruit or things containing high fructose corn syrup. The reason is that fructose is hard on the liver because it can only be metabolized there. You can eat fruit during or after a workout. Don’t eat late at night because your body will turn it into fat. Eat a smaller amount of calories than needed to maintain your weight. You have burn more than you intake. Always exercise. Cardio especially, but weights are good too. Don’t give up. You’ll be glad you chose to lose the weight.

    Here’s what I do and it has been working for me. Obviously a workout needs to be tailored to the individual, but these exercises may help.

    Lying dumbbell triceps extensions
    standing barbell curl
    behind head reverse hammers
    one-arm preacher curl
    Close-grip pushdowns
    incline dumbbell curl
    Parallel bar dips
    hammer curl
    Single-arm reverse-grip pushdowns
    reverse grip EZ bar
    rope push downs
    super light dumbbell curls

    Dumbbell Incline Presses,
    Pullovers and Presses,
    Dumbbell Bench Presses,
    Narrow-Grip Bench Presses,
    Incline Dumbbell Flyes,
    Barbell Incline Presses,
    Push-Ups Between Benches,
    Cable standing incline flyes
    Cable standing decline flyes

    Barbell row
    Dumbbell Row
    Lat Pull Downs
    Cable Row
    Lower Back Machine
    lite wide lat pulldowns

    Lateral Raises
    Bent-Over Lateral Raises
    No rest front raises
    Military Presses
    Front Raises
    Rotator Cuffs
    Superlight lateral raises

    On incline bench, with 2 10lbs dumbbells:

    1st: Facing forward bring dumbbells up from sides to parallel to ground palms inward, slow repeat for ten reps.
    2nd: Facing bench bring dumbbells up from sides backwards as far as you can palms inward, slow repeat for ten reps.
    3rd: Stand up with dumbbells and do 10 lateral raises.
    4th: Back in position 2, raise arms so they are forward, palms inward, arms bent in a semi bear hug position and parallel to ground. Bring to sides and back to center for 10 reps. I usually do 5 lbs here because this exercise is hard.

    Do this set three times with out rest. The third set I change to all 5 lb movements. All of this is slow pace, like 1 second up and one second down.

    Leg Extentions
    Leg Curls
    Calf Lifts
    Glute Machine
    Leg lifts

    I also do 100 crunches per night.

    My idea is to hit a variety of ranges and movements in order to work the muscle to the maximum. I tend to use a weight I can do for 10 reps and for 25 reps on the last two movements. Apart from this I do 20 minutes or Cardio every day and stretch before and after the workout, as well as frequently during. Stretching is very important to muscular growth because not only does it help prevent injury and alleviate recovery pain, but it also stretches out the fascia tissue that surrounds the muscle and inhibits its growth. When you are pumped and you stretch is when you get the best stretch of the fascia. Lastly rest and nutrition are every bit as important as the workout itself. Eating enough protein for the muscle to recover and grow as well as enough carbohydrates to replenish diminished glycogen stores in the muscles and liver is vital for repair and being ready for the next time you tax those muscles.

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