What am I doing wrong? Why cant I lose this weight? Please help.?

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Question by : What am I doing wrong? Why cant I lose this weight? Please help.?
Hey thanks for reading. I was wondering what advice is out there to assist in weight loss/muscle growth. I am not biggest loser fat, but I am most definitly over weight/fat. Im 23, 5’10 240. Granted noone believe it because they think I have more muscle than fat. Either way, I really want to get rid of my man boobs and gut. Any help?

This is what my typical diet consists of…

8am: 2 eggs, cheese, 3-4 strips of bacon on a platter (from deli)
10:30am: zone bar
1pm: 1/2 tuna (no bread)
3:30pm: zone bar
4:30 – 5:30 gym
5:45: protiein shake
7: some type of chicken (usually grilled). some times salad with light caesar dressing
– i have about 4-6 waters a day (.5l each) and while it may not be the best i have about 2 32oz diet snapples

weekend: i wouldnt say i eat like shit on the weekend, but i dont think i eat enough. i eat mb just the three meals a day

at the gym this is my new workout:

monday: 3repsx5sets incline bench(increading weight each set until i cant do any more) 5repsx3 sets incline (about 20-40lbs less then my last set of 3×5)
same 3×5 5×3 seated rows ( i think, its more of a leaning forward motion)
4 sets of each circuit (1 min to do each set, rest with whatever time i have left in that min)
-10 reps of reverse lunge (35lb in each hand)
-10 reps of (i dont know what its called. i take a 40lb dumbell, squat and throw it out, and let it come back in (my old trainer taught it to me)
-40 seconds of planking

3×5 5×3 dead lift
10 reps of dumbell press (over head, 35lb each hand)
10 reps of squats (take a 50lbs dumbell and sit down on a bench and get back up again, keeping my feet level
10 reps of row machine

3×5 5×3 military press
3×5 5×3 squats
12 min elipical circuits (30 sec hard, 60 easier)

Friday off:
Typically SAT would start the excerise over again (ex mon is sat tues is sun etc) but im not always around on the weekend. i would say i am away 3 out of the 4 weekends.

About a year ago I lost almost 30lbs, but after hurting my foot I gave up the gym and now have gained it all back. I need to get in shape. I lost about 2-4lbs a week, and now i have actually put 2lbs on (could it be muscle?)

Anyways, any help would be a great. I feel stronger, I mean i can feel def change in my arms and legs (my gf notices that and an increased sex drive haha)

thanks for the help

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Answer by Viviana
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4 Responses to “What am I doing wrong? Why cant I lose this weight? Please help.?”

  1. Paige writes:

    You sound like your doing a good job eating right and exercising but sometimes your body may need a boost to help your body get over the hole you are in right now. This happens a lot to people who do a good job loosing a lot of weight then eventually the body stops and doesnt want to budge. You are doing a good job getting your metabolism going but you definetely need something to jump start your body basicly. Try this and see if it works… http://www.myacaisecrets.com
    good luck!

  2. snowsoul writes:

    I’m not a guy, but some things I noticed when I read your plan were:
    –Drink more water!!
    –Try more cardio?
    –Add more fruits and veggies, your diet looks appears to have a lot of protein/dairy/fats. I know it’s low-carb, and I don’t agree with that. I kind of think it’s bad for people, but veggies and fruits can fill you up and have necessary vitamins that aren’t in bacon, cheese or tuna.
    –What about decreasing the size of your snacks? I don’t know if that’s possible because it depends on your appetite. But, an idea.

  3. Lauren Culver writes:

    I think you should do much more cardio than weight lighting.
    For salads dressing isnt good, even if its light.
    I think your breakfast could be healthier too (e.g oatmeal)

  4. BlackWolf writes:

    Ok……the more you eat the FATTER YOU GET!!! so eat less and start excerising everyday at a time you feel comfortable with and that will get your lungs to grow bigger and you can breath less and longer underwater and you can run farther start with 1 mile and once you can run that with ease do 2 miles and than 3 miles, ect…. and try eating less go to the gym and use the treadmill (better yet run or walk to the gym) than excercise there as well than run or walk home and eat lunch or dinner than go back (or pack a lunch) than go home eat dinner watch some tv and go to sleep and start it all over again DONT USE THE CAR UNLESS ITS 10 MILES OR MORE OUT OF YOUR DAY!! and you should be good by than

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