Weight Loss Vlog: HCG lunch down 5 lbs

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down 5 pounds from yesterday. this is my lunch it was so good. http://www.vanessahcg.com follow Vanessas_world on twitter and instagram and hcg_world on inst…

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25 Responses to “Weight Loss Vlog: HCG lunch down 5 lbs”

  1. Lorraine Fairless writes:

    You are not on the hcg diet. No turkey would be allowed and absolutely no
    mixing veggies. You are on a good diet but this is not the hcg diet. Maybe
    you should stick to the beauty tips, which you do very well but please do
    not mislead others saying this is the hcg diet.

  2. Rahul Khan writes:

    Hey, have you considered “BellyFatTack”? Simply do a search on Google and
    you will find bellyfattack.com On there you can get a useful free video by
    a well accredited medical doctor teaching on the best way to get rid of
    weight. It made it possible for Jane to eliminate her stomach fat. Why not
    give it a shot. I hope it helps you too.

  3. Krishna Sharma writes:

    Have you ever heard of someone ordinary losing weight–and enjoying three
    full delicious meals at the same time? Go Google Fat Blast Blueprint to
    discover more.

  4. Vanessa Watson writes:

    i would have fish or chicken instead with some other green vegetables 🙂

  5. zymmomo writes:

    I need to know if HCG injection could mess up hormone imbanlance? BTW, i
    think your diet even without HCG can still lose weight.

  6. Amber Giavonne writes:

    Hi! I’m sorry did you say 6.8 oz of protein?.. I’ve always ate 3.5 oz and
    thought that was the correct amount?

  7. MyDrugisyoucx writes:

    Where did u get ur hgc

  8. Razzle Dazzle Pictures writes:

    Maybe the diet dnt work cause ur still struggle to lose and KEEP tbe weight
    off or ur just not staying healthy after rapid weight losd

  9. cpcpatches writes:

    Hey lady, in the past 3 days I went from 197 to 188 lbs without even trying
    to lose weight. It doesn’t mean anything. Short term changes can be water,
    sodium, or taking a massive dump. You have no reason to even bother
    measuring your total bodyweight. You stated that your reason for weight
    loss is your appearance and fitting into clothing. You should measure
    progress by trying on clothing and visually inspecting your appearance.

  10. TheSexxiemamii writes:

    If you have this for lunch what would you have for dinner that day? I’m so
    scared of over eating that I always have trouble when it comes to dinner

  11. rajdwip kabiraj writes:

    Hello, have you heard of BellyFATtack yet? Just search on Google. On there
    you can find a good free video presentation by an experienced medical
    professional revealing the right way to get rid of weight. This made it
    easier for Brenda to get rid of her abdominal fat. It may work for you as

  12. Vanessa Watson writes:

    the link in the description bar 😉

  13. Vanessa Watson writes:

    see hcg q&a videos 1 and 2

  14. mermaidfarts writes:

    what exactly IS the hcg? isnt it giving yourself shots?……..

  15. Vanessa Watson writes:

    it was from the stove lol 🙂

  16. Vanessa Watson writes:

    uploading 12 most important steps to beginning this diet and it explains
    that this is a revised protocol hcg body for life is based on the original
    protocol but the flaws that were found in it have been changed. so on hcg
    body for life yes you can mix vegetables still limited on what types but
    you can mix them 😉 ill talk about that in another vid

  17. Suman Patra writes:

    They laughed when I told them I would melt fat with Skinnimaker Diet, but
    then I showed them the results. Google Skinnimaker Diet to see their
    reaction. (It was epic!)

  18. nellegr writes:

    Yes, and its like where you show and talk about your tattoos and when you
    got them and why you got them and if they hurt you know stuff like that.
    Also your videos are great I watched one and I got hooked! <3

  19. Tracy Poisson writes:

    How on earth do u lose 5 pounds in one day? That has never happened to me!

  20. Vanessa Watson writes:

    birth control has more severe side effects than this. its a hormone we
    already produce 🙂

  21. zandar123 writes:

    If it smokey when u use ur oven you need to clean it really good!

  22. Vanessa Watson writes:

    try reading dr. simeons original protocol if you haven’t already to find
    out why this diet works for so many people and how their physical illnesses
    and ailments have been minimized or diminish. 🙂 its pretty interesting.
    yes everything has a consequence but no blood clots, high blood pressure or
    stroke risk are increased with this diet like with birth control. it is
    everyone choice though. but understanding why it works is really cool. 🙂

  23. matildecv writes:

    how do you lose 5 pounds in a day??? thats what I’ve been trying to lose
    for 2 months….

  24. cpcpatches writes:

    Hey genius. Your argument could be used to justify eating small amounts of
    your own shit. Bon appetit, genius !

  25. Vanessa Watson writes:

    actually, I’ve explained in my last few videos the reason for the weight
    gain. I’d start the diet and then my birthday would come, and then I was
    traveling for a long distance relationship a lot and didn’t have the time
    to finish phase 3. phase 3 is the most important because it resets the
    hypothalimas gland (sorry for spelling) its not the diet, it was me. and I
    Can’t yoyo anymore. so I quit my job and got one a a gym so I can complete
    this without the stress of being up at 2am, ect

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