Visalus Weight Loss Shakes: “Will I Be Hungry Between Meals?”

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Mango and Apple added to skimmed milk, your fav protein powder added and blended, have as a shake or add to your Muesli, makes for a high protein, high fibre breakfast and very cheap to make. better than buying those yogurt pots with Muesli… this is just what the doctor ordered. Have just had my cholesterol etc tested and all good!:-) (low) keep up the good work and healthy eating. Don’t have a full scoop if you’re trying to lose weight. Just have 10g not 30g From Wiki: Suggested amounts vary between 1.6 g/kg and 1.8 g/kg They also say more if you work out and a suggested max is 2.5g/kg 75kg would be approx 41g but you then have to factor in exercise and what energy you’re burning and calories from Carbs/Protein/Fat. Hope this helps. Update – October 2010 – i have since reduced the amount of protein powder i put in my shakes to approx 12-13g per serve. I then heard a podcast from the BBC and you actually only need the equivalent of an egg or a tuna sandwich after working out. Update 16 Jan 11 some people say this is Cra? or even sh?t but if you think about it, Just Juice and those juice bars remove the fibre from your diet where this keeps the fibre in your drink giving you more nutrition and of course fibre which we so need in our modern diets today. September 2011 – I now only have 8g serve reduced from 10g as I want to drop my weight a bit before the next marathon. I mix with psyllium husk, skimmed milk power and I add flaxseed, sunflower kernels, sesame seed all

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26 Responses to “Visalus Weight Loss Shakes: “Will I Be Hungry Between Meals?””

  1. PureTrimWeightLoss writes:

    you are such an inspiration! Thanks!!

  2. Mike Moulton writes:

    What I would do (and I do it now) is only have a 3rd of the recommend dose, so if my protein shake says 3 scoops then I have one. (about 9g) I do marathon running and I look to keep my weight down while still having good nutrition and that works for me without putting on weight.

  3. Mike Moulton writes:

    If you don’t want to put on weight (fat) wouldn’t have a protein shake after 30 mins in the gym, just a good sandwich, chicken, egg, or fish.

  4. MetallicDannyR writes:

    heya its me agen i was just woundering because you said 45 mins solid weight lifting what happens if your a beginner to weight lifting ? can u do a weight for like 30 mins and also do u take a day off? like 30 mins for 2 days in a row then 1 days rest and so on? or no rest just solid 30 mins a day weights no matter what?

  5. MetallicDannyR writes:

    hey dude i just noticed im not doing the bmuscle building one im doing the weight loss and tonning one would the same still apply?

  6. MetallicDannyR writes:


  7. Mike Moulton writes:

    i would say after a 5-10 min warm up 45 mins solid weight lifting and then your shame within 30 mins to 2 hours of your work out.

  8. MetallicDannyR writes:

    hey this might sound like a stupid question but i would like to no how long shall i work out before taking aprotein shake? im doing it for weight loss and muscle gain shall i work out for a certain amount of time or just untill i cant workout anymore?

    would really help if you answered this thanks! 🙂

  9. Mike Moulton writes:

    what you have to remember is you can still be fit and heavier, If I really want to increase my weight then I would increase the amount of protein shakes i’m having but keep up my fitness because I tell you when you get to my age it’s hard to get fit if you’re not fit already. Just ask my twin.

  10. jettastreetracer writes:

    What product would u recomend for weight gaining….is speed skipping for stamina not good if im trying to gain weight?

  11. Mike Moulton writes:

    it tastes better with skimmed milk.

  12. WeGottaSituationGTL writes:

    Pre-workout shake: I want something quick to blend.
    Post-workout shake: I add fruit and stuff.
    Does 100% Weigh Protein (VANILLA) taste good if you just blend it with milk or water?

  13. Mike Moulton writes:

    how old are you?

  14. mossman2012 writes:

    can you plz help me im 8 half stone and i eat like
    mad and i tryed that 5 meals a day for 2week
    and then had to stop cos it was costing to much money
    and i dint gain anything onley about 1pound what els can i do?

  15. Mike Moulton writes:


  16. PermanentlyLost writes:

    What flavor of Protein Powder do you recommend for this shake? thanks!!

  17. Mike Moulton writes:

    you can for breakfast as an example but you still need to watch portion control.

  18. WorldSnipin writes:

    can u take it if u dont work out?

  19. Abdul ElTawil writes:

    K thanks a lot!

  20. Mike Moulton writes:

    if you work out every day then sure one a day. Don’t forget after each workout you actually only need the equivalent of an egg or tuna sandwich so if you don’t wanna bulk up cut down on the amount of protein powder in the scoop.

  21. Abdul ElTawil writes:

    How many times a day should one consume protein shakes? The directions on the Jar that I have says to consume once daily, but I see people drinking it more than once…

  22. Mike Moulton writes:

    yes it is good for you providing you don’t have large scoops. As per a comment below, if you have it every day after a workout you might just want half a scoop or less. I’d only recommend a full scoop if you really want to bulk up.

  23. micky95galar writes:

    Is it good for y age??.. Im 16… I do cardio and sometimes lift wights… I take whey isolate.. do you have any advices ?? I just want to have a better body not extremely bulk up… Im 5’11 and weight 147 pounds!!

  24. Mike Moulton writes:

    This is an excellent question and in other videos I have constantly recommended lower portions than what the companies tell you unless you’re some body builder. i.e. The protein powder I use recommends a 30g scoop… I’m only a marathon runner not a body builder and so I have an 8g scoop, big difference eh. I’ve also said in another video after a 45min work out in the gym you only need the equivalent of an egg or a tuna sandwich. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

  25. Mike Moulton writes:

    for me it’s my daily breakfast and has been for years, more than 10 years

  26. Mike Moulton writes:

    How old are you thinking? like a child, otherwise unless you’re pregnant or have some other condition in moderation there is nothing wrong with it providing you examine closely the ingredients and see what the sweeteners are.

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