Whey Protein Shakes — Top 10 Reasons to Try Them as Quick-fix Metabolism-boosting Protein Source

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Whey Protein Shakes — Top 10 Reasons to Try Them as Quick-fix Metabolism-boosting Protein Source

Eating a balanced, fast-metabolism diet isn’t always easy, even if you know exactly what you should be eating. The main culprit: time. Most of us just can’t fit it in to cook every meal.  

Instead we grab carbs — a muffin with coffee, a banana, granola bar, yogurt, an apple, a piece of toast, fries. We skip the protein and end up in a sugar rush followed by a sugar crash and no energy.

This happens because, in addition to needing carbs at every meal for the actual energy (carbs convert into glucose), we also need protein and fats to dispense the carbs steadily (make sure the carb-to-glucose conversion is time-released).

Whey protein shakes offer an ideal lean protein solution for those of us on the go. Here’s why:

Whey protein is a particularly good source of protein. Whey is pure, clean, and one of the most easily absorbed sources of protein there is.

Whey protein shakes are fast and easy to make. Just add water and drink. Or add fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt and blend. Save five minutes by prepping the night before and keeping in the fridge ready for mixing.


Whey smoothies make a fabulous breakfast item. Breakfast is key to a fast metabolism. If you skip breakfast, it stays on “slow” until you eat. Blend fresh berries, whey protein powder and nuts for a satisfying morning meal.

Whey protein shakes taste great. Most high protein drinks come in tasty flavors, and you can add your favorite items too. Berries, yogurt, nuts, cinnamon, cocoa, cooked yams are a few ideas.

Kids love whey protein smoothies. Fussy kids not eating their lentils or fish? Most kids love shakes and smoothies! Mix tasty berries with a whey protein shake and you have a tasty treat instead of must-have meat.

High protein drinks are great for traveling. With easy-to-carry bottles, you can just pop them into your purse, briefcase or carry-on bag. Grab a paper cup, pour in the liquid whey protein or powder, add water and you’re set. Drink smoothies in your hotel room, the car or even an airplane

A healthy, low-cal snack or dessert option. Craving sweets or a snack? Whey protein smoothies pull their own in the dessert category. Get a shake or smoothie with all the delicious flavor to satisfy that sweet tooth, without all the sugar.

Variety. Need a break from the lentils or chicken? Mix yourself a whey protein shake. Even you deserve a tasty treat instead of legumes or meat for dinner once in a while.

Weight loss. High protein drinks are a low-cal way to get our dose of protein to maintain optimal blood sugar level so our metabolism can keep burning fat instead of storing it.

The best protein shakes guarantee we’ll get our lean protein. Because they’re easy to make, store and buy, we’re much more likely to mix a quick protein shake than go with the carb-only quick-meal. And anything that keeps us feeding our bodies what it needs to stay lean and healthy is worth it!

We can give ourselves and our metabolism an easy break when we’re rushed in the mornings by keeping
whey protein shake powder on-hand. EnergyFirst — leading provider of cutting-edge scientific health and nutrition education and products — is an excellent source for the best (and most tasty) 100% all-natural protein shake drinks as well as other nutritional supplements, including fish oil gels, green drinks and mult-vitamins.

Nicole Schubert is an author for EnergyFirst. Get more free tips for health, nutrition and weight loss and the free Healthy Living Tool Kit at http://www.EnergyFirst.com.

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