What diet or lifestyle change have you tried that gave you fast weight loss results?

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Question by ❤ ♫ & ☮ ツ: What diet or lifestyle change have you tried that gave you fast weight loss results?
Please share your tips & techniques on foods, exercise, lifestyle changes that gave you fast results in losing weight!


I agree Mickey! Determination/ will power is what makes a diet a success or an epic fail lol. We can have great diet plans & guidelines that will work if we do them right & to the T!
@Perfectangelana: How much weight did you lose in a week of eating just string cheese & drinking smoothies?

Best answer:

Answer by Mikey
You definitely need to change your attitude on all the things you mentioned: food, exercise, and just your lifestyle in general. What it comes down to is the willpower you put behind it. Everyone’s tried it at some point and most people just give up. I can sit here and list all the things you need to do, but I’ll probably just be repeating things you’ve heard. Just remember. Only eating healthy or only exercising won’t do the trick. You need to integrate! Good luck!

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6 Responses to “What diet or lifestyle change have you tried that gave you fast weight loss results?”

  1. Alison Buck writes:

    Eat healthy all day, but only your carbs during breakfast and lunch. You’ll see weight leave fast while not giving up carbs because your body needs good carbs.

    One lady told me she has tuna and green beans for a week most of everyday and her weight comes off.

    I just think it is about being healthy and making good habits. If you can’t do it forever, you won’t. So, change your lifestyle and mind instead till you can.


    Eat only ice. Drink only water.

    I guess you can eat vegetables, fruits and other organic things but no meat.

  3. perfectangelana writes:

    well the way I did it probably wasn’t healthy, well I know it wasn’t. For days in a row I just lived off chewing gum. I also have gone days where I just have string cheese and a homeade smoothie. I put one cup of yogurt, 1 fruit cup, and ice and blend it to make a really good smoothie. A good exercise is just going up and down the stairs over and over. I know it definately gave me very fast weight loss but it might not be the way you want to go.
    good luck

  4. Jack H writes:

    I am 14 and i play basketball for like 2 hours aday just shooting, i run 3 miles a day except during track and cross country i run 5-15 miles a day, and i eat salad every day. Dont eat any junk food or chips or pop because then all of your working out has been erased and you’ll b reminded in a bad way. just stay active for atleast 1 hour a day and eat lots of vegies and meat and water. then you should be good

  5. Drew G writes:

    Fast walking and herbal teas that are specifically for weight loss like these http://www.natural-home-spa.com/weight-loss-herbal-tea.html

  6. Charles writes:

    Drink plenty of mineral water as your main daily intake of liquid. I like Volvic, if you haven’t taken the challenge you should try, it really is full of volcanicity! A cheaper option would be to buy a Brita water filter.

    Give up sugar loaded carbonated soft drinks. No more Dr Pepper, no more Pepsi. Just one can of Coke contains 31% of your recommended daily amount of sugar! If this is not possible, limit yourself to one can a day.

    Walk when you can. Walk to the shops, walk to your weekly appointment, walk to the school, even walk to work if you want. If it’s within reasonable walking distance walk. You’ll save money on petrol too.

    Eat sandwiches without margarine or butter whichever you use. I don’t find either of these improve the taste of the sandwich if you can taste it at all. In fact, you’ll hardly notice it’s not there.

    Cut down on fast foods. I’m not telling you to give up, but to cut back on takeaway grub, maybe limit it to once a week or fortnight, and when you do buy in smaller quantities. Order a cheeseburger instead of quarter pounder, buy a small doner kebab, order a small pizza. And of course wash it down with a bottle of Buxton spring water!

    If you usually eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s in one, eat only half. If you usually eat six packets of crisps a day, eat just two. If you usually order 2 big macs, large fries, chicken nuggets and large cola, order just 1 quarter pounder, medium fries and a bottle of water.


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