weight loss update two weeks on oxy elite pro

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goal pants ….still trying to get in them and new diet attempt.
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weight loss before and after women

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25 Responses to “weight loss update two weeks on oxy elite pro”

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  2. Conrad Raymond writes:

    Smooth / the weight will melt off / If you eXercise / have a nice day / ccr

  3. Shiloh Law writes:

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  4. moni Islam writes:

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  5. Eli Verduzco writes:

    you are beautiful just the way you are.

  6. vflow99 writes:

    @TheWezid thanks i did

  7. Melissa Cast writes:


  8. vflow99 writes:

    @CHOCOLETDROP greatly appreciated

  9. Mike Robinson writes:

    POUNDALE.COM was the answer of my question when I needed to lose weight the
    most. Check it out

  10. vflow99 writes:

    @707BLACKDEVIL707 thanks i just really wanna get back in those pants

  11. naturaloutkast writes:

    omg i thought something was wrong with me! my mood is really affected by
    anything i take

  12. Faysal Ahamed writes:

    Hi, have you tried “BellyFATtack” yet? Just google it. On there you will
    see a helpful free video by a recognized qualified nutritionist talking
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  13. Dianne April writes:

    As long as you can remember that your “pissy” mood is due to these pills,
    you can put it in the back of your mind. Just remind yourself where it’s
    coming from. Also, sometimes my mood is awesome!

  14. ShExWoLfxGiRl1 writes:

    After workouts and my hair started to thin out. I was 15 when I took them
    and my mom is a hair dresser and took me off the pills when my hair started

  15. The Divine Hostess writes:

    I did the master cleanse too. You look great

  16. Z3koD3vo writes:

    I used oxy elite pro for a for while, didn’t notice any mood swings or
    crash, but I did experience a lot of sweating. Bout to get back on it again
    with my new work out plan. stay strong guys.

  17. Igor Tsukan writes:

    Hey! I’m Amanda.I did -25 lbs in two months.More here aidadiet.com

  18. basslinin writes:

    damn girl your body is banging just the way it is…I wouldn’t change a
    thing…but as long as you are doing it for yourself i won’t be mad if you
    got all skinny on me :0)

  19. hr shuvnstuff writes:

    U can definately get the dickens!

  20. Ethan Hall writes:

    By any chance, does “vflow” stand for vaginal flow? Because I really hope
    not lol

  21. david guerrero writes:


  22. TheLeroyRadioShow writes:


  23. davidlynwest writes:

    You’re starting to get definition in your stomach keep it up. I can
    definitely see the difference.

  24. vflow99 writes:

    @MrBuckyOhare I got of the pills because they were causing too many
    physical problems for me I started getting scared and basically chose my
    health over the pills …..I hope you do well with them but please listen
    to your body keep me posted

  25. vflow99 writes:

    @deeapril thanks for sharing that with its certainly different strokes for
    different folks congrats on your success

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