What things can I start doing to raise my metabolism?

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Question by Chris: What things can I start doing to raise my metabolism?
Ok I already exercise and eat healthy but what things should I eat to raise my metabolism or what things should I do, any certain exercises?

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Answer by Treesah
Drink lots of green tea. Greentea increases your metabolism 17%. I take green tea extract pills instead of drinking it, but you can also just enjpoy a cup of tea every morning. But make sure not to load it with sugar!

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2 Responses to “What things can I start doing to raise my metabolism?”

  1. Tony writes:

    -Heavy weight progression training. More muscle equals increase in resting metabolic rate.

    -Eat every 3 hours.

    -Include fiberous vegetables in all of your 6-7 daily meals.

    -Keep a food diary and eat closely the same amount of calories everyday.

    -Include 1 over eat day every week. Still stay away from empty calories though, this is a day for loading up on good quality protein, fats and carbs. Alternatively you could eat at your maintenance level 2 days a week (if your currently using a deficit approach).

    -Drink green tea (unsweetened).

  2. Highlander writes:

    Boosting Your Metabolism
    Increase your metabolism, burn more fat. Sounds simple but is it? Believe me when I say I do know how complicated it can seem when it’s “your” metabolism in question. Being 40 myself I do understand that firm, trim abs and butt mustn’t be taken for granted. Don’t stress it, even if we can’t stop the years from passing by we can stop, or at least slow, the onslaught of pounds and inches to our waistlines.

    Maximize Your Metabolism

    Eating the right kinds of foods is a great way of maximizing your metabolism and losing those unwanted pounds and inches with minimal work. These are called negative calorie foods. Negative calorie foods contain large amounts of fiber and protein which take more time and energy for your body to digest. So eating them makes you feel fuller and burn more calories.

    Vitamins To Increase Metabolism

    Lets take a look at a couple vitamins that will help in your weight loss diet before we go on to the list of negative calorie foods.

    The B Vitamins:
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B), helps to make your thyroid work more efficiently and it increases metabolism.

    Niacin (Vitamin B3), is a thyroid regulating vitamin that also helps balance blood glucose levels.

    Vitamin B5 is a fat burner. And it can also increase the efficiency of your adrenal gland, and increase your energy.

    Inosital and Choline, found in B6, aid in Thyroid function, and fat metabolism which means they break down fat turning it into energy.

    Vitamin C has a fat burning quality, it reduces the content of fat and can dilute fat. When fat gets diluted it becomes less effective and is easily flushed out of your body.

    Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism

    1) Citrus: Grapefruit is Queen among the citrus fruits when it comes to increasing metabolism. It is rich in fiber so your body burns extra calories breaking it down. It also lowers the insulin levels in your body that trigger your system to store fat. Along with grapefruit other citrus fruits like, lemons, tangerines, and oranges contain a high concentration of Vitamin C which has a fat burning quality.

    2) Eggs: Eggs are rich in high quality protein which requires extra calories to digest. That means your metabolism increases while your eating them and stays increased for a while afterward.

    Eggs are also a good source of several of the B Vitamins including Riboflavin, Niacin, and Inosital and Choline.

    3) Yogurt: Natural yogurt contains several pro-biotic cultures that are essential for a healthy digestive tract. It is also high in proteins that require a lot of energy to process.

    4) Almonds: Almonds are full of good fats, fiber and protein. Almonds have a high content of fatty acids that help raise your body’s metabolism. And along with cashews, pine, and walnuts are a great source of antioxidants.

    5) Apples: Apples contain Pectin a soluble fiber that digests slowly, making you feel full and consume a large amount of energy at the same time. Pectin also limits the amount of fat that the cells absorb.

    6) Spinach: Like other green leafy vegetables Spinach is high in fiber and minerals which make it digest slowly burning calories in the process.

    7) Beans: High in protein and fiber as well as Vitamin B5, beans are an excellent metabolism boosting food.

    8) Jalapenos: The capcaisin found in jalapenos causes your body to burn extra calories for hours after you eat, speeding up both your heart rate and metabolism.

    9) Broccoli: “Eat your Broccoli”, just like Mom always said, “it’s good for you”. Broccoli is high in calcium and Vitamin C. Calcium acts as a metabolic trigger, while Vitamin C helps your body absorb more calcium.

    10) Cinnamon: A little bit of cinnamon can go a long way. Add some zing to your daily cup of tea with this tasty spice to help your body metabolize sugars more effectively and maintain steadier blood sugar levels. Cinnamon can also help lower your cholesterol.

    Always eat breakfast. Your body has been deprived of food throughout the night, so your metabolism has slowed. Eating in the morning will give your cells a jump start and get you burning calories again.

    Eat small meals several times a day. This will keep your metabolism reved up and burning fat.

    Avoid late night snacks. Your metabolism naturally slows down when you are sleeping so don’t eat for a few hours before bedtime.

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