What is a good metabolism booster pill that i can combine with exercise and dieting?

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Question by ash: What is a good metabolism booster pill that i can combine with exercise and dieting?
I have a slow metabolism, always have, and can’t seem to get it to increase, What is a good pill to combine with exercise and dieting, either over the counter, prescription, or natural.

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Answer by Aquarius
Try Vitamin B6.

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4 Responses to “What is a good metabolism booster pill that i can combine with exercise and dieting?”

  1. Varbal Crayon writes:

    Don’t take a pill or supplement for boosting your metabolism. Those things are mainly just caffeine pills and are horrible for you.
    Instead, eat foods that are proven to boost your metabolism, such as grapefruit, honey, most vegetables, and various other healthy foods you can look up on Google.
    If you insist on trashing your mental abilities and putting your heart into overdrive by taking a supplement for boosting metabolisms, take Lipo6x. It’s no worse for you than the others and the side effects are minimal. However, I do not recommend taking any of that garbage. You can accomplish more with just a good diet and exercise routine.

  2. ? writes:

    Finally a question not about “can i lose xx lb in x time”

    you my friend are in the same position as i am

    although im not sure it “actually” increased my metabolism

    i use

    Centrum multivitamin/mineral
    Green tea / egcg / caffeine pill

    careful with caffeine products as most if not all the diet pills will have it

    overdose can leave you with:
    nasty headache
    stomach problems

    Do not take more than recommended as it may lead to more serious problems


    there is no miracle answer, work hard and keep a steady diet of healthy foods and you will lose weight

    (290LB to 180+LB) in 8-9 months

    Good luck

  3. Toning Girl writes:

    To my knowledge, there’s no pill out there that can help boost your metabolism…..certain food, yes, but not a pill….

    If you eat natural nutrient-rich food like fruits & vegetables, food high in fiber; lean cuts of meats, lean protein and low in fat, they could act as metabolism boosters…….especially if you eat “negative calorie” foods such as fruits & veggies….meaning they actually take more calories to digest than they actually contain.

    I’ve got a guide on what foods can help boost your metabolism: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/foods-that-increase-metabolism.html

    But don’t put too high a hope on the foods to boost your metabolism. Exercise is the most powerful and the most direct way to increase your metabolism.

  4. Sherrie C writes:

    Thermo Phen Phen gave me energy while also killing my appetite. Worked great when I took several just before working out.

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