when people have anorexia, when do they start noticing the side effects?

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Question by 🙂: when people have anorexia, when do they start noticing the side effects?
things like
body hair growth
hair falling out
noticable bones or weight loss
and when do they start not feeling as hungry?
like when does their body start adjusting to their starvation?
thanks for answering
and please dont go assuming that everybody who asks about anorexia is trying to become anorexic or is anorexic!!

Best answer:

Answer by Steph loves Jonny
I know from experience, these can take place anywhere from within the first day to about a week or so. If I go like 3 hours without eating, I’m not hungry anymore, my stomach just hurts… but after about 4 or 5 hours the pain goes away too.

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5 Responses to “when people have anorexia, when do they start noticing the side effects?”

  1. EMY. writes:

    well, i know with me it started pretty fast, about a month into my eating disorder.
    i know you said not everyone who asks wants to be/is anorexic, but if you are at all, please get help, because its a horrible disease, and life is so much better once you beat it ! <3

  2. Swan ❤s Rudolf Nureyev writes:

    Three weeks after I had started dwelling in anorexia, I fainted in my school’s hallway,
    No body hair grew on my arms or anything because I went to laser treatment…
    My hair started thinning a bit, but didn’t fall out… I always took multivitamins because i didn’t want to go bald or anything.
    I noticed bones poking out very quickly actually… My collarbones were visible after the first few days, my hip bones after a few weeks…
    After a few weeks hunger was less noticeable.

    It really depends upon the person and how much he/she already weighs. If say a 150lbs girl goes ana, she’s going to see side effects waayy later than a girl who’s 120lbs and just started being affected by anorexia.

  3. MagDaLeNA writes:

    Your body never really adjusts to starvation, what does happen, after you stop eating, your body will immediately begin to go into “starvation mode”. When your body recognises that your not taking in any nutrition “unnecessary” functions and parts of the body that are not vital to survive begin to shutdown, like hair growth and upkeep of hair follicles, nail growth, working its way to things like, disruptions in the menstrual cycle, which can affect not only fertility but also bone density. Tooth/gum erosion and dehydration.

    Eventually the process moves down the list of “what it can live without (but not recommended)” ie your immune system (the body’s defense system) is weakened severely, significant changes in kidney function, can result in a potassium defiency and potential liver damage.

    Ultimately, the progessive deterioration of starvation begins to target all thats left- your vital organs and system functions ultimately in the end completely shutdown. I only named about 1/4 of the related complications from starvation, not to mention the multiude of diseases directly related to anorexia.

    As for your other question: concerning the timeline for these events,your age, your initial state of health, your amount of muscle and body fat, and your metabolism, just to name a few.

    But, healthy individuals should be able to survive 30-35 days without any food what so ever. People suffering from anorexia can survive without very much food for long, extended periods of time, because they are consuming small portions of food for their metabolism to adapt. However using this method will result in catastrophic consequences.

  4. Rolando writes:

    My sister has been taking Acai Berry for over 6 months now, and she has lost a ton of weight. I know she lost over 40 lbs in the first 3 months alone. Her blog is http://amazingweightloss.notlong.com/.

  5. Astrid writes:

    Fainting– depends on how you’re controlling your electrolytes. !0 years as an anorectic and I never fainted once. If you keep yourself hydrated, there is far less chance of fainting.

    Lanugo–That takes awhile, usually until you drop into the 80s or 90s, depending on height. Can be anywhere from a few months to years. It was a good 3 years before I grew fur.

    hair loss — again depends on weight. Some never do, but hat usually takes about the same amount of time as growing lanugo, maybe less.

    noticeable bones or weight loss– depends on how much you restrict, and what you weight to begin with. Some bones come out as early as a few months, some may take half a year or longer.

    Not feeling as hungry, four weeks or so, for me and the anorectics i know from experience.

    Really never completely, but usually after two years it becomes very hard to adjust, and go back to a normal diet.

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