where can i find online weight loss programs?

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Question by Hoo-rah!: where can i find online weight loss programs?
I need a personalized plan for my goals. I would love to find free exercise plans online but I have looked all over and they are bvasically just journals and what not. I would like to find tools that give me ideas of different exercises I can do.

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Answer by marc m
Heres a program that has really helped me. my personal doctor actually showed me this. Works awsome. has secrets on losing weight. u can eat whatever u like and excersise little. I love it.
check it out.

link on description on the video

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4 Responses to “where can i find online weight loss programs?”

  1. ldsironman writes:

    These Sites have great free programs

    These are more effective for fat loss than running 6mph for the same (45 minute time)

    Beachbody.com has some great fat loss plans they are not free but are well worth it

  2. Cooper Lyles writes:

    Hello There weight loss for me was a hectic ordeal especially if you have my body type which is an endomorph, no matter what I ate or how much I exercised, I did not lose even a single pound. I knew weight loss pills did not work because I did not believe that you can “magically” lose weight just by taking a pill and doing nothing. This is when I started looking at structured programs or weight loss programs dedicated to helping people like me and you lose weight. Anyways before I diverge check out http://howtoloseweightprograms.net/, they have reviews of the best programs.

  3. Branko writes:

    Go to http://www.serenityslife.com and click on the Favao tab.
    Favao is a really good weightloss program. It is a life style reset program.

  4. Best writes:

    5 Tips for Fast Weight Loss Programs

    When you plan to lose weight, you find yourself bombarded with lots of weight loss information either from the media or from your peers who have also been fighting obesity. However, losing weight can be easy. Following are five easy and effective tips that can help you lose weight:

    1. Calculate Calories

    Know your own calorie intake. You can do this by reading the labels of each and every product since almost all of them have labels that tell you how many calories you will be consuming from that particular product.

    Once you know about the calories you consume, compare these with the normal calorie intake your body requires per day. Then make sure you do not consume calories more than you are recommended to do so.

    2. Drink Water

    Drink a lot of water though out your day. It will benefit you in terms of losing weight because it does not have any calories or sugar. If you drink ample water, you will feel full for longer. You will not crave food this way. Eventually, you will notice that you are doing well in terms of losing those extra pounds.

    3. Avoid Unhealthy Foods

    Unhealthy foods are those that contain a high quantity of salt, sugar, and fats. If you find it difficult to remove them from your lifestyle, then you can at least lessen the consumption of such unhealthy foods. Similarly, cookies, candy bars, soda drinks, beer, as well as alcoholic drinks should be avoided as much as possible.

    4. Prefer Cooking Rather Than Ordering

    Due to having busy lifestyles, we tend to order food rather than cooking on our own. If you order food, you will definitely end up eating unhealthy food. So it is better that you plan your meals on a weekly basis and try your best to stick to the plan. Make a list of foods you are going to cook this week. Once your routine is set, you will consume healthy and balanced diet that will further ensure fast weight loss.

    5. Give Yourself a Break

    Take out one day from each month and give yourself a treat of junk food and eat whatever you want to eat. This will give you a break and you will feel good. It does not matter if your favorite food is not healthy. What matters the most is that you can satisfy your cravings once a month.

    But do not overdo it. Always remember that you have to eat low-calorie, healthy food again from the next day. If you continue this weight loss routine with determination, losing weight will no more be a burden for you.

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