What kind of green tea is the best?

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chinese tea weight loss
by Hoa Trai Viet Nam

Question by JohnD: What kind of green tea is the best?
I want to buy green tea because of its antioxidant effects, to help clear my acne, and weight loss would be a nice plus, but Im looking in Ebay and I find a lot of different types and prices. Which type is the healthiest?

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Answer by smarta$ $
why on ebay? go to the store and check the ingredients. it should be 100% green tea.
another suggestion to help with acne, weightloss and many other things is juicing.
just google the benifits of juicing.
guarenteed you’ll be amazed.

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3 Responses to “What kind of green tea is the best?”

  1. Maddie writes:

    arizona! a releee good way to lose weight and clear acne is, for a month, only drink green tea and water. eat normally (maybe healthier idk) but no milk, soda, shakes, etc. it sooo helped me!

  2. Japan Australia writes:

    Hello JayDee, You are right! Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant with may health benefits. I recommend drinking quality Japanese Green Tea such as Sencha, which has a perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavours, and Gyokuro, which has a naturally sweet aftertaste and soft aroma.

    Read more about the Health Benefits of Green Tea here

  3. cazort writes:

    I would not recommend eBay as a place to buy it. I would recommend buying from an online tea company specializing in loose-leaf tea. My personal favorite company to order from is Upton Tea Imports, but for the best quality Chinese green tea, I’d look at the small company Life in Teacup. The one person gave a suggestion of a bottled tea (Arizona) but I would not recommend this. Bottled tea loses most of its nutritional value and much is loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners and can actually make you gain weight (see http://ratetea.com/topic/bottled-tea/4/ ).

    I would seek out loose-leaf tea, not tea bags. If you don’t have a tea filter or tea infuser or strainer, I’d buy one so you can start brewing loose tea. Upton Tea Imports sells a stainless steel tea basket, from the “Finum” brand. I recommend this one. It’s about $ 6-8 and it lasts a very long time, makes it easy to brew loose tea in a mug or teapot.

    I also recommend learning a little about green tea first. Don’t just buy generic “green tea”. These are often blends of low-quality, broken-leaf tea. They often taste quite bad, and they are not as fresh so likely not as healthy. Many chemicals, like the Vitamin C in green tea, break down faster if the tea is broken, and break down more the longer the tea is stored. Ideally you want whole leaf tea and you want it to be fresh!! Look for tea of a named variety (sencha, kukicha, or dragon well, mao feng, etc.) and make sure it specifies a specific reason, not just China or Japan but the specific location, like Zhejiang, China, or Fujian, China. The best teas usually are single-origin teas, coming only from one region.

    I run a website which does not sell tea, but has a ton of information…there are pages on each of many different varieties of green tea, and any user can write reviews. Here is our master page on green tea:


    My name is Alex Zorach, if you want to look for my reviews on the site.

    Also, a side note, herbal teas are also very rich in antioxidants, and have no caffeine. You may want to look into them too. The ideal is if you can grow them yourself…it depends what climate you’re in but that’s the freshest way you can get them.

    I hope you find thiis helpful!

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