Will Kim Kardashian Get New Weight Loss Deal? – Splash News

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With many big diet companies already in contracts with celebs, will Kim K be offered a post-baby deal? Splash is the leading independent entertainment news a…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Nicole Snooki Polizzi talks about her weight loss after giving birth, her advice for Kim Kardashian, and the trick she used to stop peeing on herself during …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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36 Responses to “Will Kim Kardashian Get New Weight Loss Deal? – Splash News”

  1. pdoggy10inch writes:

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  2. mathilde lovely writes:

    I think they are stupid this video is nothing else to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jan nowak writes:

    i saw porno with her she is gooood

  4. SW33TI316 writes:

    who are we to judge? not cool

  5. muhudu writes:

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  6. wwwddholsapple writes:

    Shea nasty bitch

  7. Trollmen Caster writes:


  8. Ania Sanches writes:

    The last shots omg…….. No coment. But hei , no one is perfect.

  9. suzzette1980 writes:

    whoa, Kim need to wear some undies too…

  10. Sherry Price writes:

    I love kim!!!

  11. Tariq Hamad writes:

    عن اباها ! 

  12. berryfairy68 writes:

    So kids can only play together if they’re gorgeous? Dumb ass bimbos !!

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  14. Rich F writes:

    OMG after 2 mins of hearing these two annoying tards, I almost pulled out
    the gun and shot myself, thank god I turned it off just in time to save my
    life….what a couple a douchbags….

  15. berryfairy68 writes:

    So kids can only play together if they’re gorgeous? Dumb ass bimbos !!

  16. K. Alexandria-Day writes:

    This interviewer is
    annoying………………………………………………..like, she’s
    stupid. Snooki is thinking “When the fuck does this end?” And she really
    wanted to tell her to shut up.

  17. cocol270 writes:

    How the hell those boobs of hers got smaller.. I want mine to get smaller
    but dont know how,,, 

  18. Amir Mosho writes:

    Go and Google Skinnimaker System and you will find out how certain foods
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  19. Josselyn Carolina writes:

    I love you, Snooks. ❤

  20. Reggy Charles writes:

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  21. Angel Retana writes:

    Wow the questions the interviewer asked about the weight and everything was
    horrible. She could have made an approach in a more respectful way

  22. Amy gusset writes:

    That lady who is interviewing is soooooo efin annoying

  23. Andres Guevara writes:

    She is my girl friend she love

  24. brayam quintero writes:

    she looks good nice work keep it up

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  26. Heather Rose writes:

    she changed a lot

  27. Hagar Raslan writes:

    wow did the loss of her weight go with the increase of her brains?

  28. Ana Montero writes:

    That girl is awful im sure nicole was annoyed

  29. Mihailo Knezevic writes:


  30. Jahziah Sandoval writes:

    I love Snooks!

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  32. Daisy Castrillon writes:

    Who the hell is snooki?

  33. Naomi Niangandoumou writes:

    I don’t get where all these negative comments are coming from. She’s just
    trying to be a good mom and lover, I love her weird ways. Team meaTBaLL.

  34. Edith Jiijon writes:

    Funny How She Open The Door Immediately Hahaha Lmao :D

  35. ihaverights6973 writes:

    I think snookie has don’t better for herself and is not what she is when
    she was at the jersey shore, unlike Kim k, snookie made sure she is
    working, full time and supporting her baby so fuck all you haters ps I’m a
    former hater of snookie

  36. E Pi writes:

    what’s keycoals lol?!?!

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