Victoria’s Secret Angels Flat Tummy Meal Plan (1200 Calorie)

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Please READ this box for more info. The Victoria’s Secret Angels are not skinny, but fit and toned! Here’s a sample of their meal plan, favourite food and in…

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25 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret Angels Flat Tummy Meal Plan (1200 Calorie)”

  1. Joanna Soh writes:

    Hi my lovelies, if I have not replied to your comments, it’s because I
    can’t seems to reply it. I’m not too sure why since youtube / google has
    changed its layout.@_@

  2. Glenice P writes:

    I will die on this diet:(((

  3. titetigresss222 writes:

    Is that broccoli and spinach can be replaced ? Because it is the two
    vegetables I hates the most, that totaly digust me :/ Please help me to
    replace with one others vegetables with the same kcal in the Salmon meal !

  4. Flo stylish writes:

    But the green tea absorbs vitamins especially if it was within the meal and
    not after 2 hours later (at least) this is what I hear always.

  5. Anais Clubrocker writes:

    I get home at 6pm and I’m always sooooo hungry but I don’t know what I can

  6. Norma Chavez writes:

    wowww!!!! thanks Joanna for doing this video for us, It is hard sometimes
    to figure out what 1200 calories looks like, thank you, thank you … thank

  7. Violet Delusions writes:

    Where did you get this info on the models? Was it an article somewhere, or
    did you actually speak with them? 

  8. Daniela Lugo writes:

    Is it okay if I replace the salmon with tuna fish? I don’t really like
    seafood much, just tuna.

  9. Joanna Soh writes:

    The Victoria’s Secret Angels are not skinny, but fit and toned! Here’s a
    sample of their meal plan, favourite food and ingredients which they
    consume daily in order to be runway-ready.

  10. reizacross writes:

    Thank you so much for this. *.*

  11. senanur türkmen writes:

    are we gonna eat the same things every day or are we must chage it ?? :)

  12. sinbero writes:

    hi joanna! i’m a bit unsure whether i get enough protein or not. i do quite
    a heavy exercise at least four times a week (spinning, body pump…) but i
    can’t eat eggs and i’m also a vegetarian. do you have any recommendations
    of what should i include in my diet? thank you so much in advance, i love
    your videos! :)

  13. Jessica Smith writes:

    Cute video though 

  14. Judith Pol writes:

    that moment when you watch the video and realize that you have all of the
    ingredients.. i guess my meal plan for tomorrow is planned already for me!
    :p Thank you Joanna! All the foods look very appealing and I bet they are
    tasty too. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went. It’s great that you
    included portable snacks, cause I’m a busy person, I’m barely at home, so
    this will be great. You should do more of these kind of videos! They are
    really helpful, and when I come home, I don’t have to call to Domino’s to
    order pizza cause with your help I’ll know what I will have for (late)
    dinner and I know that my body and health won’t be damaged cause I can
    control and see what goes into my body. SO THANK YOUUU <3

  15. Calleigh Lone writes:

    Hi Joanna, how much protein do we need? I’ve Heard that we need 1gr for
    kilo of weigh, but is it for everybody? I mean doesn’t it matter our
    physical activity? I’ve read that if you consume more protein tan you need
    then it will be store as fat & this diet you’re showing it’s high in
    protein, I hope you can help me because I don’t know so well how much
    protein I need :/ & if it’s high in protein I am afraid it might be store
    as fat, thank you :D

  16. shar ziehr writes:

    I loved the spinach salmon frittata , I used spinach, and cauliflower and
    broccoli because I think it was cheaper to get a bag of cauliflower
    broccoli mixed lol.

  17. mnitivong writes:

    I love this! Great video! 

  18. Candice Mel writes:

    Thanks for the video Joanna – what’s the stuff on top of the berry

  19. Kat Fedelicio writes:

    Is it true that whole wheat bread can make u feel bloated? 

  20. FlyingCottonCandy writes:

    this eggy oatmeal literally changed my life!! I love it so much, I’m having
    it every morning since I watched this video
    it’s so super easy and it’s sooo good
    I tend to add a little bit of maple sirup to it but I think that’s ok :))
    Thank you SOOO MUCH for this recipe!! :))) <3

  21. Leucci11 writes:

    i love your full meal videos!!! i’ve watched them all, can’t wait to see
    others, keep ’em coming 🙂 🙂 

  22. Rose Funch writes:

    Thank you 

  23. musiclover58745 writes:

    wow what a great recipes, i have tried that oatmeal without egg, usually i
    hate adding sugar/honey into food, so adding banana is a very good idea,
    what a tought 😉 😛 

  24. Carly C writes:

    great video…really helpful 

  25. Joanna Soh writes:

    Most Welcome. Glad my videos are helping you. =)

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