Whey Protein For Weight Loss?

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50 Responses to “Whey Protein For Weight Loss?”

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  23. kimkrisrich writes:

    Can you add whey protein to your oatmeal with cinnamon in the morning?

  24. MsDeleeuw writes:

    how more is see how last i trust it

  25. Umesh Prajapati writes:

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  27. Nathaniel Guerreiro writes:

    can you please like my fitness workout video? im new on youtube… thank

  28. Eliz Greene writes:

    Oh – nice explanation of how to use protein shakes to get bigger or smaller
    … and how often it really isn’t useful.

  29. I'm Sarah writes:

    +Rosie Quigley Yes, milk is good. :)

  30. denzelswifey86 writes:

    I was told whey protein causes cancer.. im all confused.

  31. Róisín Quigley writes:

    Is plain milk a good drink for repairing muscle after a workout? To get
    lean and trim 🙂

  32. Saul Vella writes:

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  33. baikuntha raj baral writes:

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  34. Guare Villa writes:

    Thank you Jillian you answer my question

  35. Bùi Đăng Tân Tran writes:

    I read all the observations however I believe that’s a brilliant vid. My
    younger brother just wants to get astounding with women of all ages. He was
    taught a shit load from a site called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The
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    however because I heard them all. Grrrr.

  36. Tecnovlog writes:

    the best protein is whey protein but is a very fat protein, other proteins
    like casein i think are slower

  37. Tecnovlog writes:

    i would recommend isolate whey protein for people with lactose intolerance

  38. Raven W writes:

    Su these products can work if you get good ones. the crap you get from
    Walmart, Kmart, Acme, Walgreens is 20.00 crap. Pump it up spend more and
    read labels. I am sure there is more unhealthy crap in them all that
    companies are not telling us about. But honestly I did use onthe first
    Protein METRX protein shake they brought out. 25 grms carbs or less each
    meal. One shake AM. I lost 167 pounds 3 1/2 yrs. NO SLIMFAST it is crap and
    SUGAR FILLED!! They all have sugar defeating you B4 U start.

  39. abricotfleur writes:

    How about Sun Warrior (Rice Protein)

  40. melizzz924 writes:

    How about spirutein 25? Whats wrong w soy protein?

  41. suzanne nottelling writes:

    omg all these fakes trying to make money off of other u should be ashamed

  42. Lauren Richardson writes:

    Diet pills are bad for you. Lipo 6 Black is really strong and really messes
    with your heart rhythm. If you insist on taking a diet pill, get something
    closer to natural

  43. Elven Seer writes:

    Problem is. There doesn’t seem to be a single product on the market that
    doesn’t contain soy 🙁 Even Jillians contains Soy lecithin. 🙁

  44. Syn_Shizzy writes:

    keep pressing 5:18 your welcome

  45. dmariegiles writes:

    Oh i love the these daily doses and CANNOT get enough of the podcasts!!! I
    wish there was a daily Jillian Michaels Radio show on the radio! Yep a 3
    hour one Mon-Fri !

  46. Rachel Ray writes:

    this announcer or whatever is really really annoying. jill is right tho
    thumbs up jill

  47. xMissdiorcherie writes:

    Why no Soy Protein??

  48. mscakennedy writes:

    I love Janice! Botox!

  49. FitnessMontreal1 writes:

    ultimate protein shake to bulk up: 2 scoop of natural peanut butter 2 scoop
    of whey protein 1 cup of frozen fruit (any kind) 1 sack of oats = best
    bulking protein shake.

  50. Alisha Thomas writes:

    She is giving her more advice than she asked for

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