The amazing & powerful high protein FAVA BEAN, recipe for HGH, anti-aging, bodybuilding, weight loss

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FREE eBook – CLICK HERE http Learn the power of fava beans in this Markus Rothkranz video raw food recipe. Also known as broad beans and velvet bean, fava beans are super high in protein and fiber, yet low in carbs and fat. They are legendary around the world for muscle growth, anti-aging, parkinsons help (source of L-dopa) brain support, hormone support for menopause, pms, bodybuilding, heart health, skin, eyes, thyroid… the list goes on. Watch this informative video!
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25 Responses to “The amazing & powerful high protein FAVA BEAN, recipe for HGH, anti-aging, bodybuilding, weight loss”

  1. hallhiireke writes:

    I like with thyme.

  2. Gabrielle1960 writes:

    Hallo Markus Danke das es Dich gibt:_))))))))))

  3. Jo Ana Starr writes:

    Love the video! I ordered dried fava beans after seeing this vid and I am in love with them! They are so good.

    I soak them and “cook” them and enjoy them once or twice daily with 1 or 2 green drinks. I’m pretty sure I’ve had some sugar issues and this slow carb eating is really changing the way my body feels. I eat them as a dip, a thin soup and a thick soup with fresh tomatoes etc. I’m going to try soaking them and then making a raw soup with my Blendtec. Yum!

    Thanks for the video!

  4. Markus Rothkranz writes:

    go for it

  5. RubberWilbur writes:

    Marcus would you have any objections of me drinking a glass of chianti with the fava beans?

  6. Markus Rothkranz writes:

    Yes I mention that in the video

  7. Markus Rothkranz writes:

    Teeth heal themselves. Stop doing what’s corroding them.

  8. Markus Rothkranz writes:

    Hmm. There are a heck of a lot of people around the mediterranean who live to 100 and have been chugging olive oil for centuries. Then there’s the farmers who fed their cows coconut oil 40 years ago hoping to fatten them up, but they got lean and healthier instead.

  9. Markus Rothkranz writes:

    People can only heal themselves. All we can do is help.

  10. Kat4Animals00 writes:

    U look so good! I dont want to be real skinny. I like your look, Built. 🙂 Oh yeah, You make me laugh too! Lookin great 49 going on 20!!

  11. MsBestsunshine writes:

    Thanks Marckus so much I have seen theses beens in the local Spanish Famers markets near my home and I was wonderfing how to eat them so in a salad! Great I love salads. I must order you book thanks for showing it …it looks full of great photos and recipes on eating healthy! I look cook books with photos!

  12. MsBestsunshine writes:

    Wonderful video and agreat response!

  13. RakelleLaneFitness writes:

    The Fava Bean! Thank you so much Markus for teaching me about it! Looking forward to trying it!! Great info! I’ve watched many of your videos! You are the one that got me picking “Wild foods!”… Also you look amazing for 50!! God Bless!! 😉

  14. Nyguenify writes:

    Nutrition “facts” are only once component. Until someone actually treats patients, it means very little. This is why the only people I listen to nowadays are those who heal and cure people of illness.

  15. boland445 writes:

    Thank u I was looking for something natural like this to help my fitness energy levels for mma / juijitsu training

  16. alwaleed990 writes:

    I’m from Saudi Arabia and I never heard of this! And I don’t know it’s name in Arabic!

  17. imkrane writes:

    i would have to agree with highsugarfruits opinion on oil and salt, however i will use coconut oil in mine. i do not consider coconut oil as an oil when thinking no sos(sugar oils, salt). although i do not cook anything either, coconut oil is also the only oil that somehow doesn’t give off carcinogens when used in cooking…

  18. highsugarfruit writes:

    Markus, I am huge fan of what you do, but I disagree that oil is good. Whole foods are best. Our bodies don’t even recognize oil because it’s a refined product. Everyone, please google “lipemia”. High fat diets aren’t healthy — that’s a heck of a lot of oil, Markus. Low fat diet of raw fruit and veggies is the healthiest IMO. Tons of fruit is key. I will definitely make this dish but without the olive oil or salt. Either way, Markus, please keep doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration.

  19. mystiqueboutique writes:

    they a r e complete proteins ..please do more research

  20. Ali Zen writes:

    I’m making this for lunch today. Thank you for the epic recipe!

  21. Jeremy Friedberg writes:

    can you put fava beans in smooties

  22. BergAndresen writes:

    Protein from plant sources are usaully incomplete proteins that require amino acids from animal sources to make up for their lack of essential amino acids. Could you add meat to this dish?

  23. beatarded writes:

    I tried them yesterday. They’re light and crunchy, they feel like brocoli in my mouth. Easy to chew well with a nice fresh test.

  24. Markus Rothkranz writes:

    No honey or milk, but a bit of bee pollen

  25. Markus Rothkranz writes:

    The BEANS are low fat. On an another note, there are good fats and bad fats. You need good fats. Your brain is 87% fat.

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