Weight loss update photos day 9 on adipex

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Hey guys just a quick video showing some progress made so far…

Hello All, This is just a quick introduction. Just started the drug phentermine this week and so far so good. Ebonie.

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weight loss before and after women

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34 Responses to “Weight loss update photos day 9 on adipex”

  1. talisha1237 writes:

    Hey u go girlie I’m on it to wish we could chat on the phone

  2. janet douglas writes:

    @Fat2Fit1987. Thank you soooo much for subbing. I will definitely check out
    your page and subscribe. I would love to encourage and be encouraged, I
    know that is the best way to lose weight is to have a cheerleader. So we
    can be each others. Lol.

  3. janet douglas writes:

    @ChcltQueen. that is great. i will just say the first couple of days might
    scare you cause of the amount of weight you lose….. i wish you the very
    best of luck, and thank you so much for the kind words….I hope you will
    continue to watch. I will soon be making some videos about healthy and very
    tasty meals you can eat while eating out at various places such as Denny’s,
    Ruby Tuesday’s etc. also some great apps on your phone to help track your
    weight. So stay tuned. 🙂

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  5. Igor Ryabuk writes:

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  6. George Clancy writes:

    Check this out you tubers: POUNDALE.COM and start losing weight for real.

  7. Fat2Fit1987 writes:

    hey, wanted 2 wish u luck on ur weight loss journey. i jus subscribed so
    will be following you, looking foreward to seeing your progress. recently
    started one myself, so if u have a sec. check out my page and if ur
    interested subscribe and we can do this together 🙂

  8. ChcltQueen writes:

    I have an appt Monday to start a weight loss program that uses Adipex and I
    wanted an objective review. So thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Wishing you the best on your weight loss journey.

  9. Vasya Parhomov writes:

    Hello! I’m Matt.I did -25 lbs in one month.Open hd-diet.com

  10. siham ten writes:

    hi how can i get the pills? you mentioned that you got it from the clinic,
    how much did the doctor visit cost you? please help me i’ve been trying to
    get phentremine for a while now i don’t have health insurance that’s why i
    asked you how much would it cost me to see a doctor and discuss with him
    putting me on phentermine. thank you in advance and good luck i’m sure
    you’ll do great.

  11. JessiixLove writes:

    Hi Ebonie My name is Angela I was 260 lost 100 on eating right being more
    active it took YEARS and years. So now I am 180 I am so scared to gain any
    back. My doctor gave me the phentermine I am going to start it tomorrow. I
    am nervous but ready for the energy that is what I have been lacking the
    last 8 months. Good luck, Angela

  12. sonnyfrom310 writes:

    How much weight did u lose on phentermine? I know this video was added in
    oct ’10 and I’m curious to how it helped. I began taking phentermine 3 days
    ago and I’m 5’5″ and 247.

  13. eboniegurl12001 writes:

    Hello everyone, Just a really quick update I lost 20 lbs in the first two
    weeks. Unfortunately I got the flu and have been sick as a dog so I have
    been out of commission. No phentermine and no vids. I’m feeling much better
    and should be posting next week about my side effects. See ya soon!

  14. Leidnara Silva writes:

    Hi please tell me how is called the phentermine you are taking, I am taking
    phenslim 375 and it doesnt work for me. Thank you for the video

  15. EssentialPleasures4U writes:

    Hi, this info is positive for you or anyone who reads it, so don’t take it
    in the wrong way because my 50+ mother took Phentermine when I did and had
    no problems with it. Well, I was not so lucky. Phentermine caused me to
    have heart palpitations and anxiety attacks not to mention those terrible
    headaches which I later learned that the Phentermine raises blood presssure
    which in term caused my killer headaches. Girl, that was 18 years ago and
    my conditioned has never improved. No alarm clocks!

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  17. Uhreiya writes:

    are you still taking phenphedetrine or however you spell it. lol can you
    make and update video if you have? 🙂

  18. Mirella Castrejon writes:

    I have a question, you do not got sick pill? i’m scared to take the pill i
    like go to the gym but i don’t no 🙁 what to do , help!!!!

  19. Lil Tino writes:

    hello ebonie my name is beth i have tryed everything to lost weight and i
    was wondering how i can get this phentermine if you could send me an email
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  22. Ladycece41168 writes:

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    days.) I take it in the morning and then I take another type fat burner by
    1-2 pm in the evening. This helps me avoid the snack attacks of sugar and
    crap. I still snack, but it’s fruit, water, nuts, etc. I start working out
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  26. Candie Rue writes:

    any recent updates? I cant wait to hear more. I keep hunting for new
    testimonies on here because I just started back on the Phentermine. I just
    uploaded my first video about it, check it out when you get time =)

  27. Kev Henry writes:

    Hello Ebonie, How did the Phentermine work and where in new york did you
    get them . i am from NY also would love this ino… Happy New York..

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  34. ladyred830 writes:

    how can i get the pills ?

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