What are easy cheap ways of boosting my Metabolism?

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Question by Lac3y: What are easy cheap ways of boosting my Metabolism?
any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Kevin Davis
Exercise as soon as you wake up. This let’s your body burn calories and increases your metabolism all day long.

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8 Responses to “What are easy cheap ways of boosting my Metabolism?”

  1. j writes:

    eat fast burning carbs , also you need to increase you activity level the only real way to boost you metabolism is by making it work harder through regular exercise.

  2. NoraCuteGirl writes:

    Eat 5-6 tiny meals a day. Exercise early in the morning. And you HAVE to eat breakfast. Also, drinking water as soon as you wake up helps.

  3. Zeee writes:

    I started doing this everyday for a month now. I lost 2 pant sizes. It works slow but effective.
    Eat right. No more fast food and junk food. Only drink water from now on. Maybe one glass of milk like once a week. So everyday you need to do little non stop movements to increase heart rate. Just run in place, crouch then jump, but dont jump so hard it hurts you to jump. Then just do this in place for like 15 minutes. Do it gradually. 5 minutes to like 30 minutes. increase i like every week by five minutes. Then when ur able to do more add push ups to it. When ur tired do sit ups. then do that running in place thing again. Then again do sit ups and push ups. You need to keep moving. I’m up to an hour now. later i walk around the block for like an hour. throughout the day i eat small pieces of fruit. Just anything healthy in little pieces and drink lots of water. It will keep your stomach burning. At first your head might hurt, but u get use to it and it wont hurt no more. Just dont starve ur self.

  4. Bobblychondre writes:

    Increase your calorie intake and force your body to burn off those extra calories…just make sure those extra calories are good healthy calories with low levels of fat and sugar…then just up your exercise and your metabolism will be sky high

  5. Kuntal Das writes:

    You walking every morning 5am to 6am before sunrise, eating light food, no eating fat foods.

  6. Anonymous writes:

    Do deep knee bends and push ups throughout the day, every hour for 5 minutes is ideal.
    You will lose fat like crazy!

  7. TexHabs writes:

    Exercise more, Eat healthier and in more balanced portions.

  8. lil' G writes:

    muscles help burn fat. and eating celery and drinking cold cold water while working out helps too. always drink cold water. your body must heat itself which is burning fat and the more fat you burn the better. (not saying you fat). anyways do push ups and sit ups. crunches are easy.

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