What are some easy ways to boost your metabolism?

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Question by Penny: What are some easy ways to boost your metabolism?
My bestie and i r on a tirade to find some easy ways to boost our metabolism. We rnt overweight but it would b great to hav the few extra drinks of a weekend or a normal dinner out with friends without having to think about it every second of every day… So we kno that boosting your metabolism helps u lose or sustain ur weight… Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Im Rick James
Drink cold water and drink it frequently. Research shows that the body expends more calories warming up cold water over room temperature and the better hydrated you are the better your metabolism works

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8 Responses to “What are some easy ways to boost your metabolism?”

  1. Dreana Brime writes:

    these foods can help boost your metabolism
    -green tea and water
    -soup (not creamy)
    -low fat yogurt
    -lean turkey
    -hot peppers

  2. Scott Hirsch writes:

    well one thing you can do is drink/eat a teaspoon of honey before you go to bed so your pancreas burns all night and makes your body still burn carbs off instead of it not doing anything like making your food digest

  3. Failed Human writes:

    have a lot of anal sex

  4. Jenelle writes:

    about 2 yrs ago, I was 250 lbs! But I started briskly walking everyday for about 20 minutes to an hour! Not only did it speed up my metabolism, but it also gave me superb amounts of energy. I went from 250 to 170 in 8 months. But I had to diet too. I’m back up to 195 now, but I’m also 9 & 1/2 months pregnant now! 🙂 But since ur not overweight, a brisk walk everyday will keep u in check!

  5. tennislover writes:

    the best way is to build more muscle.. more muscle equals faster metabolism
    other things u can do

    1. drink lots of green tea
    2.black tea
    3.eat more proteins

  6. John writes:

    Lots of masturbating! It gets your blood flowing and reduces stress. Plus it’s a lot of fun. lol

  7. Tanner writes:

    Simple – exercise! Regular exercise increases your metabolism quite quickly. Weight training is a longer term solution because muscle fiber burns more calories than an equivalent weight of fat.

  8. Nedhurshika Vithiyatharan writes:

    drink ice cold water
    eat spicy food with chilly in them
    eat frequently
    green tea

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