What is the BEST Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

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With so many protein powders out there it’s difficult to choose. In this video I review many protein powders readily available at your local health food stor…
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23 Responses to “What is the BEST Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss?”

  1. jocey o writes:

    hi is jay robb protein good for weight lose ????? i will like to buy that one

  2. healthnutnation writes:

    Both of the brands you mentioned are great. I have a link to where to purchase on my website. Go to healthnutnation (link above in description) and search for smoothie. You’ll find an article attached to this (and many other smoothie videos). I have links to all of the products I recommend.

  3. yancy Jiang writes:

    I want to buy protein powder for meal replacement and weight lost.But I only doing 20 minutes exercise.What do you recommend?
    Where can I buy Whey Factors by Natural Factors or Biochem?
    Thank you.

  4. yancy Jiang writes:

    I want to buy protein powder for meal replacement and weight lost.But I only doing 20 minutes exercise.What do you recommend?
    Where can I buy Whey Factors by Natural Factors or Biochem?
    Thank you.

  5. healthnutnation writes:

    I have a client right now who drinks a protein shake using one of these powders every morning (and sometimes for dinner too), does not exercise, and is concentrating on whole foods, in small, yet filling quantities and is losing an inch per week. Unless you exercise, you won’t gain muscle. If you do exercise and drink protein powder, you’re not likely to gain muscle unless you’re doing a lot of strength training.

  6. cilla pay writes:

    And these products won’t make me gain muscle? I want to lose weight, and not gain any in muscle, i thought a whey protein based would be good if it can be meal replaceable?

  7. healthnutnation writes:

    I generally recommend Whey Factors by Natural Factors or Biochem to my clients- all of whom have had great success in the weight loss department. It tastes great, has a pretty good price point, is easy to find and is sweetened with stevia.

  8. cilla pay writes:

    what type of whey protien shake is best do you think? for meal replacements? + for weight loss? thanks 🙂

  9. shurvone wright writes:

    great video, have you tried slim25 protein powder

  10. Dora boots writes:

    your husband is very lucky god bless you guys!

  11. healthnutnation writes:

    Yes, very happily, thank you!

  12. Lagspike99 writes:

    Are you married? You are beautiful.
    Great video!

  13. 3ptr writes:

    Overall, what would you consider is the best Whey Protein powder in terms of lowest cost?

  14. healthnutnation writes:

    I always read the ingredient list as I don’t trust any “claims” on the front of the label. The brands I mention in the video do not contain any aspartame or acesulfame K. Some list cane sugar which they mix with stevia and sometimes xylitol, to sweeten, but no splenda/sucralose, aspartame, etc.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find any follow up statements put out by the companies mentioned in the Consumer Reports article. There is some argument that ALL protein powders contain some heavy metals…

  15. WhatWhey writes:

    When you say supplement does not contain artificial sweeteners you mean it doesn’t contain acesulfame K or Aspartame or no artificial sweeteners at all. I know some Whey supplements contain some non-caloric artificial sweeteners but still label product as artificial sweeteners free.

    Did the contents of supplements improved after that Consumer Report? I believe I’ve read somewhere that few things has checked in the way supplements are manufactured but I might be wrong.

    Great video, thanks.

  16. PureTrimWeightLoss writes:

    well , I have to say great job on the video editing. See my videos as well..

  17. Michelle M writes:

    Your videos will save me time and stress from having to plan meals. I’m glad you addressed that whey is absorbable because my husband and I didn’t know why we were so dang hungry after having a whey smoothie. Thank you for doing what you do.

  18. healthnutnation writes:

    I do a lot of research, call companies, find independent studies if I possibly can, and learn what each and every ingredient actually is and what it means. It’s a real challenge to figure it all out!

  19. Sameer Jain writes:

    Very helpful, thanks! That Consumer Reports article sketched me out, so glad to hear about some brands you can trust. How do you determine which brands you trust?

  20. healthnutnation writes:

    I don’t generally shop at Whole Foods (b/c of proximity) but I’ll definitely have to check that one out and get back to you (I tried looking up the nutritional facts online and had no luck). Thanks!!

  21. okaro100 writes:

    I will love to find out what you think about the whey protein from 365 brand (from Whole Foods).
    Love this video!!

  22. callmeCAYLOR writes:

    i’m surprised you don’t have more views. great info

  23. Blaque Rose writes:


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