Weight loss help, advice?

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Question by lucy: Weight loss help, advice?
Im a uk size 16, but i want to be a 10
I’m currently dieting and trying to exercise as much as possible
I work 3 or 4 days a week, and during my working hours (9 hours) i have to stand up and i try to walk around the shop as much as i can
I also have a 15minute walk to and from work
On my days off im starting to do home exercise dvds such as davina, hannah waterman and i’ve just ordered the 30 day shred
My diet is consisting of lots and lots of water, weetabix for breakfast, slim fast or salad for lunch with ryvita, and then chicken and salad or vegetables or a stirfry, scrambled eggs on brown toast.. basically something light & low fat
Im really fat, and i know its not due to over eating or eating rubbish – it’s through lack of exercise
My biggest concern is my bum and thighs and hips. They are HUGE and i hate it.
I know you cant spot reduce weight loss but i just wondered if there are any tips to getting slimmer legs?
Im also aiming to go for a 30minute to 1 hour walk on my days off too
How long until i drop 3 dress sizes? I cant stand it!

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Answer by Daniel
Start smoking, nicotine is an appetite suppresant.

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4 Responses to “Weight loss help, advice?”

  1. Leona writes:

    The best way for you to loose weight is to eat more on fibrous and protein enriched foods. Eat at least 5 kinds of fruits a day such as apple, mango, banana, etc. Avoid or lessen your fatty foods intake.

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  3. Ms. Healthy writes:

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  4. Cleo writes:

    Losing weight should not be a stressful situation; instead it should be seen as an accomplishment. Remember, every body has to go through some sort of weight loss stress in their life, even though if that person seems to have the perfect body. It’s in our nature to think about our looks, weight, and striving to be the very best there is. The overall statement is to never give up, even if the number on the scale doesn’t go down, or if it stays the same, or if you can’t lose a good average of lbs that week. Try out different kinds of quick weight lose plans out there, surely you’ll find one that will fulfill your schedule. The only way to losing weight is doing something about it, so get up from the seat your in right now and start shedding those pounds.

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