weight loss?

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Question by Mack: weight loss?
what is a safe healthy way to loose weight quickly?

Best answer:

Answer by x_ace86_x
You hear it all the time… Eat healthy (with the right portions) and exercise.

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7 Responses to “weight loss?”

  1. Garota Veneno writes:

    there is no way to loose more than about 3 pounds a week that nutricionists consider healthy

  2. Kit-kat writes:

    Well I’m not on a weight loss program but my mom is and she is on LA weight loss and it really helps!

  3. Softball Freak writes:

    You can eat only fruit all day and try not to eat a lot of it. And exercise half an hour or an hour a day. That is what i did. I didn’t eat anything but fruit and tried to exercise an hour. It help me. Hoped i helped you.

  4. Neutron writes:

    No miracle pills needed. Most people want to lose weight fast, say working out for a month. Then they stop because it’s boring, there friends don’t want to exercise or they achieved their goal. Then they get mad when they gain the weight again. Make your workout a fun lifestyle so you stay on track. If as a child you liked to play basketball or ride a bike or swim; then do it, this should keep you on track for life. Go back to what’s FUN for you. I prefer running or biking because I don’t depend on anybody but myself to get my workout.
    Eat healthy, food is energy you need to work-out. There is a theory if you just diet and don’t excercise, your metabolism will slow down thus you won’t lose weight. More important is that if you don’t eat a balanced meal everyday you are cheating your body of vitamin and minerals which help your body function. Low calorie diet wil make you weak, moody and lower your concentration. A diet low in meat will make you weak or even anemic. Jogging is the fastest way to lose weight and it will make you better at any sport because you’ll gain endurance. At first you may have to mix walking with your jogging untill you get stronger. You should only lose around 2 pounds per week to lose weight in a healthy fashion, but here’s some advise. If you are not overweight you need to run enough to burn ONLY the excess of calories you had for that day. Why my answer? If you run six miles a day which burns about 600 calories or 100 calories per mile but you eat 800 calories more than you should of, than you are still 200 calories over than you should be after your run. Meaning you will not loose weight if you put more calories in your body, than you can burn off; inclusively you can even gain weight even if you’re running. So to loose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. To maintain your current weight you only need to burn off the excess calories for that day. What you need to find out is according to your age and height How many calories you should have daily. Let’s say you’re suppose to eat 2000 calories per day but ate 2400 you’ll need to run 4 miles to burn those extra 400 calories. Let say your overweight but eat 2000 calories per day than any amount of running should produce weight loss. Obviously the more you run the more weight you’ll lose. Here you can estimate the calories you can eat. http://www.caloriecheckbook.com/calorie_… Drinking at least 2 quarts or liters of water a day is very important to help eliminate fat from the body. As you lift weights you will lose fat and grow muscle at the time. Muscles weigh more than fat so don’t get confused if it you just started to lift weights and don’t see the difference in the scale. The more muscle you grow the more calories your body will burn and leaner you’ll get. Gyms now are measuring your body fat percentage when you become a member so they can give you concrete evidence that your fat is decreasing and your muscles are growing. BMI (Body Mass Index) Go to runnersworld for more advise. Good Luck.

  5. Tyler A writes:

    There are many little tricks that help burn calories and keep pounds off if you make them little habits but the best way is to eat right and exercise at least half an hour a day.

    The more you exercise and the less unhealthy food you eat, the more weight you will lose and in less time!

    I suggest cutting out all sodas and white foods (breads, sugars, rice).

    DONT eat after 7 pm, exercise more than 40 minutes of cardio at one time, and dont eat trans fats!

    DO eat frequent small meals instead of three big ones, drink ice col water, vary your diet, try yoga and pilates (less stress on bones and makes you thinner instead of just muscular)

  6. Miss Sadia writes:

    Physical activity is important for physical health, emotional well-being, and achieving a healthy weight. Physical activity may help you control your weight by using excess calories that would otherwise be stored as fat. Most foods and many beverages you eat and drink contain calories, and everything you do uses calories…more……http://quick-weight-loss.info/

  7. Aloha Nema writes:

    You should remember three things to have a safe healthy way to loose weight quickly: diet, fitness, lifestyle.

    + Diet: have proper foods with proper portions, avoid bad foods.
    + Fitness: interval training appears as a perfect exercise to lose weight.
    + Lifestyle: stress and sleep affect your weight, sleep enough, release stress may help.

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