What are the best foods that boost metabolism?

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Question by Misplaced: What are the best foods that boost metabolism?
What is metabolism?
What are the best foods that improve and boost metabolism?
What are the factors that influence metabolism?

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Best answer:

Answer by Harold Schindel,Brother of Yakov
The undisputed champion of food that clears out your metabolism is a prune. That’s right, prunes will empty you right out. This one time, Harold was sitting on his comfy sofa at home when he heard a rumbling in his tummy.


It sounded like a ravenous ravenous rhinoceros. Something had to be done immediately before the new episode of Glee came one. So Harold went poking through his neighbor’s cabinet (Harold has key for emergencies like these) and found some nice wrinkled purple fruit. Harold stuffed it in his mouth and let the sweet juices drip down his chin. Delicious!
Suddenly, Harold felt the effects of this forbidden fruit. He dashed to his neighbor’s master bathroom and set up camp there for the night. That issue of Reader’s Digest was all that kept Harold company in those long hours of spicy diarrhea. Then Harold had to sacrifice it as toilet paper because his inadequate neighbor wasn’t well stocked. It was painful. But afterward Harold felt sooooo relieved. Then he remembered that he missed Glee. Harold cried all night.

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2 Responses to “What are the best foods that boost metabolism?”

  1. Leslie W writes:

    One EASY answer is one I personally have witnessed and can attest to …….. So, it is not something I am guessing at, but it is also based on lots of reading I have done on the subject.

    The Carbohydrates ( spaghetti, potatoes, chips, sugar, fructose, lactose in milk and dairy, corn syrup)here are all forms of them. These things make your blood have extra sugar in them. They are responsible for making fat on our bodies.
    As we have all read recently, the ” Mediterranean” diet is best because Carbohydrates are only a small part of their diet. The less sugar in the blood stream , the less fat storage the body has to do.
    The MORE sugar you have, well………. hate to be honest here…….. it actually has been shown to SLOW down the body, it gums it up! Yes, it is like adding molasses to our bodies.
    Before,…… I was eating lots of Carbohydrates, I had not noticed my eye sight deteriorate. After I eliminated most Carbohydrates from my diet, and it took over a year, I did it a small bit at a time….I noticed my eyesight became so good the next time, my Doctor gave me an eye exam, she actually lessened the strength of my lenses. I also noticed I had BOUNDLESS energy…. I could hardly sit still, I wasn’t tired, and I still craved Carbs a bit, but I fought it tooth and nail because the effects of NOT eating them were so spectacular. Now……….. it’s just a part of my decision not to consume them, I no longer feel the craving. Stress……. releases Cortisol , the stress hormone, which in turn makes our bodies crave Carbohydrates, it’s the ” fight or flight” syndrome !

    Man is made to be equipped to run or fight. So, I also meditate about 3 times a day, and center myself, I quiet my mind and remember God has everything under control……….. he really does. Let him do our battles for us….. “be still and know that I am God.”
    My blood sugar went way down, and I also noticed my skin got pretty soft, my circulation got better, and I never got red, or dry eyes anymore!!
    America’s diet consists mainly of sugars, either in some forms of “sugar” or ” carbohydrates” , complex or not !!
    Don’t fool yourself, if Americans are told “some” carbohydrates are good to eat, …..well, it’s in fact impossible to go one day for me and not eat any, so we are always getting some. Doctors, …..and I love them when you need one, but………. they don’t want you to get TOO well……… they won’t make as much money on you. (there are some who do , though) Sorry to be honest, folks, just don’t shoot the sender.
    How many Doctors this year have informed you about low / no Carbohydrate eating????
    It’s not a diet, it’s this way I eat that has tripled my energy level, made me active all day, and have a hard time going to sleep at night !
    So, don’t believe me, just read ALL LABELS , and don’t eat processed food, like even brown rice has lots of carbohydrates in it, but the outside shell is light brown because that is where all the B vitamins are located. Eat brown rice if you have to, but eat no chemicals if you possibly can help it.

    Fat cells surround every molecule in our bodies that is not a natural chemical, so we eat chemicals in food and wonder why we are so fat !! The nutritionist told me , it’s our bodies way of protecting ourselves from harm, it surrounds the “unreal” chemical…….. it’s a foreigner to our body.
    Haven’t you always heard to drink lots of water, especially when losing weight? That is why, ….because now the fat has been dislodged, and we want to flush the chemicals out of our bodies!

    We remove the most valuable part of foods, and wonder why we are sick and fat???? Well, folks that is just the way we eat, no other reason!
    I also eat one spoonful of “PLAIN YOUGURT” about 3 times per day, just one spoonful in the digestive tract keeps your body making it’s very own antibiotics !!! It is not the quantity, it is the frequency with which you ingest it that makes you healthy, and yes, if you read the label, even plain yogurt has a small amount of carbohydrate in it………. it is called lactose, a form of sugar !!

    Another factoid – – – – – Did you know that Sugar in any form……. kills off your own antibiotics you make in your body? No matter how much yogurt you try to consume to make up for it, it kills the antibiotics off. This reduces your ability to fight infection off on it’s own !! Think three times before you consume bread, whole or not, cupcakes, anything breaded, you are destroying your body’s ability to take care of your metabolism and also to fight infections.

    Read , read, read and obey ! (smiling)

  2. Sweatpants John writes:

    Anything with a large amount of fat and/or sugar.

    If you keep eating your body will have no choice but to burn it all.

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