which fruits are good for weight loss and which are bad??

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Question by rotrry: which fruits are good for weight loss and which are bad??
desperate to lose weight. is fruits the way to go? i’ve heard some like bananas are bad for weight loss. which fruits aid weight loss and which hinder it?

Best answer:

Answer by Heidi’s Mummy
No fruit or veg is bad.

Avocardos are high in fat – but they are good fat so keep it to like once a week with lots of salad.

Banana’s have lots of carbs but are still fruit and still better than that bag of crisps and they ahve lots of potassium in them – keep bananas to 1 a day.

kez x

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4 Responses to “which fruits are good for weight loss and which are bad??”

  1. Love writes:

    Grapefruit and berries r good for losing..avocado & olives and not good for the fat reduction in the human body

  2. vh1983 writes:

    I’ve heard that bananas contain a lot of starch, but really, any fruit that you eat is going to be so much better for you than most of the snack food out there. I’ve heard that grapes and oranges help to control appetite, but I don’t know if that’s actually true or not.

  3. SubJ writes:

    They r all good.

    Eat only when hungry and not more than three times a day. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in ur food. Eat slow, chewing each morsel at least 32 times. This activates ur body to send signals that u have enough. No snacks or drinks in between except water.

    Take light exercises and walking for about 30 min every day preferably twice a day.

    Be patient to see the results in hassle free mode in reasonable time.

  4. Hey... It's Me writes:

    Fruits having less calories are good ……..
    unit – (calories/piece)
    Apple (1 average) 44 calories
    Apple cooking 35 calories
    Apricot 30 calories
    Avocado 150 calories
    Banana 107 calories
    Blackberries each 1 calorie
    Blackcurrant each 1.1 calorie
    Blueberries (new) 100g 49 Cals
    Cherry each 2.4 calories
    Clementine 24 cals
    Currants 5 calories
    Damson 28 calories
    One average date 5g 5 cals
    Dates with inverted sugar 100g 250 calories
    Figs 10 calories
    Gooseberries 2.6 calories
    Grapes 100g Seedless
    one average Grape 6g 3 calories
    Grapefruit whole 100 calories
    Guava 24 calories
    Kiwi 34 calories
    Lemon 20 calories
    Lychees 3 calories
    Mango 40 calories
    Melon Honeydew (130g) 36 calories
    Melon Canteloupe (130g) 25 cals
    Nectarines 42 calories
    Olives 6.8 calories
    Orange average 35 calories
    Orange large 350g 100 Cals
    Papaya Diced (small handful) 67 Cals
    Passion Fruit 30 calories
    Paw Paw 28 calories
    Peach 35 calories
    Pear 45 calories
    Pineapple 50 calories
    Plum 25 calories
    Prunes 9 calories
    Raisins 5 calories
    Raspberries each 1.1 calories
    Rhubarb 8 calories
    Satsuma one average 112g 29 cals
    Satsumas 100g 35 calories
    Strawberries (1 average) 2.7 calories
    Sultanas 5 calories
    Tangerine 26 calories
    Tomatoes (1 average size) 9 cals
    Tomatoes Cherry (1 average size) 2 calories

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