what weight loss methods have worked for you?

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Question by Leah: what weight loss methods have worked for you?
so i’m like extremely overweight. i already know i’m gonna get a whole bunch of “just watch what you eat” and other stuff like that. and let me tell you, i’ve tried it. i’ve done the healthy foods, i exercise everyday. i just can’t seem to lower my weight. i mean, im a super healthy fat person. i have pretty much perfect health and i kinda don’t even know how i got this fat. i need something drastic to help me lose weight. what would you recommend?
damn i dont mean im a fucking whale.
and for the record i do a shit load of hardcore workouts. im even in training for boxing. i just have a bit of extra baggage that i can’t make go away no matter how hard i try.

Best answer:

Answer by Anthony
you dont have to watch what u eat, just eat alot a day,but only eat small portions of meals and alot of tea and water.trust me this works i lost about 19 pounds from it. and try to have alot of fiber

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4 Responses to “what weight loss methods have worked for you?”

  1. ~Please keep him safe~ writes:

    im still trying 2 lose weight, nothing has really worked for me yet either. ask ur dr about lapband.

  2. Taha Is A Terrorist writes:

    I eat healthy (vegetarian, only drink water, several small meals a day) and exercise daily (cardio in the morning, lifting in the evening). I’m guessing you are like most heavy people and you halfass everything and don’t understand why you are fat.

    Also, no such thing as an extremely overweight healthy person. You’re delusional.

  3. Cheryl writes:

    That really stinks working hard to eat healthy and not seeing results! You might think that you are eating the right amount, but maybe not. Check here to see if you are eating the right amount of calories for your height and weight. http://nutrition.about.com/library/bl_nutrition_guide.htm. Keep track of calories and make sure you are definitely eating the right foods.

  4. Jay Kayle writes:

    When you just can’t lose those extra baggage, it’s usually because of hormones. I recommend strength training and multiplanar workouts. They boost testosterone in your body. You can also try the Truth About Abs or The Diet Solution Program.

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