Wait loss tips, metabolism boosting tips, toning tips!? Help Please(:?

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Question by : Wait loss tips, metabolism boosting tips, toning tips!? Help Please(:?
So i’m 17 years old, i’m a girl and i weigh around 116, i’m also 5’0 a senior in high school..medium top and size 3 or 5 in pants. Now i know i’m not “fat’ but i’m neither “skinny” i’m just about a good size, but i’m unhappy and uncomfortable with my body. i would like to tone my stomach so it doesn’t jiggle as i walk or bulge hugely when i sit down. i would love to lose thigh fat and tone my legs.. because i don’t like my legs rubbing against each other when i walk or wear a dress and tone my arms up..and tone my back fer sure 🙂 Does anyone know vitamins i can take to get healthier or anything to take(no steroid or stuff haha) to help boost my metabolism? what should types of exercises should i take? what should i cut down in eating things like that? i would really appreciate anyones answers (:

nothing negative please just help 😀

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Answer by Sexy Lexy <333
Eating less than 1000 calories is not good for your body at all. Ideally everyone should eat at least 1200, but I can’t eat that much so I stick to 1000-1100. Instead of only eating junk, try finding healthy foods that you actually like. I am a junk food JUNKIE for real, but I needed to switch my diet habits because I’m majoring in physical education and didn’t want to be hypocritical. And I actually found some healthy foods that are really yummy. And small changes that help. Like for example one of my favorite breakfast foods is an apple wrap. Get a whole wheat or whole grain wrap (pita or tortilla is fine) and spread peanut butter over it. Then slice up some apples and put them inside of it and sprinkle on some cinnamon sugar (don’t overdo it). Wrap it up and heat it in the microwave for like 15-20 seconds. Then dip it in a mix of healthy vanilla yogurt (like Activia) and a bit of honey. It’s DELICIOUS. Also, drink loads of water. I used to hate water, but if you force yourself to drink it (8 cups a day) for like 3 weeks, you WILL start to like it. Now I pretty much only drink water because that’s what I crave. I prefer it with ice because it gives me something to munch on and sometimes I’m not hungry, but just really thirsty or just craving the crunch of eating and ice fixes that for me. Just try looking up recipes for food that you do like and how to make them healthy. Another amazing thing I discovered is the spice cabinet. I’m in college so I never have time to cook but I just get some boneless SKINLESS chicken breast, cut it up, throw some spices on it and cook it in a pan. It takes maybe 10 minutes and it’s delicious, healthy, and gives you protein. Oh yeah. And protein shakes! Lots of fresh fruit and some whey protein.

Also, try adding some exercise into your day. It doesn’t have to be running miles or doing push ups. Find something you enjoy. I play just dance or ddr or wii every morning. Or just dance around to random music while I’m cleaning my room. Look for simple things that you enjoy and don’t really consider a workout. It’s much more fun that way. There are also some excellent exercises you can do in a small space in a room. Go on google search for exercises that can be done at home. They have strength, flexibility, and cardio workouts.

As far as small changes go, switch from whole milk or 2% to 1%. It’s not bad after you adjust to it. Switch to whole grain pasta. Grilled foods instead of fried. Make salads enjoyable and healthy by mixing your own dressing, adding some spices, and throwing some grilled meat on there. Switch from sugary cereals to oatmeal. Even instant oatmeal isn’t too bad for you. If you’re craving chocolate, get fudgecicles. They have less than 100 calories in them and they’re super yummy. Drink tea instead of soda. For coffee, use half skim milk and half cream instead of full cream and sugar. Just the smallest tweaks can make a huge difference.

Also, don’t deprive yourself completely. If you’re craving cookies, eat a cookie! Just only eat one. You can eat junk, just in moderation.

PORTION SIZES. A lot of people don’t have to change WHAT they’re eating, but HOW MUCH they are eating. I was a horrible offender of this. Slow down when you eat. It takes your body some time to realize it’s full. Don’t eat until you’re stuffed, eat until you are satisfied. Read the serving size on the nutrition labels…don’t eat more than the serving size! And never go back for seconds at dinners.

It’s tough. And I’ve literally tried everything. I tried only eating 500 calories a day and working out for 2 hours a day. Starvation mode totally kicked in and whenever I did eat, my body converted EVERYTHING to fat instead of using the nutrition. I tried eating nothing but healthy foods, but I would cave in and binge on boxes of oreos and entire things of ice cream. I tried diet pills…complete waste of money. The biggest thing you need to know is that there is no “secret”, there is no magical solution. To lose weight is a big commitment, but completely worth it. Eat right, eat slow, exercise. That’s all there is to it. Stay strong and good luck!!!!

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2 Responses to “Wait loss tips, metabolism boosting tips, toning tips!? Help Please(:?”

  1. Lildreamer writes:

    Best exercise i can think of is RUNNING. You really don’t need to cut much things down but just junk food and drink ONLY WATER.

  2. S writes:

    You should try yoga, it will help you tone up. Eat 4-5 small meals instead of 3 big meals.
    Do cardio exercises atleast 20 minutes a day.

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