What foods are good for boosting the metabolism?

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Question by disabledgrl: What foods are good for boosting the metabolism?
I was wondering what foods are good for metabolism boosting and gives you energy.

Best answer:

Answer by rishathra7
spicy foods give your metabolism a little kick.

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11 Responses to “What foods are good for boosting the metabolism?”

  1. tracdaddy5 writes:

    i heard yogart and dairy product do the trick(in moderation of course)

  2. jollyred_18 writes:

    Caffeine also boosts your metabolism. The key is not eating foods that boost your metabolism though. It is eating foods that make you feel full longer, and make you feel like not eating. Protein and fiber are great for this.

  3. tazzz6413 writes:

    limu moui will work its a seaweed rich in fucoidan. http://www.thefirst.originallimu.com/

  4. jlcaooscl writes:

    try several small meals throughout the day, instead of a few big ones. that helps too

  5. tireswing19 writes:

    yogurts and dairy foods definitely do not. They are healthy foods in moderation, but they actually make people gain more weight. They are good sources of calcium however.

    Foods with antioxidants are great, though, as well as certain citrus fruits.

    Pommegranites, cranberries, and blueberries are the best. These foods are also great for giving energy, loosing weight, and they help with slowing down the aging process.

  6. mary k writes:

    anything with tobasco, or cayenne pepper.. i put tobasco even on pizza. it speeds up the metabolism. Or you can take Cayenne in a pill form, after you eat. For the energy part- any kind of cheese, or meat will give you a boost- with alot of protein. try the extra protein slim fast shake, it works for me-

  7. brunettefriend writes:

    Foods that take more energy than they give, such as celery and carrots (both raw). Supposedly they get your body into burning mode, and the energy they require to digest takes more calories than the food contains, so they burn calories and do not store them. Be sure to eat healthy proteins in conjunction with it.

    Healthy proteins come from flesh foods and from legumes.

    Good luck!

  8. crmflava writes:

    Apple cider vinegar, too.

  9. Springer writes:


    Also, cabbage (more raw than cooked). Your body burns more energy trying to digest it than the calories that it gives.

  10. MM writes:

    Eat more protein than carbs, this will tend to boost your metabolism. You can try milk, protein shakes, chicken, fish, turkey, beef, or cottage cheese.

  11. ultrailum writes:

    Grapefruit, bing cheeries, apples, raw spinich potato, fish,celery, grapes, walnuts, chicken, tomatoes, Vitam C,E,and B6 everyday. Plenty of water, cut out oils except for olive oil with a bit of garlic, but wipe skillet of excess amount of oil so thin film only if frying foods.
    Eat large breakfast’s as large as you can get down, stay on your feet at least 6-7 hrs a day, never eat past 7:30 eve. A couple beers a week, but at least 3 hrs before bedtime. Most of us dont have time to eat as health as we would wish, but reading the nutrition facts on the foods we buy can be very surprising and buying foods below 11% cholesteral can also make a long term health improvemnt.
    If over 40 a baby aspiren a day is a good caution for blood pressure related problems. A little exercise a day can also make dramatic improvements in energy and overall metabalism health. One of the best breakfast foods in the world is Total. A bowl every morning has a surprising effect on you daily energy level. Also cut down on foods made of white flower, IE breads.

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