What’s a quick low cal breakfast that boosts your metabolism and will keep me full until lunch?

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Question by Awesome Seattle Person: What’s a quick low cal breakfast that boosts your metabolism and will keep me full until lunch?
I need something easy to make that won’t have a ton of calories but i also need it to have lots of energy and metabolism boosting stuff. It also needs to be filling so I won’t want to eat again until around 1:00 (it’s 9:00 now) Can you help me??

Best answer:

Answer by Tarra
Low fat Yogurt and an apple.

I would also suggest an protein snack bar in-between if you can. Keeping your calorie intake low, but constant will boost metabolism, and give you energy.

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13 Responses to “What’s a quick low cal breakfast that boosts your metabolism and will keep me full until lunch?”

  1. paperhearts. writes:

    Cereal duh. Bran flakes.

  2. M writes:

    scramble an egg and tomato… very healthy, will fill you up.

  3. ibanezplayer470 writes:

    best thing to keep metabolism up would to not have a long period between eating. some oatmeal and a banana is great, and keep a granola bar or something in your pocket to have at about 11:00

  4. antimacassar writes:

    Well, a banana makes my gut ache and I don’t feel like eating for a long time after so that may be something to consider.

  5. soccer star writes:

    SMOOTHIESSS!!!!!!!100% is fruits with juice. All healthy. I do that every morning. I have a magic bulet so its really easy.

  6. kim writes:

    Honey Bunches of Oats and Honey Nut Cheerie-os

  7. minikarter writes:

    ACTUALLY ( you might be surprised by this ) .. if you eat something that’s high in protein, like eggs for breakfast, you will feel much fuller for longer and won’t feel the need to eat as much at lunchtime.

    I saw a study on tv done, where 3 groups of firemen were given different breakfasts of equal calories. Group one had porridge with fruit, group 2 had another kind of cereal with toast and group 3 had eggs, bacon and toast. They then gave the firemen all a buffet at lunchtime and recorded how much each group took on their plates and ate. The result was that group 3 who’d had the high protein meal said they felt much fuller and really didn’t want to eat that much, and overall throughout the day actually didn’t feel the need to consume as much as the other 2 groups who, felt a bit underwhelmed with their breakfasts.

    BUT it’s not that healthy with the bacon, so my advice is.. go for scrambled eggs on brown toast (brown toast for added fibre), guarantee’d you will feel much more satisfied for much longer!

    In addition it’s great energy, and will fire up your metabolism brilliantly.

  8. mcgillvy writes:

    When I am at class all morning I am really dislike eating in class, I think it’s rude, I eat this for breakfest.

    One small container of fat-free yogurt, with 3 tbsp. of granola, and then 1 cup of frozen-thawed fruit. I eat it in the morning and it keeps me filled up. When that isn’t around, I eat All-Bran Strawberry Bites, one cup with a cut-up banana and skim milk. That last until about 11:00a.m. However, I eat at like 7:00a.m., so it should keep you filled up.

    Just remember though, lots and lots of water. 🙂

    I would like to see what others say though.

    Good luck!!!!


  9. corporatecrow writes:

    The two things that help you stay full are protein and fiber. Try some eggs (or eggbeaters) and some high-fiber toast.

  10. Curious writes:

    This is the best breakfast for keeping you full and boosting your metabolism:

    Big cup of green tea (increases your metabolism by 17% each day when drunk in the morning)
    A bowl of cereal higher in fibre (atleast 2 grams – fibre keeps you full) but low in calories per serving (no more than 140 cal.)
    A grapefruit (helps your metabolism and is one of the top 3 foods to eat when watching your weight and concerned about calories).

  11. T M writes:

    There is no getting around the need for a protein if your goal is to attain fullness and satiety. The best form of protein is either eggs, or a protein whey supplement, in terms of breakfast.

    Hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs can be spread on whole grain toast with little or no butter or spread. In addition to this I recommend a fruit with lots of fiber, such as a sliced tomato (YES it is a fruit!) or some grapes.

    If you are vegetarian, your best bet is yoghurt, but that doesn’t carry nearly the same amount of protein and might be a lot harder to digest.

    Also, I always start my morning with a tall glass of water and wait about 20 minutes before I eat anything to kickstart my digestion.

    If all you eat is grains, you will be hungry within 1-2 hours.

  12. Dakota writes:

    the best things to eat to keep you full are fiber filled foods such as almonds add a handfull to your oatmeal. oatmeal is also good for protien and fiber but only make it with water milk adds to many calories. The best fruit to fill you up is a banana my coach says to eat one every morning its good for your muscles. also high fiber cereals like special k or raisin bran is good. Or if your not feeling those a piece of whole wheat toast and an egg its best to leave out the yoke but the yoke if you want to eat it still has great nutritional value. I have found this website thats free and it has done wonders for me you should try its not a gimmick it helps you track your food excersize and other goals plus if you want it to it can give you meal plans but that is just one option its worth it to check it

  13. Marvel A writes:

    carrots,oranges,cocoa pebbles,appples

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