Top 10 Fat Loss Foods

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5 foods to NEVER eat: In this episode, Sanela and I are going to show you how to cook delicious healthy meals that will help…
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25 Responses to “Top 10 Fat Loss Foods”

  1. brad mayeux writes:

    i lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks when i became a vegetarian.
    i was working out as a kickboxer, running 11 miles a day, and working with
    weights and boxing karate etc…
    the weight just came off, that wasnt even the goal, and i felt great

    i think there is a huge myth as to how much protein we need to consume

    the secret was to get enough fatty acids
    nuts, avocado, artichoke, olives etc…
    if i felt myself lacking i would eat fish, but that was maybe once a month

  2. Laughnator writes:


  3. Elise Mueller writes:

    There needs to be a vegetarian one

  4. Tellthatruth writes:

    Why are you guys half naked? 

  5. Heidy Guzman writes:

    Try Hake Loins only 90 calories per loin and cheap too! Also, try roasting
    the vegies they taste better ;)

  6. Theresa Aberilla writes:

    Actually, guys, I find you both “hypocritical”, trying to take all the
    focus on the both of you, and making the vegans and other dieters bad!
    You’re too self centered! You actually don’t know what you’re talking
    about! You just end up eating too much, just like the others anyway!!! So
    stop lying and be fair!!!

  7. Joseph Henderson writes:

    huh i thought beef was very bad for you ??

  8. Rafael Morales writes:

    when you thaw food out. you must put under cold water so that the food
    thaws out naturally. If not you could get sick. I really like this video

  9. missmayflower writes:

    This video is waaay too long for the amount of info it contains. I found
    the same thing with the sales video. I wanted to find out more about the
    program, but couldn’t sit through the excruciatingly loooooong video.

  10. Victoria Forsmark writes:

    actually using a microwave kills a bunch of important things in your foods

  11. Digitydog writes:

    Start a hygiene in the kitchen vid….Put a shirt on for f####s sake.

  12. Sasala b writes:

    I’ve Been burning pounds like crazy! Eating right and a little help from
    phen and I’ve lost 21 lbs. Go to www w8burner com

  13. Christopher Briones writes:

    Thank you for your advice. I will take it with me.

  14. Dylan Mellinger writes:

    hey mike…you should get that mole checked out

  15. Stephanie Peake writes:

    Phwooaar, he is perfect!

  16. Alicia Mackie writes:

    I absolutely love . Weight loss grean store tea..I continue to order this
    product on w,weightlossgreenstore,com because it keeps my stomach flat and
    is very calming. It is also a good appetite suppressant and the vendor
    always sends my product quickly! Please try this!

  17. Jeremy M. writes:

    Ahh not to be mean but this girl talks to much…I like little side convoes
    but not when its just constantly and just random other facts that make the
    video long 

  18. Jason Broadhurst writes:

    DONT USE HOT WATER TO DEFROST SEAFOOD !!! Period………..cold water
    works and wont prematurely cook fish !!! Ok Mike !!! Only takes a few
    mins under cold water !!!

  19. Didzi Sturis writes:

    mike how about japanese diet for 13 day ?

  20. RosterCheck writes:

    whats a good alternative to drinking coffee? i read somewhere that coffee
    can make u fat

  21. Madu M writes:

    aham a quick video

  22. Eric Steven writes:

    nuts fill her up.

  23. MB031 writes:

    Nice presentation of healthy eating..Do you guys have all organic?Because
    if you have GMO which is 95% of todays market,you will never get the
    vitamins and minerals what you think you getting.Your fruit doesn’t have
    labels,so is it from local freshmarket?

  24. Tyler Lu writes:

    Mike would you please just highlight your points of the video and atleast
    cut some of the bullshit and nonsense. i appreciate that you share your own
    experience but i actually come for ten foods you talk about.

  25. Samantha T Heinen writes:

    Did you know that doing crunches will never get you flat abs? Learn how to
    eliminate belly fat permanently by visiting link:–>

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