Why can you only lose 1-2lbs a week and no more on a diet/weight loss plan?

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Question by Shelley: Why can you only lose 1-2lbs a week and no more on a diet/weight loss plan?
I was just wondering why people say you should lose weight slowly, other wise you will end up putting it all back on?

I have just started a diet and losing 1-2lbs a week is slow as hell and its annoying because i want to lose 20lbs and that means it could take me 10-20 weeks!!!! i would like to lose it before then!

i was thinking about trying to lose 3-4 lbs a week and get the weight off faster.

Because yes they say if you lose weight fast you will end up putting it all back on, but i think that is bull, i think it is down to the eating habits you go back to when you finish your diet and reach your goal

Like if you lose 20lbs fast and then eat junk and crap like you use to of course you are going to put it all back on!
BUT say if you lose 20lbs fast-ish (3-4lbs a week) and then once you have reached your goal you change your eating habits, exercise regular and keep an eye on your weight and maintain it, losing 3-4 lbs weekly shouldnt be a probleme right????

Im female – 17 -128lbs/9stone2 and i want to get down to 108lbs/7stone10!
(yes i know i am in my ‘healthy weight range’ but i am/feel/look a lot healthier and happier at my goal which is also in my ‘healthy weight range’)

So what do you think?
Do you think its okay for me to drop 3-4lbs a week and manage to keep it off when i reach my goal?
Because i sure as hell dont plan on returning to my old eating habits which is what made me put on weight in the first place!
And im eating very healthy at the moment (1500cals) and love it
And i do about 1 hour of exercise daily and feel great doing it
So im 100% sure i can drop weight at a faster level and keep it off

But i want to see what other people say, the ones who are determind to say that you should only drop 1-2lbs a week????

thanks x

Best answer:

Answer by Gggg G
thats buII

g00gIe HIIT training, d0 that, u’II I0se aII the weight in the w0rId reaI fast

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2 Responses to “Why can you only lose 1-2lbs a week and no more on a diet/weight loss plan?”

  1. Amanda M writes:

    There are 3500 calories in a lb. In order to lose one lb, you must burn 3500 calories more than you eat.

    The reason that people say if you lose weight quickly you will wind up putting it back on is because:

    A) In order to lose quickly, many people put themselves on starvation diets (anything under 1000 calories a day is considered a starvation diet) and they ruin their metabolism, so they stop losing and wind up gaining


    B) Oftentimes what is actually lost in these types of diets is water weight, not actual weight.

    3-4 lbs a week isn’t totally unreasonable, depending on how overweight you are. If your focus (as far as losing the extra 1-2 lbs a week) is more on calories burned, you’ll be able to do it and keep it off. Don’t decrease your calories too much (don’t go under 1200/day) or you’ll mess with your metabolism and wind up gaining. Focus more on exercise instead.

  2. Dominik B writes:

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