Vlog | Sauna Sweat Suit

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i feel like poo.

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25 Responses to “Vlog | Sauna Sweat Suit”

  1. ALIENSHADZ writes:

    I like american girls..ino she bad at oral 😛

  2. MzMone012 writes:

    yesssss it was dripping out by my wrist like 20 minutes into the workout ppl was lookin at me like wtf the girl got goin on lol

  3. MzMone012 writes:

    lmao man i be going through it im sorry ya’ll have to witness my buffoonery

  4. sashaboo228 writes:

    I wash my sauna suit out in the tub and let it dry overnight… I swear those suits are no joke… I remember my first time wearing mine, after the workout I stood over the trash and let the sweat run out from the arm…that suit has you baking! Keep it up Hun! 🙂

  5. SheLovesHair writes:


  6. SheLovesHair writes:

    Lmao omg is my eyeballs red yall it never fails I’m always laughing watch ya visa

  7. MzMone012 writes:

    phentermine, its a prescription you have to go to the doctor to get it.

  8. dominique hill writes:

    Wat diet pills were u takin

  9. trumusikluva84 writes:

    Its gonna be extra hard for me to lose weight because I have acid reflux so trying to eat right with having acid reflux limits what I can eat even more.

  10. trumusikluva84 writes:

    I wont get one then. Im just gonna wear sweat pants & long sleeve shirts. That’ll be just as good I guess.

  11. MzMone012 writes:

    yea it is just water weight but i think it makes you burn more calories or somethin idk lol it gotta do somethin else besides that!

  12. tatiana j writes:

    i wear mine every time i workout but someone told me that its just water weight and that u gain it all back when u drink water and eat

  13. Khalil Shah writes:

    hi can anyone tell me with that sweat suit do you burn fat or walter

  14. ashlah writes:

    basically he starves himself deliberately, so after the weigh in he can carb load and add about 8+ kg of weight for the fight.

  15. Renato Madeira writes:

    with this Sweat suit i loss 7pounds in 6 hours runiing 😛

  16. xWithBrokenWingsx writes:

    this cant be good for your body

  17. darksid33 writes:

    when did jwp get that sleeve tattoo? what does it say on it?

  18. Tonus Mahonus writes:

    Can you eat something before the fight, after weighing in ?

  19. Tonus Mahonus writes:

    Man that looks horrible. good luck!

  20. Jagdeep Rana writes:

    I don’t miss this part at all. And still felt the pain watching this! ahhhh! all the best JWP!

  21. korsion writes:

    JWP You always seem to be wearing the some undies mate … lol

  22. Ella Iverson writes:

    Yeh lets get advice from Seinfeld not a world champion

  23. Jawad4lyfe2 writes:

    Sawadi jwp whats the name of the gel again to help sweat glance open up

  24. jack black writes:

    you do it the hard way John. much easier and safer ways. Look up Mike dolce. his fighters that cut from 200 pounds down to make 170 pounds swim around and have fun!

  25. pshieldsy writes:

    Worst part of the sport… Always hate that sunken feeling!

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