:-( Things My Wife Makes Me Buy – Doctor Oz Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Blood Pressure :-(

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Saw this Green Coffee Extract on the Dr Oz show. He claims it will help with weight loss and blood pressure. I am skeptical of the claim. .74 for a 30 day supply. I will make a follow up video in 30 days. I do not think this is money well spent. About Doctor Oz: Mehmet Cengiz Oz…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In the University of Scranton study, people who took a green coffee bean supplement lost a substantial amount of weight!

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13 Responses to “:-( Things My Wife Makes Me Buy – Doctor Oz Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Blood Pressure :-(”

  1. ylfriends writes:

    Quackery is slowly coming back in fashion it seems..I used to be in this natural food craze in a bit, but kinda got over it, kinda. I think they do help, and they do have some benefit, but it’s nothing to rely on and believe in. After all, these “experts” use their status to make money off of these products.

  2. Meghan Pfau writes:

    Fanny packs, bad gimmick beauty products, collects ugly dolls, doesn’t work, watches qvc all day, I’m guessing your wife is fat

  3. moeytja writes:

    Not for nothin they call it idiot box… Sorry!

  4. AmieB2005 writes:

    I’m sorry. I don’t know your wife and I don’t mean to offend, but after watching two videos, I’m already getting mad at your wife.

  5. zookababy writes:

    Did not think of caffeine, thank you for the tip!!

  6. zookababy writes:

    She is 45. I agree about the shortcuts to weight loss – there are none. But there are no lack of people buying the latest snake oil…

  7. MsLux25 writes:

    Don’t feel bad for Dr. Oz. He’s a millionaire.

  8. reverendferrell01 writes:

    Dr. Oz…what to say about him…well, I think there is a time and a place to explore alternative therapies. However, just like anything else, what works for one person may not work for another. Sometimes, it can actually be perfect for one person and be deadly for another. He makes a lot of blanket statements and hypes a lot of things. It’s really important to take everything he says with a grain of salt and look into a lot of the claims and risks of what he pushes before trying them :-/

  9. reverendferrell01 writes:

    Please tell your wife to be very careful, as I am sure she intends to take these pills. Coffee loses a lot of it’s caffeine content as it is roasted (ironic considering everyone says they “need” their double shot espresso to stay up, ha ha). Green coffee has not been roasted. Caffeine has been long used as a stimulant to encourage weight loss. If she does have blood pressure problems, the risks from caffeine could outweigh the benefits of any weight loss, especially if her heart is weak.

  10. continentalninja writes:

    The problem here is that your wife doesn´t understand that to get things you have to work for them. You only achieve weight loss creating a calorie deficit , so working out or/and eating less.
    Anything else it´s ignorance or lack of common sense. How old is your wife?

  11. HelloKimmyCraze writes:

    Dump the pills. Eat right and excercise. Simple and free.

  12. zookababy writes:

    Agree 100%.  So many ailments would disappear if we were at our ideal weight.

  13. moosue1 writes:

    Weight and blood pressure can be reduced for free (assuming of course, that her blood pressure isn’t so high that she needs prescription meds) by walking and eating right. Reducing salt intake alone can reduce blood pressure substantially (and reduce bloating, if the weight thing is a concern). Doesn’t cost a cent.

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