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  1. nelson cartier writes:

    hey dan it seems like eevry day bad foods is controlling me what can i do to get strength everyday around 5-6-7- i eat bad to mess up my calories……..and yes i got fruit but after i eat fruit i want bad foods ..im 5,7 225…whats a good weight for me im eating 2000 cals a day.please respone im a fan

  2. felixthemaster1 writes:

    i ave donuts and oranges at home right now… and there is nothing else to eat.. can oranges be one of the 5 meals a day thing?

  3. JewelEGirl writes:

    Dan, I am a type 2 diabetic. I obviously couldn’t do the 80/10/10 diet and have never been much of a fruit eater. I do love herbs and vegies though. How much fruit do think I should eat in a day without getting too much sugar?

  4. mantaflower7 writes:

    I so appreciate them. They inspire me to always continue to eat raw when I get off track. I am always improving with the intention to be 90/100% raw. Food addiction like chocolate doss not help. What is the alternative ? Many blessings, love and light, Kristal

  5. mantaflower7 writes:

    Hi DTM,
    Thank you for your awesome videos.

  6. Kayla Roze writes:

    hi Dan, i tried msging u like since last year but you never got back to me :(, any way, i am from Barbados, i watch ur vids all the time and i am looking to get into this whole juicing way of life, but i am scared, i am anemic, and my doctors say i should be eating meats and liver etc, was wondering what advice u would have for me, thanks in advance

  7. Nickyloveslove writes:

    nice video~

  8. becyb88 writes:

    what a cool guy and honest truth with no bs

  9. amirmeiti writes:

    DAN PLEASE HELP THIS GUY: watch?v=QhpqVpu-uYw&feature=g-pop&context=G233c7a2YPAAAAAAASAA

  10. torrentn writes:

    AMEN! Not all sugars are equal, EAT FRUITS (highest quality you can find, organic, and whole) Keep the fats down, fruit up! People stop listening to every wacky diet out there….are terrified of eating an Orange saying it will make you fat, but go of and eat tons of oils, nut butters, seeds, hummus, tahini processed junky grains and packaged goods etc….. fruits are natural and perfect!

  11. MrDac0wgirl writes:

    I love the tangent comment !!!

  12. TheDaniiboy writes:


  13. yoitscheefs writes:

    it totally did! gonna have to double to greens and excercise to get it off haha. Thanks for making this series of videos, it’s definitely a good starting point for people.

  14. internetjunkie1981 writes:

    look up paleo diet

  15. internetjunkie1981 writes:

    fruit is carbs

  16. CullenLovesMe writes:

    Hey Dan, I really like your advices & I’ve been watching your vids for a while but being myself a college student I cannot ‘just’ eat fruits and veggies, I need carbs, I need fish and I need ‘healthy fats’ I mean I’d starve if I ate just fruits and veggies. What can I do to get healthy? PLEASE ANSWER.

  17. TheSweetPerry writes:

    be careful, those cops eat donuts all day and end up getting obese.

  18. mja2035 writes:

    Thanks for the inspiration Dan. 

  19. noreenikins123 writes:

    Thanks for the pep talk Dan. I really needed it as I’ve been caving (and craving) lately and am paying the price. Right now I’m sitting here in my pajamas with the computer feeling crappy about myself, and here you are trying to get me motivated again .. so thanks Dan. I mean, who else in my life is going to talk to me about getting excited about fruits and vegetables and herbs! Only one person…you! Coach…Dan the Man.

  20. morhys23 writes:

    Dan please can you make a video about weed, how you came to quit. i find it difficult because i love getting high but not all the time usually in the evening

  21. joyabbott writes:


  22. LlGHTBElNG writes:

    yea gain weight videos that would be cool

  23. ronatholl writes:

    Me too dan i need to gain weight not lose any cheers dan thanks

  24. radicalaccounting writes:

    He’s saying he’s an “expert” or “guru”, using the word avatar to mean a high level of achievement.

  25. radicalaccounting writes:


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