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The UltraMind Solution
nutrition diet plan
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Introduced to me the relationship between compromised health and toxins in the body, mercury for instance, also the impact of nutrient deficiencies (particularly in Omega 3s) and the impact of insufficient protein, and other imbalances contributing to what he calls a "broken brain". Because so many of these imbalances contribute to psychological disorders he encourages the reader to look for biological cause before assuming psychological cause. His anecdotal evidence makes it seem like this is more often the case than not. Hard to believe though when it comes to something like autism. I’m more inclined to believe it about ADHD.

He defies criticizes conventional medical procedure which is to treat symptoms and not look for underlying causes. He describes patients coming in with "a whole list" of things wrong with them. Thus he jokes that he is a wholistic doctor. He describes how he discovers allergies that then cause digestive problems that then cause symptoms that result in prescription drugs and then more symptoms from side effects and so on.

Omega 3 deficiency related to depression. Especially post partum depression. Also dyslexia, dyspraxia, various learning disorders and ADD. Inflammation & blood clots. Cod liver oil to the rescue! For cell membrane health.

Most memorable factoid. Tryptophan (from foods such as turkey) plus vitamin B6 is used by the body to make serotonin. Soy oils correlated to increased homicides in UK, but he does not mention any other problems with soy and its anti-nutrients preventing absorption of zinc, magnesium and other missing essential minerals he talks about. He recommends supplements to make up for that, but synthetic made supplements cause their own problems I just found out.

As to why people have so much trouble with food allergies and toxins he points to the food supply as being the culprit, plus household mold and chemicals. He also points out that Big Ag has robbed the soil and thus the plants of nutrients. The reason why the medical establishment does not believe in nutrient deficiency is because their studies show that individual nutrients are ineffective because said studies do not include the interactions between concert of nutrients.

He talks about insulin resistance and how the only way to know if you are is to take an insulin-response test, by which I think he means a glucose tolerance test. He attributes insulin resistance to causing mood and behavior disturbances such as depression, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, and ADHD. Also increases LDL and lowers HDL, raises triglycerides and increases blood pressure. Makes blood sticky leading to clots, heat attacks and strokes. Stimulates growth of cancer cells. Out of control inflammation causes insulin resistance. Increase inflammation leads to Type 3 diabetes commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease. Cause is attributed to increased intake of sugar (also what turns to sugar like white flour and processed foods).

Other causes of inflammation: food allergens, toxins, hidden chronic infections, stress, sedentary lifestyle, inadequate sleep, nutritional deficiencies including Vitamin C, B and D, zinc and omega 3 fats. Warns against acid-blocking drugs such as those used for GERD.

Links depression to metabolic syndrome, oxidative stress, inflammation and mitochondrial injury.

Most pertinent tip: Keep mitochondria healthy to overcome oxidative stress and keep free radicals in check.

The book is focused on supplements and stress reduction rather than food. He favors a diet with less animal products and fats and is pro soy and legumes so is definitely not Paleo. He is middle of the road in the sense of going beyond the usual medical pharmaceutical approach, but not quite leaving the low fat, lean meat approach.

A science dense book. Not an easy read, but convincing. His other book Blood Sugars is a much more simplified version focusing on insulin resistance. Has a seven step plan that can be downloaded from his website.

Abbott Company Sponsored Workshop on “”Managing the Critically ill: Can Nutrition play a significant role in improving outcomes?” by Dr. Ashwin Dabhi, Counseling and Consulting Physician in Metabolic and Nutritional Disorder, Sujivan Hospital, Ahmedabad,
nutrition diet plan
Image by IAPEN Activities
“A slender and restricted diet is always dangerous not only in chronic
diseases but also in acute diseases.” Hippoctates 400B.C. Nutrition support
in critically ill is obligatory and least prioritized till date in this part of world. But
there has been a revolutionary change across the globe in last few years
since nutrition care is an essential and integral part of first line ICU protocol.
Nutrition care in the ICU presents several challenges because the usual
control mechanisms such as hunger and thirst may be missing. Despite the
huge body of evidence that Nutrition support is essential in ICU we face lots
of impediments to provide early and optimal Nutrition support. Throughout
ICU course patients and attending doctors faces cascades of challenges which more complicates the already fragile issues relating demands Vs. supply. Now a days it is not
uncommon to encounter patients who spend days and months in ICU struggling multidisciplinary
approaches. Most of well designed studies have suggested that both under and over feedings are
dangerous in critically ill hence the need to develop nutrition care plan which should be dynamic and
flexible enough to take care of all subsequent challenges.
Nutrition screening and assessment
The first step in providing appropriate nutrition therapy is to identify patients at risk and diagnose
nutritional problems. Nutritional screening and assessment are fundamental to an effective nutrition
therapy program. These should be routinely undertaken by appropriately trained and skilled nutrition
specialist. Screening and assessment have similar goals: to identify patients at risk of malnutrition or
patients who are malnourished. The first step in identifying risk factors for malnutrition is to observe
and interview patients. Questions that are commonly asked during screening should be easy and
include information about body weight changes within a given time frame and amount of oral intake .
By consensus and validations there is an urgent need to roll down our own assessment tool with an
Indian perspective.
Nutrition support
There are lots of myths about Nutrition support in ICU such as bowel sounds are absent , large
gastric residuals , diarrhea , proteins are restricted in ARF and so on. There are plenty of unmet
needs and there is an urgent need to change the dogmatic picture. Many a times critically ill patients
receive even less than half of the actual caloric needs.
Since there is no true biomarker of adequacy of nutritional status we solely rely on tools and
clinical skills. There is no doubt that starvations is bad for both community dwellers and critically
ill patients.Even well nourished critically ill patients passes through cascades of metabolic and
immunological events which ultimately affects host defense and both short and long term
“ We can’t solve problems by using same kind of thinking we used them when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

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