What are some natural ways to raise your metabolism?

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9 Responses to “What are some natural ways to raise your metabolism?”

  1. xoxosweetestsin89xoxo writes:

    um. i think if you eat and excercise within a hour of when you wake up that that helps…try it out. =]

  2. loveanonymoty writes:


    If you are active your body will use the store fat to burn, but if you remain immobile your body will just store the fat.

    Do not underestimate the power of working out,it is extremely beneficial. Simply walking will get your metabolism working.

  3. bandgeek<3 writes:

    eat fiber

  4. cal_silver writes:

    have spicy food! it’s so hot it speeds up your metabolism for a moment! gisele bundchen swears by it!

  5. tony m writes:

    What I do is eat six small meals a day. It keeps your metabolism running all day long…you’re taking in little calories. About a thousand calories a day. Here’s how I do it

    a bowl of cereal for breakfast
    a snack of two carrots
    a sandwich
    a snack of fruit or veggies
    a salad

    you can do it how you like…but you got the idea. It keeps your metabolism running and I’ve lost 10 pounds in a week doing this. Of course, I weigh a lot more, so I lose more weight. Also, lifting weights will keep your metabolism because the more muscle you have, the more you burn.

  6. Hey writes:

    Do some fun exercise, like swimming, biking and running and eat healthy, instead of a bag of chips maybe like an apple or oatmeal and not too many fruits they have lots of sugar.

  7. Remember Back writes:

    1st be clear, that one piece of chocolate cannot add any more body weight than the piece of chocolate weighs less the energy it takes to chew it. And that would not even be factual since an ounce of chocolate doesn’t = an ounce of body weight. This principle is pure physics; aside from the nutrition, diet and exercise. Don’t lie to yourself about that fact.
    2nd any exercise (whether shortly before or after eating) raises your metabolism. In fact eating raises it for a while.
    3rd remember calories are still calories. If you take in more than you burn you will gain weight.

    So I would recommend that you exercise first thing in the morning to get your metabolism up. Then you might even think about doing a walk after your lunch and dinner. Not a burn run, just a walk that keeps the metabolism up for a longer period than the meal would naturally keep it up.

    As to your friend, be glad you have to learn to deal with this while you are young (and do learn to do that), because when your friend turns 40 to 45, she will have to learn a whole new set of rules for her life. Her metabolism will slow down and then she will say “What happened?” That happened to my wife and she has really had to change her life style. For me, it has had to be a habit for life – it is easier on me, I guarantee you. — You know old dogs new tricks and all that.

  8. SubJ writes:

    Eat only when hungry and that too not more than three times a day. Eat heathy and not junk food. Chew each morsel at least 32 times so that ur brain starts processing the data received from the stomach that u r full. Take no liquid/solid food in between meals apart from water.

    Take light exercises and brisk walks preferably twice a day.

    This regime will make u achieve healthy weight in a reasonable time.

    Activity level will increase ur metabolic rate.

  9. Buzz s writes:

    Talk to the people at the county health office about raising your basal metabolic rate. Exercise is a key component of it. They can offer you better advice in person than I can over the internet.

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