Two-egg diet cracks cholesterol issue

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Research shows that people who ate two eggs per day, while on a calorie-restricted diet, not only lost weight but also reduced their blood cholesterol levels.

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10 Responses to “Two-egg diet cracks cholesterol issue”

  1. hawakolune1 writes:

    I eat 4 eggs a day and I feel good.

  2. ImaRiseToThaTop writes:

    Im on an egg diet and Ive never felt better. Make sure u get omega 3 eggs tho. It is THE perfect food. It contains all vitamins, even C. The reason it makes u fart is because that is detox bro. Go through that fase and u are healthier than ever.

  3. Avicherch writes:

    You have no idea my friend open your eyes!!!

  4. blade004 writes:

    No of course you wouldn’t, everything is a conspiracy isn’t it 😉

  5. Avicherch writes:

    I don’t believe in this at all!!! If you have issues with cholesterol eggs are definitely n not good at alllll!! This type of messages can kill you!!!

  6. razanet16 writes:

    i eat 5 eggs a day boiled..

  7. darthinvaderson writes:

    If everyone is so concerned about eating eggs because of cholesterol, Here is what I do: I eat one egg a day but I mix it with another cholesterol free egg product. It does taste great, if you like scrambled eggs and it doesnt have as much cholesterol as two eggs. One egg has as much as 215 mg. so double that amount or triple if you eat three per day. Two sausage patties have only 25mg but have 6 times as much salt than one egg. One egg and two sausage patties have a total of 10mg saturated fat.

  8. madmax200769 writes:

    The problem has never been “un-cracked” and the truth about diet has been known for over 40 years.

    Total cholesterol is a poor metric for CHD. Those concerned with CHD will almost never consider total mortality. VLDL and cholesterol ratios are better predictors of CHD and atherosclerosis. None of these are causal factors but are indicative of the homeostatic processes within the body.

    The politics is covered in Gary Taubes’ book “The Diet Delusion” Chapter 9 – Triglycerides and Cholesterol

  9. bigboy45454545 writes:

    Cholesterol profiles of many heavy users were better than people in the control group, who did not consume eggs. Go figure?
    People have to understand, that Cholesterol is necessary for human health, and all mammal life. It is the key element in hormone production, and other critical functions.

    Dr. Bigboy

  10. jacquelineveronique writes:

    I love to eat eggs, I eat two per day, that is 14 a week, maybe it’s too much since it has a lot of cholesterol, but I don’t care.

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