Weight Loss….No Lectures Wanted….For very good reasons if you must know need to drop pounds fast?

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Question by JosieJo: Weight Loss….No Lectures Wanted….For very good reasons if you must know need to drop pounds fast?
My body did it before and I wasn’t even trying but I turned it into healthy lifestyle and kept it off two years….well a LOT of stuff has happened and no lectures needed I give enough to myself but if anyone has any old wrestling tips or I heard something about epsom salts and lemons (?) MUST drop it fast no not a high school reunion so if anyone would like to contribute and give me a huge kickstart back to my old life please help. Thanks.

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Answer by HCL123
Ok ok, I know you already know that you shouldn’t try and starve yourself, so no lectures I promise! In my experience the people I know who’ve lost weight the quickest have done low-carbing. Of course it’s much better to do it gradually and sensibly, but they lost a lot of weight very quickly by cutting out carbs completely. Eating meat/veg/nuts/seeds/cheese for a week (not much fun though!) and they lost like 6-10Ibs in a week. I would prefer you don’t do this and do it sensibly instead, but you did ask for the best way, and this is the best way I know to lose weight very quickly…. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Weight Loss….No Lectures Wanted….For very good reasons if you must know need to drop pounds fast?”

  1. kYrA_jAdE writes:

    This is way to confusing to even answer. We need to know how you dropped the pounds fast…??
    I would say eat about 1000 cals a day, enough to sustain you and enough so that your body won’t think its starving. If you starve it, then it will keep body fat and you will eventually lose a whole lot of weight but you will also look ugly because your skin and hair won’t have enough nutrients.

  2. TheMadLith writes:

    Heroin. I used to smoke heroin, and literally eating an m&m would make me puke. It’s a good way to start

  3. Chilly Bones <3 writes:

    the epsom salt thing you heard is to throw up your food, that with warm water is supose to make you throw up for hours!
    cardio, i have ran and/or walked for an hour everyday, its giving me fabulous results and its only been like 2 weeks. plus it refreshing!
    fruits and veggies! they are easier for ur body to burn and dont stay in u as long.
    NO SODA. when i cut out the soda and only drank water i lost like five pounds there, many ppl over consume calories in drinks. so stic with water or diet drinks.
    drink 8 cups of water a day, or atleast half of that!

  4. Lui writes:

    Just get back to healthy eating and exercise, start slow and work up. Switching your diet to a healthy one will cause you to drop weight fast if you don’t eat healthy now. Your body will normalize again as it were, where now it’s normalized to eating unhealthy foods, it’ll drop weight to normalize to eating healthy foods. So that could in itself create a very drastic weight loss for you.

    Otherwise, the fastest way is to carb down for a couple weeks, remember not to do it too long or it’ll cause damage to your body. Carbing down is what bodybuilders use to get cut(because when they train they gain fat as well), and it works pretty fast.

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