The Complete Low Glycemic Grocery list for Perfect10 Fitness Challenge + TonyaTko Weight Loss

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This video has the COMPREHENSIVE Grocery list of all things Low-Glycemic, Plus some tips tricks and explanations. Vitamix – Free shipping Coupon Code (06-004988) Blood Type Diet Dr Lam D Adamo (link: About the diets) Metabolic Typing Self Test TonyaTko List of Daily Fave Foods: Organic Eggs Steel Cut Oats Sprouted Grain Bread Sprouted Grain Pasta Organic Brown Rice Virgin Coconut Oil Raw Live Coconut (For Milking) Organic Chicken Wild Salmon (NOT STORE BOUGHT) Almonds Cayenne Jalepenos Water Flax Seeds Kale Collard Greens Organic Spinach Parsley Organic Baby Carrots Onion Garlic Scallions Raw Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar Fan me on Facebook Apples Blueberries Raspberries BlackBerries Tart Cherries Pears Strawberries Pomegranate Acai Berries Fan me on FB Follow on Twitter

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21 Responses to “The Complete Low Glycemic Grocery list for Perfect10 Fitness Challenge + TonyaTko Weight Loss”

  1. MyHohho writes:

    Guys! ! Have you thought about the Fat Combust Factor (do search on google)? Ive hear some unbelievable things about it and my friend burned alot of unwanted fats:)

  2. amatya66 writes:

    Hi:) Did you heard about the Fat Combust Factor (google it)? Ive heard some fantastic things about it and my dad burned alot of unwanted fats(:

  3. amatya66 writes:

    Hi:) Did you heard about the Fat Combust Factor (google it)? Ive heard some fantastic things about it and my dad burned alot of unwanted fats(:

  4. MrDiptoooo writes:

    Oh hai(: Anyone thought about the Fat Combust Factor (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker burned lots of unwanted fats.

  5. cheflynne1 writes:

    whole grain is best one ,you want to focus on whole grains which are complex carbohydrates Complex break down slower in yoru digestive tract vs carbs that turn to sugar in yoru system ,, oatmeal is a complex carb in itself ,however whole grian oatmeal will not turn to fat in your system it will be used for a fuel ing energy only

  6. cheflynne1 writes:

    helps if one can read and pronuciate while giving a lesson my dear just saying..

  7. TonyaTko writes:

    I don’t remember which one I had in this particular video. But I find my Fleur De Sel on Amazon, at whole foods, and anywhere I go, if I ever see some, I buy some 🙂


  8. CHEFANTIVAN writes:


  9. CHEFANTIVAN writes:


  10. thecrazychef1 writes:

    Her face is wobbling!

  11. TonyaTko writes:

    I still eat like this for the most part. I never went back to the old stuff I used to eat. I could do better with my chocolate consumption, but for the most part Im happy. Come over to my other channel /tonyatkofitness I did a raw vegan fast this year, it was amazing!

    How do you think I can help you out?


  12. yahssis writes:

    TKO, are you still doing this diet plan? I have decided to go low gly again because I got away from it but I know it’s the only way I have ever been able to get healthy and lose weight. I battle Hashimotos Thyroiditus and the doc told me YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT CAUSE YOUR THYROID WON’T LET YOU. at one point, I proved him WRONG. I will succeed again! Can you help?

  13. PeaceZoneEmpowerment writes:

    Energetic, informative presentation of important foods and herbs and grains we should know about and explore. Make sure you only use organic apple cider vinegar and organic brown rice vinegar. Love your down to earth honest presentation. Once you get your nutritionist certification you will see your following blow up big time. You are a natural. Peace

  14. mountnbikes15 writes:

    Any person here got word of Gallactico 324 Diet (google it) ? My girlfriends mom lost tons of weight through Gallactico 324 Diet.

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  17. sjluvdance writes:

    I finally found this:D can you make an update on what you buy on the groceries??


  18. AnanyaVilas writes:

    I love ur humor…Makes it so much fun to listen…Keep ’em coming!

  19. ethannezhuri writes:

    this video inspires me a lot

  20. SteviePeeFitness writes:


  21. 915olivares1 writes:

    damn girl so cute face:) comment on my channel plz:)
    does that food helps burn belly fat, and fat???

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