Weight Loss Vlog Day 2 of the Fruit Diet

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day 2 of focusing heavily on fruit to flush out my system and feel a bit better. I lost 10 pounds in the first 36 hours, though assuredly it was entirely water weight

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25 Responses to “Weight Loss Vlog Day 2 of the Fruit Diet”

  1. Huygens123 writes:

    small advice: dont eat too much fruit, cuz fruits contain a ‘natural’ type of suger (fructose). if you eat too much fruit, you will still gain weight.
    best of lucks

  2. mentalshade writes:

    eat a ton of LEAN PROTEIN/meat and lift weight.

  3. brainjokes writes:

    Hello, have you considered this thing called the Fat Blast Blueprint? (google it). My mother in law says it helps people lose weight faster.

  4. slowmojump writes:

    salmon or fish for sure keep it up you look brighter and better already

  5. GrimJackalGrin writes:

    Dude, Pick up cooking.
    just basic self sufficiency
    eggs and beans
    cheap as well, like 5 $ well feed you two days
    great for your mind

  6. liljoshie100 writes:

    Good job, keep doing this and inspiring people.

  7. MrBabylouise2 writes:

    kfc chicken. in small portions. !!!!!!!!

  8. MungoTolkien writes:

    turkey breast

  9. Thrilliane9 writes:

    Chickpeas and quinoa for proteins!

  10. magicalwalrus69 writes:

    protein shakes!!!

  11. mentalshade writes:

    you need to eat alot of lean meat.

  12. danielpm1989 writes:

    what i do is eat 2 meals a day. breakfast is big, up to 600 calories. then fast for lunch. then dinner is small, no more than 400 calories. go on a walk 3 times a day. once after breakfast. once during mid day, then once after dinner. Preoccupy your mind so you.dont think about food. think your future, your life, any kids on the way?

  13. mentalshade writes:

    fruit diet is terrible all sugar, do low carb

  14. Blonthar writes:

    Fruits are great n’all, but when we are watching weight we steer away from sugary foods. Like tensacjrzangestsu, we use chicken, salmon, occasional tuna. Bread and pastas are cut waaay back. Also enjoy ‘fast walks’ get the heart pumping without destroying the knees. (Or whatever your level currently allows) keep at it! (No, I am no nutritionist, this is just what my family does)

  15. Irish Daywalker writes:

    water weight or not you are loosing it! keep doing this man! stay happy <3

  16. rkcpimp writes:

    You stopped doing this when you lost 10 pounds in like 2 days? :s

  17. EwwwClubForChrist writes:

    My favorite quick protein fix are hard boiled eggs. Only 75 calories, 6g of protein, 1g of carbs and 5g of fat. Even less if you throw out the yolk. Sometimes I make a quick omelet with 3 egg whites, 1 yolk, onions, peppers, lean ham & low fat cheese.

  18. thrallchief writes:

    keep on fighting, man !

  19. maduwantha kulathunga writes:

    Hey, have you thought about this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (check google). My uncle says it helps people lose weight faster.

  20. MsToxiShock writes:


    So yeah. Protein.

    Tuna is amazinggggggg
    Also try pinto beans! It’s like only 100 cals for half a cup and it fills you up really fast!

    Good luck and good job!
    A pound is a pound the way I see it!!

  21. GuitarAddison writes:

    those are made from cow tears

  22. GuitarAddison writes:

    carbs create fat not fatty foods or protien. eat fish and chicken and pork. make sure you get slow digesting non-processed carbs so that you stay full longer with less calories

  23. TheOfficialSethos writes:

    Want a great diet? Low carb diet, roof of 100g of carbs a day and once you go into ketosis you will drop weight like a mad man.

  24. jtcool9 writes:

    I used to be vegetation and I used Whey Protein and protein bars for protein in my diet. You can find them at Wal-Mart near the Pharmacy.

  25. switchm3 writes:

    Although I like the idea as well, wouldn’t it be better to ask if he wants to do that? How do you know how that will make him feel? I’m sure it’s all in good faith, but that could be something that he doesn’t want to do. There is a chance that he might love the idea, but at the same time, some could see it as all of us pointing to him saying, “He’s fat, help him lose weight.” I would like to ask him in a video response, but I’m scared. 🙁

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