Why am I not loosing weight!?

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Question by : Why am I not loosing weight!?
I don’t get it, I’ve been to the gym every single day for the past 2 weeks, I’ve only missed 2 days because I had work during the gyms opening hours, and I do physical work anyway. I stay there and work out for 30-40 minutes a day, but not only do I exercise I also drink isoWhey shakes for breakfast and sometimes lunch and then eat a healthy dinner. I drink water (and no soft drinks, if I do now and again for social reasons its a diet drink), I have been eating healthy and I haven’t moved from 95kg.

However I feel as if I have lost weight, I look in the mirror and I have lost the boldge of my love handles, my stomach seems smaller, and my man boobs have shrunken significantly, even my legs feel and look smaller but yet the scales say I’m still 95kg im so confused. I even went out yesterday to buy an electronic scales because I thought my other ones had broken, yet they just said I was 94.8kg o,o

My only explanation would be that I have lost soggy fat and have gained muscle? But I am meant to be 70kg for my age. How does this weight loss thing work? Will I get more muscle and then later on I will start to see kg results. Please help this is making me loose my motivation!

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Answer by James Frank
It takes time.

Also what are you doing? If you are doing weights and stuff then you are converting fat to muscle. This is still an improvement but if you want to reduce weight then do running and things instead.

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8 Responses to “Why am I not loosing weight!?”

  1. Country GAL writes:

    You probably have toned up your weight, but in order to see significant gains you will have to go for a considerable longer time.

  2. Jack Gomez writes:

    There are many reasons that can be a problem to you to not lose weight such as phycologicly but yes your might have lose the weight and gained alot more muscle don’t lose your motivation just cause of this silly reasons for sure later on you will see reslutes take action

  3. honeybear3 writes:

    if you are not eating breakfast or lunch that will make you gain weight not lose it… it also takes a lot of time.. when i was little i was put on weight gainer and i cant lose weight i can only gain it, so i feel your pain.. hope i helped and dont stress it! takes time

  4. Merry Christmas! writes:

    I actually gained weight from working out, but I am MUCH slimmer. Muscle weighs more than fat. Also, 2 weeks is not enough time AT ALL. I didn’t notice changes until about 6 weeks. Try working out longer. I do 90 minutes a day. Don’t give up, keep working for about another month! You can’t rush your body.

  5. galactic_star_gazer writes:

    Two weeks in not enough time to see the results in weight yet. You are doing well to have noticed a difference in the mirror. Whey shakes are not good for weight loss. They will make you gain weight. They are good for building muscle, but you should avoid all animal protein if you want to lose weight fast. There is actually a lot of protein available through vegetables, so you simply do not need meat or whey in your diet. Avoid the diet drinks because the artificial sweetener is terrible for your mental health. Cane sugar is better than high fructose corn syrup, but avoid any refined sugars. Complex carbohydrates are best. Avoid white bread and choose whole wheat instead. Don’t skip meals, do eat when you are hungry, and avoid eating a large meal. Better to have 7 snacks through the day than one all you can eat buffet.

  6. zaneta j writes:

    You probably have gained muscle and it doesn’t matter what you’re suppose to weigh, it’s more about body fat percentage. You can be at 70kg and still be fat if you have a high body fat percentage, just like you can be 150kg and be healthy if you have more muscle than fat. You might never be able to be at 70kg if you keep gaining muscle and lose fat.

  7. Enzo Maldonado writes:

    you can try this, it helped me be more tone and lose a lot of fat.


  8. Ear Olson writes:

    Make a list of special talents you have, or things you do that are good.

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