will eating grapes lead to weight loss? If so how? And what about lime water and coconut water?

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Question by abina s: will eating grapes lead to weight loss? If so how? And what about lime water and coconut water?
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Answer by dude_youre_gettin_a_dale
grapes are a great way to snack and eat healthy at the same time. adding lime to water is also a great way to drink water without having the plain water taste. i’m not so sure about coconut water… but any form of water without too much added sugar is good.

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3 Responses to “will eating grapes lead to weight loss? If so how? And what about lime water and coconut water?”

  1. Gene L writes:

    You are seeking the “magic bullet” to quick weight loss…
    there is none.

    You lose weight when the calories that you burn during the day (for example, by exercising) exceeds the calories consumed (by eating grapes, drinking lime water or…whatever) and your metabolism is then forced to take energy (calories) it needs from your fat cells (the fat you are wearing).

    An example:
    Your body requires 2500 calories to maintain it’s present weight (daily).
    You take in 1000 calories in your meals (daily).
    = your metabolism uses1500 calories worth of fat cells.
    = you lose weight.

  2. Maverick writes:

    if u eat grapes just before sleep, it will contribute to ur weight loss. but it can flip 180 if u eat grapes during the day since it makes u feel hungry and then u want to eat more…

  3. hermessenger writes:

    I think grapes are very rich in minerals and natural sugars, which give us a feeling of well-being, a wonderful feeling especially if you are on a restrictive diet. Lime water helps the stomach to “shrink”, a similar effect has apple vinegar; about coconut water I know that it is hydrating, cooling, and satisfying. In all these cases, “liquid” seems to be the keyword, and it is a known fact that hydrating our bodies with clean water and healthy liquids is the best known approach to weight loss.

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