Tips on losing weight and boosting metabolism?

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Question by w3zzzzzzz: Tips on losing weight and boosting metabolism?
I’m 15 years old, and going to be starting high school in a few months, and I’m working on losing losing weight, building some muscle, and boosting metabolism. I’ll tell you guys a little history, I come from a family where both sides have always been chunky people, all my life now I have been eating more than I need and drinking lots of surgery sodas, then 2 years ago I started getting severe pain in my shins and hip, that caused me to not get ANY form of exercise,and food was something that helped me get through the pain, luckily that pain is gone, but all those years of eating unhealthy has taken its toll. All of the weight gain is my fault, and now I want to lose it, and I will do what has to be done to lose it. For the past 3 weeks, I have been eating a lot less and more healthier, I’ve cut completely out sodas, and all other unhealthy drinks, I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables that I have ever eaten in my life, the first week was really hard for me, but now I’m getting to the point where I no longer even have the desire to eat anymore than I need, so I don’t. Now here comes the other part, I have an old Exercycle that still works, I’m planning on using that to get some exercise, also I’m taking moderate walks through hills every now and then throughout the day. I’m 6’1, I weigh 248 lbs. My ultimate goal is to get my weight down to 180, or at least lose fat on my legs, and lose the fat stomach. What do you guys think? Do you guys think what I’m doing is going to help trim the pounds off? Also any tips and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Best answer:

Answer by ^.^
awh i’m so proud of you! gooood on you aye!
there’s so many overweight people in this world it’s gross, no offense
but good job 🙂

drink lots of water and don’t eat when you’re bored
have a good breakfast, medium lunch and a light dinner
and have maybe a muesli bar or a piece of fruit in between brekky and lunch and lunch and dinner

and only have one serving. if you can, also cut out on dessert


good luck!

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3 Responses to “Tips on losing weight and boosting metabolism?”

  1. Raven writes:

    Yesshh, keep it up for a good long while, and make it a habit. Try drinking some green tea… I’m pretty sure that helps with your metabolism. Don’t diet TOO hard, and end up starving yourself. Then you’ll end up eating 10x as much later on. The healthiest and most effective way of losing weight is a balance between exercise and eating good. .. And eating good is eating small amounts throughout the day… no starving involved. That way you keep your metabolism on its toes xP
    And also: keep in mind when you exercise, you gain muscle. Muscle is heavier than fat, and so you may not seem to be losing much weight on the scale. But you’ll be toning and tightening them, so when the fat wears away, you won’t have flab. So don’t fret over the evil scale too hard :]
    ;] Good luck, and kudos; you’re doing a good thing… and its not easy.

  2. Coriander3 writes:

    OH MY GOSH DON’T DRINK SODA. It is sooo horrible for you. Don’t drink it. It’s full of sugars and such. When you eat food, you get a full feeling right? Well with sodas you don’t get that full feeling. In your head, you’re just drinking. In your stomach, you’re accumulating all these sugars and unhealthy stuff. Even sugar free diet crap is baad for you. All the diet sodas are full or nasty chemicals. Whenever i drink a soda, I feel bloated and more lazy. OK I just read that you cut the sodas. I’m so proud of you and I don’t even know you. What you’re doing is really good for yourself. Whenever I go for runs, I feel my stomach getting tighter. I get more from that than I do crunches, I think. Running works a lot of core muscles, plus your arms and legs. Way more muscles than you would think (i’m out of high school now, but ran cross-country and track religiously. so i saw the results). If you haven’t already, WORK OUT. Like, lift weights! It’s so freaking good for you and will make your legs and stomach tighter and trimmer. It will be amazing. If you have no where to go work out, do it in your home. Do push-ups, crunches, calf raises, squats… look them up if you need, and find others. They’re called plyometrics. Those are exercises you do without weights or anything, just using your own body. Figure out a work out plan that works for you and stick to it. Gosh I wish I could be there and do it along with you. I suggest increasing your walks to jogs or runs. When you do this, you’ll realize just how out of shape your body might be. That’s when people quit, when they realize how hard it can be because their body isn’t in shape for it. But when you work at it, it’s so rewarding. You will do great at this. Good luck!

    Oh and ps. Exercising will not only boost your metabolism, but it will speed up your digestive system (a key thing in losing weight as well) and give you all that energy! Plus when you become an active person like this, you burn more calories/carbs whatever. Don’t ever starve yourself! it will make it worse. Take advantage of this “healthiness” and allow yourself to eat some more to make up for the energy you’re burning. Good things for that are noodles breads rice.. anything from the bread group. That will provide in long-term energy. Short-term energy can come from things such as fruits. Just make sure you stick to your plan and eat healthy!

  3. Tango writes:

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