the hCG Diet Plan, Does hCG Work, What Are the Basics – Part 1

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weight loss before and after women

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22 Responses to “the hCG Diet Plan, Does hCG Work, What Are the Basics – Part 1”

  1. AK333333333 writes:

    OMG! your are the cutest little thing ever!! Your voice is soooo sweet. I
    could listen to your voice forever! Sorry had to get that out there! Thanks
    for the useful information it was very helpful Im on p2 its been 5 days,
    seems to be going good so far. :)

  2. mss829 writes:

    Glad it gave you satisfying results, and I’m not trying to be mean here,
    I’m sure lots are getting excited about this method. I’m sure it does help
    for weight loss if that’s ALL one is trying to do. Controlling cravings is
    good, it’s still hard to go wrong with a strength training program to
    increase the overall basal metabolic rate of the body and following the
    nutrition guides to properly sculpt the body, but it just depends on one’s
    goal. Weight/fat loss is appealing, and sounds like a great testimonial
    here, but the strategy doesn’t seem ideal or feasible for the long term.
    BTW, you’re really cute….

  3. HCGChica writes:

    I hope it goes well!

  4. HCGChica writes:


  5. JN LN writes:

    thanks for your video!! i am starting phase 2 tomorrow.. i am very excited
    but worried same time.. i have very bad high blood pressure problem.. so
    trying to lose weight and eating healthy.. hopefully i can reach my goal.
    again, thanks for your video!! <3

  6. grathado28 writes:

    I have been on it for 3 days and i have lose like 8 pounds, i use the
    eyedropper stuff.

  7. HCGChica writes:

    this is prescription hCG which is not illegal to purchase and use with a
    prescription for hCG. Thanks. I used only prescription hCG for my hcg
    weight loss.

  8. ZAC C. writes:

    On wikipedia: wiki/Human_chorionic_gonadotropin — So, is your product (A.)
    an unproven mixture of free amino acids, (B.) radionics is used to transfer
    the “energy” to the final product, or (C.) Illegal? Both WebMD & Mayoclinic
    have similar findings, and I am asking because I’d like to know of an
    ethical explanation for the sale of this product.

  9. HCGChica writes:

    Hey! So good to see you- you gotta come on with your new bundle of joy so
    we can see girl! Yep its my little thing I do now and I really enjoy it.

  10. lit26 writes:

    I just started doing the VLCD days 29 days ago (09/17/12)

  11. mlgibson494 writes:

    …and by sick I mean fatigued. Shaky. I believe a little nausous. Its been
    awhile, sorry. But I did NOT want to eat anymore. I was not hungry to the
    point food made me feel sick trying to eat it. Help! (P.S. I can’t fail,
    I’m getting married in Oct, and have to dress shop in the next month)

  12. lit26 writes:

    Thank you!! I really appreciate that.

  13. romeo q writes:

    hi i have to compliment. you look great and healthy.You don’t look jittery
    from the diet.Anyway,the reason i am here is because i am under the
    Protocal program I’m getting started..i read the instructions and the
    question is,”i don’t know where to buy my food scale.any ideas?” thank you
    HCG sis.

  14. lit26 writes:

    I didn’t mind 🙂

  15. lit26 writes:

    Great explanatory video!! I am down 21lbs so far….Yay! and vlogging helps
    to keep me motivated. Thanks for your continuation of uploading videos when
    you can! 🙂

  16. lit26 writes:

    OMG! This makes since and now I understand why I was sooo hungry the other
    night. My vitamins speed up my metabolism a bit and so I had to eat really
    late but still lost 1.4lbs…

  17. Carissa Johnson writes:

    Hey sweetie. It’s carissahcg. Can’t seen to get on my old profile anymore
    but good to see your still making videos

  18. glamorousdollface writes:

    If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been on the diet?

  19. HCGChica writes:

    sure- pretty much at any department store like Target or online at amazon
    dot com you’ll find a food scale in the kitchen section.

  20. HCGChica writes:

    wow 21 lbs is so amazing! So happy for you!

  21. HCGChica writes:

    how about you email me through my website hcgchica okay? I can help you
    better that way…waiting to hear from ya!

  22. mlgibson494 writes:

    I just started three days ago on injections, 150 while loading, 125 now. I
    don’t feel hungry, buuuut I tried this once before, because of your videos,
    and failed miserably. I caved because of temptations, of not being to eat
    as normal. I felt slightly ill before (not at the moment, but I’m a only a
    few days in). And before, I’d get full and not eat the melba toast, etc. Do
    you know why I’d feel sick last time? I’m afraid of it happening again and

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