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25 Responses to “Treating PCOS with Diet and Exercise ⎢Daily Dose With Jillian Michaels | Everyday Health”

  1. bea alonzo writes:

    @Ebony Your doctor may never tell you or even understand that you are a
    unique woman with a unique PCOS diagnosis. With the guidance of PCOS expert
    Stefani Ruper in PCOS Unlocked, all your questions about what PCOS is,
    what’s causing your PCOS, and how PCOS can be overcome will be solved, for
    good. Go here ==>

  2. amyNcharlie writes:

    I just recently started vlogging about my PCOS and how I conceived! Check
    out my channel. 🙂 More will be added soon. 🙂

  3. miaangel247 writes:

    HOLY CRAP? Jillian has PCOS? I think i love her even more now..what an
    inspiration!! Do what she says yall go and see an Endocrinologist. I went
    to go see one last week and so far I am not regretting it in fact the Endos
    sister has PCOS!!

  4. Beauty Smith writes:

    Jillian has been a major inspirtion to me while on my PCOS journey. I loved
    her on the biggest loser and then used the body revolution to help me
    jumpstart my weight loss…after 15 lbs loss I just found out I am
    pregnant…I was very nervous about carring a baby while I am still
    overweight…but with Jillian I feel as if I have the tools to keep us both
    strong and healthy. Thanks Jill…(what I call her when she is kicking my
    but via dvd)…Love you Sis

  5. bidhya manandhar writes:

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    find On there you will discover a beneficial free video
    presentation by a recognized qualified dietitian revealing the right way to
    reduce fat. It helped Madellane to eliminate her abdominal fat. Just give
    it a shot. Perhaps it will help you also…

  6. Siam Sht writes:

    i wud like to know : is there chances that a girl without Pcos in early age
    , will get pcos later or in future???

  7. UnleashTheAnimalGrar writes:

    @markherras i cant find ur message here anymore. yeah. the program is very
    achievable. it has a very supportive and always ensures the sessions are so
    informative and fun.. I am so happy with the results so far. Here’s to many
    more ^_^. PS= u got the site name misspelled. That should be:

  8. Kali Elaine writes:

    awesome video! ive just been diagnosis with pcos today and I just don’t
    want to be chain to the birthcontrol and do not want to put the underlying
    problem in the closet till it is brought up again. so I am taking the bc
    scheduling an appointment with the endocrinologist and continuing my
    weightloss journey.

  9. Mel G writes:

    I have pcos for about 2 years.The doctor gave me a special birth control
    pill. I stopped using it 2 months ago and didn’t have my period yet.Now
    that I heard that youre not supposed to do it that quickly I am even more
    afraid. I didn’t even had all of these symtoms just the cysts.Had a regular
    period no hair and I am and wasn’t overweight at all. Please help me I have
    an appointment in 3 weeks ..

  10. cyanure7 writes:

    the caller seems in denial… PCOS is linked to insulin resistance and yes
    dieting is important. in part it is due to the fact that fat cells make
    more estrogen and convert it to testosterone without progesterone to oppose
    it. certainly there’s a lot of genetic predisposition linked to DM, weight
    loss is of great help for this. like jillian said it’s not exercising like
    crazy but eating healthier and incorporating exercise as a daily lifestyle.

  11. hossain ahmed writes:

    Hi, have you heard about BellyFATtack yet? Simply search Google. On there
    you will find a helpful free video presentation by a well established
    doctor revealing the way to lose weight. This made it easier for David to
    lose his abdominal fat. Why not give it a try. Perhaps it will help you out
    as well…

  12. 1GiiirlWithAttitude writes:

    Love u Jill 🙂 amazin human being!

  13. Ebony Baxter writes:

    I have pcos, and i recently had heart palpitations. And within 2 weeks my
    palpitations had gone down ten fold. 🙂

  14. ShannelavTheUgly writes:


  15. Diana Kimes writes:

    I have PCOS and am so glad that Jillian has shared this. Like Shay said it
    needs to be discussed more often. This is something that gets forgotten
    about daily(or people just don’t know about it) and so many people suffer
    from it.

  16. MlleTimeLord writes:

    thank you Jillian for sharing

  17. Sami's brain writes:

    well coconut milk but it is thiner than reguler milk so dont expect it to be

  18. chopsticksgirl writes:

    Wow, I am so glad I stumbled upon this video… I’m a college student and I
    was diagnosed recently, and I too feel like a freak, exactly like the woman
    that called in was saying. The tips in this video really helped, perhaps
    especially the laser hair removal. xD Thanks a LOT! <3

  19. Анна Малкович writes:

    also I remeber she took many other things, I just never memorized thing
    that did not work for her cause I felt like they were not worth it

  20. Theresa Carrillo writes:

    Research shows the average weight gain from birth control is 2lbs. If it is
    more than that, then there may be an alternative method of birth control to
    look at.

  21. BONNIEJDAVIS writes:

    Hang in there, hun. I totally understand. I’m 33 and have rarely ever had
    my period naturally. I can’t tolerate birth control at all. You’re still
    soooo young! There’s alot of time to still try and figure out what might
    work for you. Hang in there!

  22. Анна Малкович writes:

    wow, wow. I know that does not help but somethings always sucks and if you
    think about it, sucks even more, it is like for example if you have acne (a
    topic very close to my heart) you see all these clear skinned people
    complaining about nonexisting pimples and want to kill them, the fuck they
    know, but as a result you push yourself emotionally into the wall and you
    become mierable and stuck, just try all kind of treatments and go on
    fighting, cause it is worth fighting for

  23. Leslly Avendano writes:

    Gosh, I love Jillian.

  24. blewknew writes:

    I have a few videos about this.

  25. Robyn Withrow writes:

    Thank you. Just thank you.

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