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  1. TylerTolmanTT writes:

    However you come up with these great videos keep them coming!

  2. fashionbutterfly100 writes:

    6-8 oranges ? isnt that too much sugar?

  3. KentuckyChicken2 writes:

    xD yes!!!

  4. nickolusthegreek writes:

    @KentuckyChicken2 and jesus

  5. KentuckyChicken2 writes:

    Dan somehow reminds me of Tarzan!!! 😀

  6. angelgirldebbiejo writes:

    Dan I have a question—I bought the lose a pound a day dvd and I want to lose weight for an upcoming event, just drop some of the fluffiness , not looking for a miracle, well maybe I am but anyway many people were telling me to do a water fast and then go into fruits and veggies, I myself don’t think I could stick with a water fast, I am such a wimp but I have been incorporating more fruits and veggies in my life through juicing and smoothies —-what do you think?

  7. adrygarcia writes:

    @OceanGirlE we need very little protein, which we need in more quantity is carbs. Please read the great book: 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham. And find more proves, medicine is a fraud. For example, search Michael Arnestein, an elite atlete which is a great marathon runner, this means protein deficience?. Remember that there are TO MUCH MYTHS.

    Today, expert research around the world suggests that the real protein requirement is very low.

  8. OceanGirlE writes:

    @adrygarcia vegetables do not have enough protein to replace the burn that Dan is using on his daily cycling.

  9. SueAz09 writes:

    Wow…you sure have inspired me!  I think it’s incredibly awesome what you are doing both, raw foods and trekking across the U.S. Now, since I’ve just started watching your videos, and I have some questions. If I’m looking to lose weight, what should I eat most? I always thought too much fruit isn’t great because of sugar in it. What is a normal size meal for me? I know you are eating more due to you ride, but I’m kinda confused. I have many more questions. You have truly inspired me. TY

  10. adrygarcia writes:

    @OceanGirlE , Fruits and vegetables have protein and carbs.

  11. lyndaraven writes:

    @liferegenerator It is really not the business of others when it comes to your children. He should look at your videos with your kids and see that they are very happy, secure, and well balanced. Your youngest seems to have your humor. Anyway, God bless you and your family!

  12. lyndaraven writes:

    Dan, show the brand of the foods up close so we can see. Also, what kind of grapefruit are you drinking? Does it have sugar n it?

  13. stardustlace writes:

    Great stuff Dan. It doesn’t bother me if you say the same things over and over again. I need to hear it. I’m grateful for your messages and always learning new things from you 🙂

  14. OceanGirlE writes:

    DAN– do you not eat any proteins at all??? It seems that only fruits and veggys (and no carbs and proteins) would give you enough energy for riding hard like you do every day. I am alittle blown away by this…

  15. Msbulldoze writes:

    Hey!! im about to get married ! my husband hasnt seen my body before……..should i do the grape diet???:D

  16. TheAmericanOriginal writes:

    Hey Dan, I didnt know you included tomatoes in your diet, I’ve read those are better absorbed when cooked. When cooked they do a better job of fighting a certain disease, I forget which one but whats your take on that?

  17. tlife35 writes:

    wow I am always amazed how ppl will take a positive opportunity to say some negative. Do they realize that energy (whether positive or negative) fuels the person you are directing it toward- How they generate that energy is up to them. Smart ppl (like Dan) tend to direct it positively. I say that to say-start focusing on taking the positive out of EVERY situation, instead of trying to change someone’s vibrations to negative, it doesnt work on strong positive most of all loving ppl,

  18. sweething319 writes:

    I loved pizza and cheeseburgers! But I have been 95% raw for nearly 60 days!!! It’s been a struggle but I’ve not giving up!

  19. LadyWarriorofGod writes:

    Keep Strivin. The work you do is so vital and needed in a society of unconscious eating & derailing health. May God continue to use you and bless you. 1 Love~

  20. TheLiferejuvenator writes:

    Thank you Dan, great video.

  21. bankmind80 writes:

    Hi Dan, If you or anyone else reads this…PLEASE let me know what are some great things to eat on the RAW food diet that are really high in Protein…that won’t bog me down. Thanks!

  22. terr547 writes:

    Finally, you took a break.. Sorry it had to be done that way to get you to see lol 🙂

  23. ChocolateThunda1345 writes:

    I swear he looks like Jesus lol 😀 but you gotta love em

  24. integrityseeker writes:

    @liferegenerator You don’t abuse your children but how good a father can you be as a part time father if you are even that. A father is not suppose to be free. You have responsibilities. Do you even financially provide for your children? You are 37 years old and you can’t seem to even provide for yourself financially. Do you leave that up to their mother? If you were solely responsible for your children you would not be able to roam around. Be at home with them. Stability is very much important.

  25. bebIessed writes:

    @Helenelalala Meat is protein. Protein is alot more satisfying then fruit is. (harder to digest)
    What your problem was with meal frequency/calorie consumption. Tell me what a typical meal plan would like like for you in your past (meat eating times).

  26. RawTorahKeeper writes:

    @keabler77 Raw living foods are considered fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts… =) Hamburgers, bacon and eggs are not living. =) Hope that helps a bit.

  27. dorull83 writes:

    What is your opinion on meat? you dont eat meat at all? how about raw meat?

  28. dong2phat4u writes:

    @CocoaPinkUk No, it’s not safe. Your getting everything you need at the moment. Maybe a B12 if you’re not consuming animal products.

  29. lisawatermelon writes:

    What a great party!

  30. keabler77 writes:

    what is raw food like eating un cooked hamburger and eggs? thought that wasnt good for you but ill go try to eat some uncooked bacon just to see how it taste hey man better whatch how you put those hands together some hand symbals are trademarked look up diamond dallas page and his diamond cutter he sues and won againt rapper jay z after he put a trade mark on it

  31. keabler77 writes:

    what is raw food like eating un cooked hamburger and eggs? thought that wasnt good for you but ill go try to eat some uncooked bacon just to see how it taste

  32. GoddessRenata writes:

    “LOVE is the Hub of the Wheel – Diet is only a SPOKE” – Brilliant! Well said Dan.


  33. GoddessRenata writes:

    Gorgeous scenery – beautiful sunset setting.. WOW nice message Dan.
    What an inspiration. If one can do it… many can follow. Bravery and Courage.


  34. MrAppleandorange123 writes:


    “Hey it’s dan the man, fruit and juices, fruit and juicy that’s what it’s all about.”

    Durianrider’s better.

  35. CocoaPinkUk writes:

    Hey Dan.. or anyone infact.I have just bought a juicer and started drinking about 2 juices or smoothies a day. Is it still safe to take all my multivitamins, iron and vitamin c in the morning too?

  36. TheRaspyshoes writes:

    Can”t wait to see what Bill looks like. He will be such a huge inspiration to so many people. And Dan, you”re not too skinny. You’re in great shape.
    Blessings & Light to you.

  37. Mafreaky777 writes:

    You look really healthy and beautiful in that sunlight. 🙂 you always look healthy but hello beautifulness.

  38. Lightenup2009 writes:

    Dan you are doing so amazing.. Glad to see you are still on Youtube and more than that you have been very successful. I am so proud of you!!
    Love is the answer..

  39. GooseMooseLooseJuice writes:

    Hey Dan! There’s a torpedo headed your way, watch out!

  40. Lesbiana31 writes:

    thankyou dan! pause why pause do u pause speak pause like this?pause just kiddin!

  41. terr547 writes:

    “Truth is the currency of love.”

  42. terr547 writes:


  43. TerraNovaJewelry writes:

    Beautiful setting; beautiful message; beautiful person. I hope to be at the party. Thanks -3

  44. LizYArtur writes:

    Congratulations, Bill! Would love to be there to meet everyone but I’m in Spain! I have confidence I will get to meet all of you one day! (: Have fun! xx

  45. lukemur13 writes:

    you’re a lucky man dan to be out in those hills 🙂

  46. kckazcoll1 writes:

    love your vids Dan,, but lately the sound quality has been poor. Hard to hear. Anyway hopefully the sound can be sorted out. Please keep ’em coming. <3

  47. BigKrash writes:

    Amazing!!! Praise the Lord for Vegetation

  48. Danodfyful writes:


  49. rawjellybean writes:

    Breathtaking video!

  50. RAWkinRayla writes:

    we can’t be your friend on facebook… all your accounts there are maxed out 🙁

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